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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


Business Community Should Stop Blackmailing Kenya: Their Interests Don’t Supersede Ours.


Caption: Some of Kenya’s top CEO’s. Most of them are bribed by the fake Jubilee government to fear-monger and discourage Kenyans demanding for reforms. 

Everytime there’s political friction in Kenya, the business community comprising of the usual suspects of white-collar thieves, spins out narratives via bribed mainstream media journalists, calling for calm and tolerance as political scuffles seem to hurt their businesses.

The corporate class in Kenya have successfully managed to embed the notion that their financial well-being is intertwined in everyone’s else’s long-term benefit.

At some point, we will begin to demand tangible benefits from the peace that we have given them over the last 10 years. How many new jobs have they created? How has the economy benefitted from their presence?

Because we cannot have Chris Kirubi, Bob Collymore, Kiprono Kittony, Manu Chandaria and other corporate thieves forever holding us hostage with their fake narratives. We know all of these are crooks who predominantly focus on their selfish interests and not the greater good.

We know for-instance that Manu Chandaria was the brainchild behind Youth for KANU 92 that resulted in the plunder of public resources and printing of money in-order for Moi to retain his seat, at the expense of the economy.


Caption: Tweet from the bi-sexual investor who uses his social media accounts to bootlick Jubilee Government in order to maintain his links to state house and buy political patronage after looting Uchumi and other companies.

Chris Kirubi is a seasoned crook who continues to loot with state patronage with every successive regime. Kiprono Kittony is the bastard who thinks he can impress everyone with his fake accent, yet he hides behind his mother Zipporah Kittony’s skirt. Does he think real men hide behind their mothers? Give us a break Kiprono. Concentrate on your mother’s businesses and leave the work of governance to us.


Caption: Wife snatcher, Lord of Graft and the real definition of irony. A smoking KPMG Report recently exposed the immigrant from Guyana as the biggest fraud that has pocketed the Kenyan media. Idiot should be deported because we already have enough corrupt people in Kenya.

Then ofcourse we have Bob Collymore, the immigrant from the slum called British Guyana. Fresh from a sham wedding after breaking someone’s marriage, he still thinks he can lecture Kenyans on their political future. We would again request him to lay low like an envelope and instead advise British Guyana’s leader on how to turn that slum into a country like Kenya.

It’s time Kenyans realise that the “investments” that we so preciously care about over human life, are not investments but proceeds of crime as recorded recently in a parliamentary report.

Photos of Naivas building being damaged should not give humanity grief because we know that both Naivas and Nakumatt were created as vehicles for laundering drug-money. And for those new supermarkets to thrive, Uchumi had to be looted to its deathbed by Chris Kirubi.

The malls and building you see sprouting miraculously are meant to build your hospitals, universities, metro stations, schools, public amenities, stadiums, parks, libraries theatres and the likes.

Let not Kenyans be deceived that those malls are our property. We need social-justice and if it means getting rid of IEBC, then so be it. If this stalemate will lead to a revolution, then Kenyans let’s embrace the opportunity.

Let’s move from being petty consumers of news and narratives conjured by those in power or benefitting from it, and be conscious of the endemic corruption by President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

Because they steal with impunity, because the Judiciary is rotten, other Government officials like CS’s, Governors, parastatal heads, and even MPigs steal with full confidence that nobody can take them anywhere.

Fish rots from the head, and if Raila Odinga’s calls for mass action trigger a people’s revolution, then let’s embrace this God-given opportunity. Everyone internationally is tired of Uhuru, and his last bastion of global relevance Tony Blair, is set for problems of his own in the coming weeks.

Finally, aren’t we all tired of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s lies? I know I am.

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