Audit of Staff Papers at GDC

Jared O. Othieno is the Managing Director & CEO of the Geothermal Development Company.

Hi Nyakundi,


There is an outcry for an audit of Staff papers in GDC starting with the Human Resource department. Where staff do not have papers starting with the General Manager of Human Resources who was a medical clerk at Kengen. The Human Resource audit of GDC can easily be found from the former General Manager of Human Resources who was qualified and non-partisan. The price of cleaning Fake papers is now at a fee to save cronies of the system

Bwana CS Sir, We pray for your long life; Kindly let your first task be to get all the GDC files pending at the DCI and EACC since the corrupt cartels have been receiving protection from Matiangi and cronies.


A case in question is for 1. Irene Nyaboke Onyambu on taking men for Check-ups to her Gynaecologist Husband plus an NHIF card scandal at GDC orchestrated by Irene but received protection from the office of the former Super Cabinet Secretary.

This case as per our records had already reached the ODPP but no prosecution was done since Madam was receiving protection from former CS Matiangi and the Solicitor General. A clear indication of why she had to go the extra mile of paying for the Baba lunch kitty of Ksh 3m in the hope of maintaining the status quo.

The following is a sample list of HR staff with fake papers who the system has sanitized


1. Eunice Abade fake certificates removed

2. Fredrick Ogola was promoted over time from GD11 to GD08 using a fake diploma certificate

3. Zippy Njau confirmed to have tampered with personal files but receiving protection from Irene Onyambu and Mariam Yunus

4. Lawrence Koskei Fake MBA certificate

5. Phyllis Runyiri Snr Officer with fake papers

6. Christopher Ngolo Union Secretary receives protection from GM HR and the CEO to protect the interests of the Management at the expense of the Union members. He is manipulated by management to dance to their tune.

7. Jacinta Musyoka Fake diploma certificate was removed from the file.

In our next release, we shall be providing a listing of all the staff with fake papers that are being protected.

GM HR Irene Onyambu and HR Manager Mariam Yunus have been instrumental in hiring relatives with fake papers and paying them hefty salaries and allowances which they should be surcharged. Below is a listing of their relatives who were caught with fake papers


1. Nicholas M Onyambu


2. Dinah Onyambu


3. Amina


4. Hassan Abdi


5. Saleh Bisbas


6. Stephen Kombe


7. Gabriel Kota


8. Bakari Hassan

In 2012 Interviews were done, in a bid to cover up for the anomalies Mariam Yunus is recently on record calling Managers to sign and change interview reports since the hired staff never met the set criteria in the career progression guidelines. They are now running Helter skelter since they have discovered this Government is a working government out to finish cartels and the corrupt.

 *Internal Recruitment 2022*


This exercise is an indication that both Mariam Yunus and Irene Onyambu should step aside and investigation on them conducted since the exercise was conducted with a lot of impartiality as explained below;


1. Master’s degree was a requirement for the Chief Officer position, in some avenues this was discarded


2. Some staff met all the set criteria in advertisements but we’re never considered for interviews.


3. In 2014 Mariam Yunus and Irene Onyambu promoted a total of 214 employees with no criteria and no qualifications. They disguise the report as harmonization but a mere look at the report, the majority of the employees merely had KCSE and were promoted and salaries doubled.


4. In 2016 MD & CEO gave approval for employment as follows


Chef GD9


Cook GD10


Waiters GD11


Stewards GD12


Mariam Yunus altered the offer letters since the majority of those employed for the roles were families and cronies. The said Chefs have been receiving a higher salary than Registered Engineers.


5. On job placement it is imperative to note that Martha Ngugi daughter of the corrupt GM Infrastructure joined the company as a clerk GD10 but was recently promoted to a senior Officer GD05 despite not meeting the requirements for the position since she doesn’t possess an HR practising license.

Our plea to CS Energy is for the interdiction of HR officers Irene Onyambu, Mariam Yunus, Martha Ngugi and Zippy Njau to allow forensic audit into this issue plus many more.

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