Hilarious – What a thousand Shillings note can do to a nation



After being promised heaven on earth, thousands of Learned youth are Jobless and suffering out there. The Jubilee Government AKA the Wet Dream Government decided to grab the earth as the Kenyan youth anxiously waited for the heaven they were promised. The recent parastatal appointments tell the spiel.

Adding Salt to an open laceration, Uhuru backed up his historical amateurishness and derision for the Kenyan youth by making his St Mary’s Classmate Bruce Odhiambo the youth fund foreman . Bruce- Who has refused to take responsibility for grand heists because he is close to Uhuru Kenyatta rerouted public funds for his Gay endeavors .

That is just a tip of the gigantic iceberg. The popular case of intellectual property theft by Royal media services also shows how the Kenyan youth are treated with contempt by a partisan media that is now in bed with the  clumsy Jubilee regime .

While going through my Facebook Timeline, I came across this post. It is funny but explains the endeavor  the Jobless kenyan youth go through and why the revolution is the only solution.

Alafu manze leo ni date 16th. Nimesota kinyama!!!
Mwezi iko Kwa roundabout.
Sasa nachagua trouser ya kesho, kuingia Kwa mfuko napata hii ndovu.
I shall be addressing the nation tomorrow at 8 Am asking the president of the republic of Kenya to cut all ties with international money lending firms. I shall be stepping in to bridge that gap and offset all national loans and also to fund the deficit in the national budget.
I shall also be publishing two books. A biography titled, ‘SHOBA: The man who saved Kenya’s economy.’
And a second one titled, ‘How to manage money and the road to financial freedom.’
Lastly, I shall also formally accept the position of KWS Director. My main responsibility being conservation of elephants not only in the wild but also in your wallet.

The facebook post was made by Shoba Gatimu Harrison