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Attention ICC: America Is Behind Kenya’s Next Post Election Violence

CAPTION: Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg 

US tech-giants Google, Facebook and Instagram are behind the latest surge in tribal sentiment, meant to fragment the country, incite hatred and promote violence as a tool for the status-quo to maintain its grip on power.

Coming on the backdrop of the recent clamour to crack-down on fake news, social media giants Google and Facebook are now on the spot, for developing toxic campaigns meant to incite fear, ethnic tension and hate amongst communities living in peace in Kenya.

Google Kenya and Facebook have been spreading online adverts laced with ethnic hate, in Jubilee’s push for voter registration ahead of the August General Election.

President Uhuru Kenyatta is grappling with the grim reality that his so-called “strongholds” are not that anymore as residents in the Central region have openly told him that he doesn’t deserve their vote. Only a small percentage of the lesser-educated Kameme FM indoctrinated voter, is still shouting “Tuko Pamoja” with Jubilee.

Google and Facebook have contravened their own user-policies, by giving the Jubilee party a platform to spread their toxic campaigns, meant to divide Kenyans and precipitate another post election-violence.

There is some really disturbing ads against Rt. Hon Raila Odinga by Jubilee through their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter account. This is setting up the country for another round of PEV. Their Tyranny of Numbers is dissipating and they have resulted to desperate measures. This one though cross the line. Three of those adds have since been pulled down after negative comments. Three still appear. Someone however managed to get screen shots.

The President needs to wake up from his slumber and stop with these cheap theatrics. If Kikuyu’s and Meru’s say no to corruption and mismanagement, then he should coerce, blackmail or spread fear to his people about supposed fears of a Raila presidency.

For instance, this post by Toni Kimani clearly spells out why the Kikuyu’s aren’t voting for Uhuru. The Kenyatta Family turned Presidency into an extension of the business empire, while Mama Ngina has been running errands for her son.

Like do we want to be ruled by Mama Ngina as the defacto president of Kenya? If Mama Ngina wants to be president, let her offer her candidature and submit herself to universal suffrage. Not ruling Kenya through her son as her stooge.

How can someone’s mother be running errands for him? This is not even funny.

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