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Bigger than NYS and MOH Scandal : High Density Email Names those Looting Kenya Pipeline Company


Caption ; Various recipients of the high Density email exposing how Kenya Pipeline Company is being Looted. The Email has also been copied to Chief Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi

MR. John Ngumi

CC Mr. Joe Sang


Good morning Sir John Ngumi,

As we start this beautiful month of November 2016, we know that the expose of the mega corruption at KPC runs on air on main TV channels even international ones anytime soon before the end of the month or God willing by December. This time it’s not only print but on TV (tafakari the damage on KPC’s corporate image). Who can you blame for all this? Yourself, since you have protected thieves, crooks, and cartels. It will be the juiciest present Kenyans will have for Christmas. It’s important for every taxpayer to know how money is looted and the cartels that are running down KPC.
KPC has been controlling Main media through bribes so that negative publicity is not carried out. Bwana Ngumi this time you are not lucky. The rot at KPC is beyond imagination and appreciation. It’s cancer that has been covered as the responsible thieves are glorified. It’s hight level corruption practiced at the top by some few directors, and all this is public knowledge.
Your so called informers have been bribing and pocketing investigative journalists who have even been awarded monetary compensation because of honesty and integrity. This time round you are not dealing with the likes of Mr. Chome of Nation Media Group who sang gave some bribes or the corrupt journalists at KTN that are always bribed to blackout stories

The nine lives you enjoyed while killing stories are over, and it is time for the Mega expose. And to be honest, even the media house know the revenues they will get by selling this story, so the issue of KPC officers threatening with the withdrawal of advertisement is not going to have any impact. Plus what revenue does KPC offer to media house regarding ad revenue when compared to Safaricom? Check your data. We warned you to tackle graft, but you went to bed with the fellows who have been stealing and are still stealing and looting KPC. But they are your friends.
Bwana Ngumi we hope you have been watching the events unfolding at NYS and recently the ministry of health. KPC is even worse than these two. You have all the information of the thieves and fraudsters running KPC. The Deputy President was categorical if anyone is found stealing and embezzling public funds “wataona cha mtema kuni”. People at KPC have been looting by invoking the name of Deputy President while claiming that the people giving information are fighting the government and Deputy President which is pure madness and impunity of the highest order.

Who was employed at KPC to steal? If so, let them go home. Don’t you find that odd? Ask one Madam Waiguru on how she enjoyed the protection but where is she now? The only difference between KPC and NYS is that looters and cartels have been dismantled, but for KPC all looters and cartels are running KPC, looting and plundering everything they come across. KPC is the latest cash cow in town. It’s sad some careers of professionals like you Mr. Ngumi may go down the drain simply because you covered corrupt individuals like Mr. Samuel Mikwa Odoyo who have been at the center of every scandal and embezzlement at KPC. “As Mr. Donald Trump Says lets drain the swamp.”

We are not just talking of stories here.


Caption : Kenya Pipeline Company. The Company has been rocked with many scandals with many claiming it is the cash cow of senior politicians like William Ruto who have planted their men to get money for 2017 Elections

The scandals on Thermo Dynamic General Supplies Limited and Aero Dispensers Limited. 1 Billion Swindled? Yes, 1 billion looted. This money was cashed at National Bank with the help of Your General Manager Finance (Mr. Samuel Mikwa Odoyo) who facilitated dubious letters of credit. Money was cashed at NBK. Yes, and carried in gunny bags. Yes. That’s a fact. To Account number was 01020014759500. Is this different from NYS Bwana Ngumi? Who were involved?

We told you it’s Mr. Samuel Mikwa Odoyo, Mr. Nicholas Gitobu, Mr Francis Amina Juma (Master Paratrooper), Mr. Kelvin Amimo (Your Engineer Corrosion), Mr. Lamik Rotich (Your Engineer Instrumentation and Corrosion), Mr. Antipas Tirop ( Your Acting Accountant Product), Mr. Paul Mutisya (Procurement), Mr Charles Tanui (Former MD) Mr. Charles Maitai your fresh Engineer Mechanical. Bwana Ngumi for public purposes these are the thieves, and we should not even name the suspects.
Antipas Tirop Bought a 16Million apartment on Ngong road at Adams Arcade (Cash) we can send a photo TO YOU, he bought a Prado that he drives at night since he can’t drive it to the office. He is completing a Flat at North airport road after Cabanas. He has put up a palatial home at his home in Eldoret. So, do you want proof for all this? Yes, this is another Mr. Gethi of NYS. These monies can be traced and repatriated to the poor hardworking Kenyans who toil and moil every day for looters to make away with everything after Invoking Deputy President William Ruto’s name. This officer earns a gross salary of 240,000 per month.

