#KCBScam : The Banks Are At It Again, Refusing To Refund People’s Money


CAPTION: KCB and Chase Bank have been singled-out as the most notorious for withholding clients money with no good reason.

Reports of Banks withholding client’s money for prolonged periods without proper explanation, continue to increase, even as the Central Bank Governor maintains his demonic obsession on bloggers as the cause of the collapse in the banking sector.

A case in Chase Bank has been reported on consumer awareness feeds, where a customer purchased a Banker’s Cheque last year, which didn’t go through and yet the bank is creating side-shows when it comes to refunding the same customers.

Now Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) has been outted as stealing from Kenyans. As from 31st Dec 2016, majority of the KCB ATM PEPEA cards were auto restricted as a result of a ‘system error’ meaning customers couldn’t access their funds. For 1 week now, imagine for 1 million customers holding 10K each, plus interest earned via overnight lending. Another corporate scandal while people cannot send their children due to lack of fee’s, illegally withheld by KCB.

When contacted for comment, this is the casual response that KCB gave.

Hello, This Auto restriction has affected all cards where the customer names did not load upon registration. When you dial *522*2# you will see it does not display your name but the card & ID details.

Cards with such an error were restricted. We are currently working to lift the same .

The inconvenience is regrettable. *AW.

We now request KCB and Chase Bank to stop withholding clients money, lest they face the wrath of social-media. This is 2017, and nobody has time for their bullshit.