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Behind Amy Sherrill Duncan and Tim Duncan’s Breakup

Who is Amy Sherrill Duncan?

The recent induction of Tim Duncan into the NBA Hall of Fame has further heightened the spotlight on this iconic basketball player, sparking increased curiosity about his personal life.

One particular aspect that has piqued interest is his former spouse, Amy Sherrill Duncan, who played a significant role in his life before their unexpected divorce in March 2013.

Let’s delve into what we know about Tim Duncan’s ex-wife and shed light on her story.

Amy Sherrill Duncan’s biography may not be extensively documented, and available information about her is often based on speculation or remains unconfirmed by her.

However, certain facts have emerged.

Duncan and Sherrill married each other on 1st  July 2001.Image Source: AmoMama
Duncan and Sherrill married each other on 1st July 2001.
Image Source: AmoMama

It’s important to clarify that Vanessa Macias is not Tim Duncan’s wife but his current fiancé.

In online sources, when the term “wife” is used in reference to Tim Duncan, it generally pertains to Amy Sherrill, despite their divorce occurring several years ago.

Amy Sherill Biography

Full name Amy Duncan (née Amy Sherill)
Nickname Amy
Date of birth 1977 (date and month unconfirmed)
Age 44 years old (approximate)
Zodiac sign Unknown
Birthplace North Carolina, USA
Religious beliefs Christian (rumored)
Current residence Unconfirmed
Current nationality American
Marital status Single
Ethnicity Caucasian
Gender Female
Weight Unconfirmed
Height Unconfirmed
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Grey/green
Parents Fred and Judy Sherill
Children Sydney and Draven Duncan
Profession Philanthropist
University Wake Forest University
Native language English

Amy Duncan’s age

The precise details regarding Amy Duncan’s date of birth, including the month and day, are not publicly available.

However, various sources indicate that she was born in 1977, making her approximately 44 years old at this time.

It’s important to note that due to the limited information disclosed, the exact calculation of her age may vary.

Amy Sherrill
Amy Sherrill

Amy Duncan’s career

During her marriage to the NBA star, Amy played a pivotal role in leading the Tim Duncan Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting other entities that align with its core values and objectives.

The foundation focuses on raising awareness in the areas of health, education/research, and youth programs.

However, it is currently unclear what Amy’s current occupation entails.

Regarding her net worth, it is believed that Amy Sherrill’s financial standing may stem from both her professional endeavors and her divorce settlement.

While an exact figure has not been confirmed, her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Amy Duncan’s profile

It appears that Amy Sherrill Duncan does not have an active Instagram account or any other verified forms of social media.

While it’s common for public figures to have an online presence, including social media profiles, it seems that Amy has chosen to maintain a private or low-key online presence.

As a result, official social media accounts attributed to her are not available or confirmed at this time.

Amy Duncan’s children

Tim Duncan’s ex-wife, Amy, shares two children with him named Sydney and Draven.

Sydney and Draven hold great importance in Tim’s life, and their bond as a family unit is evident in the positive and joyful atmosphere captured in photographs of them together.

Despite the changes in their family structure, they seem to maintain a strong and harmonious connection.

Amy with her husband and kids.Image Source: Pinterest
Amy with her husband and kids.
Image Source: Pinterest

Amy Duncan and Tim Duncan

Amy Sherrill Duncan, formerly known as Amy Duncan, was indeed Tim Duncan’s ex-wife, and their relationship spanned a significant period before their divorce in 2013.

Their journey began in 1992 when they crossed paths while attending Wake Forest University.

It has been rumored that they experienced a brief breakup when Tim was drafted in 1997, but they eventually reconciled.

The couple eventually tied the knot in July 2001, but unfortunately, their marriage came to an end in November 2013 with their divorce.

Tim Duncan’s divorce

It is unfortunate that Tim Duncan and Amy Sherrill Duncan’s marriage came to an end after 12 years, culminating in their divorce in 2013.

Amy cited conflict and discord as the reasons behind the decision to end their marriage.

During the divorce proceedings, various rumors emerged, adding to the speculation surrounding their separation.

Some sources alleged that Amy was involved in an extramarital relationship with a San Antonio-based personal trainer named Gilbert R. Urbano Jr.

Additional speculations suggested that she had set up a gym for him.

On Tim’s side, sources claimed that Amy sought a divorce due to her belief that her husband was bisexual.

The divorce proceedings were reportedly concluded in a confidential hearing, keeping the details of the final settlement private.

Who is Tim Duncan’s first wife?

Amy Sherrill Duncan is recognized as one of Tim Duncan’s early girlfriends and his first wife before their divorce.

Presently, Tim Duncan is engaged to Vanessa Macias, and they share a daughter named Quill Duncan.

Who is Amy Duncan married to?

After being previously married to the renowned NBA star, Amy Duncan is believed to be currently single and has not remarried.

In contrast, Tim Duncan is set to marry his fiancé, Vanessa Macias.

While Tim and Amy Duncan appeared to have enjoyed years of marital happiness, their union faced its share of rocky rumors and allegations of infidelity.

Vanessa Macias is not Tim Duncan's wife, but they are engaged. Photo: Tercesa.com Source: UGC
Vanessa Macias is not Tim Duncan’s wife, but they are engaged. Photo: Tercesa.com Source: UGC

However, it seems that both parties have found contentment since parting ways and are satisfied with their decision to end the relationship.

They have moved on to new phases of their lives, embracing brighter opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is Tim Duncan with now?

As of now, Tim is engaged to Vanessa Macias. Macias and Tim are together for 9 years now and even have a son together.

  • Who is Tim Duncan wife?

Tim Duncan wife was Amy Sherrill.

However, the pair got divorced in 2013. As of now, Sherrill is single and Tim is engaged.







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