Why don’t you conduct a lifestyle audit? Where did Mr. Antipas Tirop who Mr. Samuel Odoyo whom he praises get all this cash? They stole together. He is an acting senior accountant product to steal more as he did at Konza. Mr. Odoyo adores thieves like himself. Where did they get all this money? Theft? These are criminals who belong to Kamiti but holding white color jobs at KPC. They belong to Kamiti like Peri simama of Eldoret. They should be locked and keys thrown into Jail and the bottom of the Indian ocean.
Mr. Odoyo has finished his flat at Donholm. Yes, flats. He is also putting up a palatial home at his Nyalguga home. Yes, he even overpaid his Karura mortgage to KPC by over 2 million without his knowledge and had to seek for refunds. Talk of excess liquidity of an officer who happens to be earning a salary of 500,000. Before his recent promotion where he earns 700,000 now. Where did he get all these properties and excess cash? In fact, we are sending the same email to asset recovery agencies.

These properties should be sold, and money returned to KPC where it belongs. Bwana Ngumi this fellow left Kenya Airways before he could be retrenched a few years ago and now he is stinking rich. This guy holds a medal of stealing and with innocent looks no wander he is a deceiving church elder. But the current trend in Kenya is that all stolen money is taken to church. Ask your former engineering manager Bramwell Wanyalika a pastor how he stole many years at KPC before EACC were on him.
What about Mr Lamik Rotich? How many parcels of land has he bought in Machakos and rift valley? You should take a walk to Syokimau and see the home he built with kickbacks from pension transactions and suppliers at Eka hotel and Panari with his buddy Antipas.The reality is that money was shared Bwana Ngumi and all you think is that people are peddling propaganda. Instead of you as a board chairman seeking and establishing the truth, you go berserk after internal auditors and an investigator simply because they are Kisiis like Ps Muraguri who has an egg on his face. Time will proof you wrong.
What about the master of all corruption at KPC Mr. Francis Amina Juma? The man behind all cartels and has messed up several Mds of KPC with his greed. How many properties does he own? What about The hotel he is constructing at Kilimani Kisumu? He was once bragging that his net worth is over 500,000,000 (Million) yes a little welder. He owns Houses in Karen and kitengela yet he his limping at KPC estate. Any person stealing from poor Kenyans will die of funny diseases. Tell Amina Juma to stop stealing from kpc and poor Kenyans (KPC belongs to poor Kenyans). Yes, a welder! At KPC only to trade and keep corrupt cartels. How did he get all these monies? Stealing from KPC. Don’t sugar coat it na kizungu mingi as DP told us. Its theft. He is the thief in charge. Stop him. He is leading with insider trading as we previously said.
Mr. Nichols Gitobu should be nowhere near KPC gates. And we presume he shall be promoted to General Manager Procurement (which you advertised) despite presiding over the worst tender scandals at KPC.He simply is A hyena wearing sheep’s wool as the holy book tells us. How can you even Condone such a man despite the frauds at KPC that originated from his desk? Only at KPC, the house of impunity that this can be possible. He has overseen KPC procure stocks and contracts at inflated prices the worst ever.

KPC is one of the companies Eastern and Central Africa having stocks and Assets that are over priced and inflated beyond reasonable levels. The man behind it is non-other than Nichols. He joined KPC from the moribund Yana tires. What properties and SUVs is he running and owning now? But director Biriri will hear none of it. Mtu ya nyumbani as corruption thrives. Even the Security Manager Mr. Githiji cant conduct any investigations since its perpetrated by his own people and he is not confirmed to his position hence he cannot do any reviews God help us.


Caption : Kenya Pipeline Company Limited chairman John Ngumi. Crook par Excellence. Ngumi, who always bribes corrupt mainstream media journos is a scum of the earth.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Mr Ngumi for your information, All the scandals at KPC, the tender evaluation teams have been headed by Eng Kelvin Amimo and Eng Maitai. You can confirm this you have over 1700 workforce that can do that for you. See the names then go berserk and suggest people are sabotaging your strategies. The Financial Evaluation team is composed of people representing the interest of Mr. Samuel Mikwa Odoyo. Confirm if Mr. Samson Soimo, Zack otieno and Ms. Gloria of Finance are not involved in all smelly deals at KPC and only paid peanuts.

Some have bought funny cars and others properties. Check the teams on the specific above transactions that were fraudulent, and you will even agree with us. What about the team evaluating Nthage issue, Spinning Rotors, The Line 1 Replacement, Bottom Loading Eldoret and much more. Didn’t Eng Amimo mess the supervision of PS14 Hydrant where KPC lost millions on the fire protection system? Was engineer Amimo awarded a Mercedez (Mini by the contractor) for job well done? And you promoted him to chief engineer corrosion, yet you well know how he and others defrauded kpc with Thermo dynamic supplies on sleeving materials? What do you call that? Then all KPC staff are daft. You promote corruption but this is 21st century and we have eyes and we can see.
It’s a big wonder how even one of your Engineers (Mr. Kirui) at the workshop received a low loader that was off specifications. Kpc had Paid 23 million to DT Dobie for it, yet he was paid 4 Million kick back to receive an item of poor quality and substandard. He bought a VW Touareg with the illicit money. Then he suggests KPC engineers should install mahogany timber so that the low loader can ferry the excavator. Madness. Is this the level of corruption at KPC that appears tolerable? Then for him to be let off the hook he examines and receives an Ambulance sourced and delivered by a son of director Biriri that was fabricated and of poor quality. Corruption is galore.

