Backlash : Cases of Arresting Kenyan Bloggers for Retweets


Today, I read in one of the local dailies about a Cabinet Secretary- Nkaiserry  who probably thinks Kenyan Bloggers are the problem. Nkaiserry says Some Bloggers are circulating images of dead KDF soldiers on social media. Nakiserry has not questioned Illegal charcoal trade or how some military officials became wealthy in one night . Story for another day.  They always say there is freedom of expression but nobody can guarantee you freedom after expression .

Cases of harassment of Kenyan Bloggers have become too many and the trend is worrying . A few days ago, A Nakuru blogger was arrested and it was only  after Kenyans on Twitter Protested that he was freed . The Blogger was arrested for Retweeting something on his Twitter Timeline .

There was this popular case of a KBC Journalist  that was arrested for Retweeting something on her TL . The Journalist was apparently booked by CID officers who confiscated her phone and questioned her for many hours . Her crime ? Retweeting something that annoyed the Big Boys.

November Last year, While on my way from Meru, I was arrested like a criminal in Makuyu by 13 officers , Cuffed and  taken to Makutano police station . After a few hours, CID officers from Parklands police station arrived and drove me to Nairobi where I was thrown into one of the Cells. They Took my Laptop and phone .

I was locked up for more than 24 hours without trial . My crime ? Because I retweeted something on My Timeline. Since Last year November, efforts to get back my gadgets from parklands police station  have been unsuccessful- Every time I go there they  say they are still investigating the Retweet . One CID officer told me that they were on December holidays and I should see them on 29th January or Early next month to confirm whether they are done investigating the Retweet .

This is pure harassment and intimidation that must be condemned . How can CID officers investigate a Retweet for more than 2 months ? What about Real crimes like murder ? Why did they  arrest me without evidence and illegally detain me without Trial ?

This is true evidence that these chaps understand nothing about the internet and social media. Since when did a Retweet become an endorsement ?  There needs to be a program to educate our officers about social media basics . It is total shame to arrest somebody for a Retweet and claim you are investigating the Retweet for more than 2 months .

After doing investigations I realized that you can just bribe Kenyan CID officers to harass any blogger . You dont need any evidence – You just need to  bribe them. My cries to Boinnet have fallen on deaf ears .

Is Boinnet aware that some Kenyan CID officers are paid to harass Bloggers . It is either Boinnet supports what they are doing or is completely incompetent as cartels take over . Bloggers are not the enemy .

Bloggers are just ordinary people doing extraordinary things – Stop treating them like terrorists

Put your house in order Boinnet

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Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.

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