#SaveTheBoyChild : Woman Mercilessly Beats Up Boy In Donholm


CAPTION: Bruises left after a woman physically abused a boy in Donholm Estate, Nairobi.

A woman has been caught on video, brutally assaulting and physically-abusing a boy in Denholm Estate.

The dispute arose after the children disagreed, in normal neighbourhood play-groups.

The kid has been hospitalised and is nursing serious wounds inflicted by the humongous woman, who also looks like she batters her husband.

It is illegal under the Sexual Offenses Act for an adult to physically assault and harm children, and we are now calling on CS Sicily Kariuki to move with speed and save the boy child.

The unidentified woman is still at large but the matter has already been reported at the BuruBuru Police Station. The boy is 9 years old.

We now ask Boy Child activists like @SirAlexas @GicheruGicheru @Kvaati @JoeWMuchiri @ItsMJ254 to ensure that this matter is escalated to the public.

Watch this scary video and see for yourselves just how Kenyan women have become beasts. Is this the example they will be setting for our children?