Yes, corruption by Director Felicity Biriri through his son is sickening all these looters belong in jail. Ngumi what we can simply tell you is that KPC is rotten and the coming will embarrass you, to say the least. Your friends in the banking industry will even wonder what you have been supervising at KPC. But since we have been jokers previously let’s wait and see who laughs most.
Bwana Ngumi. How many projects do you know at KPC that have stalled? Can we name them one by one? Who procured them? Are they not by the same fraudsters? If procurement were above board, this would not be the issue. Look at the problems KPC is experiencing on Line 1 Replacement? All these procurements were dubious where companies with capacity were left out due to greed as they could not afford to bribe. Another one is the SCADA contract where you appointed a Thief to go and spearhead as the chief engineer and chased Kiiva shamelessly. God Forbid!. Siemens have complained officially how Top KPC officers are seeking 200 million bribes yet the same people you are guarding them zealously.

KPC is running and being held captive by thieves. You even promoted these individuals (criminals) to the strategic positions so that stealing can continue despite the fact that you know they are thieves.

Bwana Ngumi, The plot adjacent to KPC headquarters has some big issues. No one denies it was prudent acquisition but how was it done? How many brokers were involved? We are not stupid by the way. This land was valued 550,000,000 by a corrupt valuer last year. At 550 Million was even an overvaluation. God help kpc now we have paid 670,000,000 for it and wondering what explanation you can conjure to convince us. It has appreciated by 120,000,000 in one year. Oops!!! What was invested in the shamba to warrant such?
But if KPC board of directors can have a con and crooked lawyer who lied on employment to remain as its legal advisor then it is a very bad and choking system. You should promote her to General Manager Legal Secretariat since the positions of Flora and Manduku cannot be filled due to court orders. It’s very clear why competent lawyers like flora and Manduku could not be entertained so that a cheat can remain who has no morals.

Mr. Ngumi do you also need us to tell you Gloria Khafafa lied on employment and she should get a booking with Kenya Police or EACC like Oscar Sudi? What morals do we as the society have? Boss, if you and the board can tolerate Ms/ Gloria Khafafa who got close to power due to her sexual relationship with one Mr. Tanui, What example are you setting to the country? . She has no morals. She lied on employment, for once report to Kenya police or dismiss her. Get another lawyer who is qualified. You can pay Flora and Manduku because you have no case against them but for Christ loud discharge Gloria. She is a cheat Crooked, a fraud, and Tanui’s girlfriend. Why do you think she was not dismissed? KPC has previously dismissed much staff on forging certificates on employments. Do you want names? wako uliza Ngira but I can also provide. Sharon the ball is on you to proof your worthiness,

Then KPC goes ahead and installed an intelligent system in order to get people who allegedly leak information. You guys are archaic. Do you understand the current communication levels and information transmission? So KPC is a military Operandi where information does not leak. The current board will come and go so does the top management. It has happened, and it will happen. But if you think information can only be shared via emails and internal communications or searches you lost the game before it started.

We shall give out all information that is deemed to be fraud. As the president said ukiona kitu sema “see something say it” Wewe ukiona kitu nyamaza”. Boss move with technology. And we salute Major Ondari, Mr. Titus and Mr. Nyanchama if they made you install such a system. Do the right things and don’t Condon corruption and no information will leak. Go search SAP we have information and screen shots of the payment for the adjacent plot and directors meeting payments. Surely some KPC ad visors belong to the archive if anyone in the 21st century thinks people can be gagged not to share some things.

Lets compare notes when all these scandals go live and believe us. No cover-ups this time. Odoyo(the thief in com and at KPC) can talk to all his friends in the media, but this one is beyond you guys. Let’s share this to the world. Thieves should be named and shamed. It doesn’t matter their position. KPC has general managers who are thieves, and yes they are thieves. Let’s name and shame them. Waiguru is no different. She is a thief so do KPC TOP managers who are thieves like Mr. Samuel Odoyo. He stole from clearing agents, now to companies by raising letters of credit and much more. Mr. Sang you like it or not the likes of Mr. Odoyo, Gitobu, Antipas, Amimo, Amina Juma, Maitai Mutisya are thieves, and you should deal with them as such. Don’t promote thieves. They belong to the cells his Excellency talked of.


Caption: Kenya Pipeline Company boss Joe Sang who should be in Jail for abuse of office, corruption and culture of impunity. Sang is Ruto’s Mtu wa Mkono. 

We have space in Kamiti Kingongoi and langata plus many other prisons, not offices carpeted with mats. GOD forbid one WANYALIKHA WAS AND AN ENGINEERING MANAGER AT KPC BUT A THIEF WHO EA CC HAS TAKEN TO COURT. WE SHOULD JAIL THE REST IT DOESN’T MATTER. ONCE A THIEF ALWAYS A THIEF.

Inshallah till we go on air.


Wizi wamali ya Umma unauwa. Corruption Kills. Let’s all stop it before it stops us. We dont care but lets stop corruption.

God bless us all.

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