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Cyprian Is Nyakundi


Chinese Crooks: How Nkaissery’s PA’s Were Bribed To Block Wenjie Li’s Deportation


Caption: Interior Security CS Joseph Nkaissery who prefers issuing empty threats that add no value to Kenyans. His Moi-Era mentality has shamed Kenya Locally and internationally. 

Interior Security CS Joseph Nkaissery, the tough-talking Moi-era relic who spends his days issuing cheap and empty threats thinking he will intimidate Kenyans as if they are collective-dependants of his salary, is now on the spot again.

His Personal Assistants, one by the name of Saitoti and another named Gatu have been linked to the blocking of a deportation order by an official who was acting on behalf of the same Ministry. The two notorious extortionists used their influence and connections with the Director of Immigration, and Bribed him to look the other way.

The Chinese Crook in question is known to run a mafia-like cartel that links senior Government officials and diplomats. Wenjie Li is a Crook of the highest order and so far has been involved in three court cases of a criminal nature, yet he has been able to side-step all of them, by bribing judges, lawyers, Police and senior Government officials.

Over and above that, Wenjie is accused of murdering his girlfriend, while on a trip to Dubai. Though the case was recorded as a suicide, the truth is that he threw the lady over the balcony of their hotel-room. The deceased lady’s name is Wu Xiao Bing and Wenjie Li had conned her Kshs. 30 Million under the guise of being her local investment partner.


Caption: Wenjie Li and the lady he murdered in Dubai, simply because he wanted her Kshs. 30 Million.

Wenjie Li has defrauded many of his compatriots because of his local knowledge and stay in Kenya. So he builds fake trust in-order to rope them in and steal their money. A case was highlighted involving the obtaining by false pretence of Kshs. 300 Million from other Chinese investors, while duping them that he will sell land to them. The money was deposited in the account of lawyer Lilian Ongweny, of Ongweny & Moibi Advocates, never to be seen again.

As Cyprian Nyakundi, I was pained after Administration Police murdered Willie Kimani and the others who accompanied him, but Kenyan lawyers really need to style up. The case we hear of lawyers defrauding clients, or playing them to their accusers and vice-versa, are too many. In fact, lawyers could be the biggest crooks in Kenya. Only a small percentage is legitimate.

Because here is a lawyer Lillian Ongweni, who receives money on behalf of a client, then opts to pocket and split it with Wenjie Li, who is said to have sexual relations with her. Surely, is that the Constitution you vowed to defend the day you took an oath at the Chief Justice’s office? Lawyers really need to soul-search. We cannot continue like this. Because we will no longer censor information on your impropriety. Shame on LSK for overseeing rampant theft and extortion by the so-called “learned” friends. Do they go to school to learn how to steal?

For instance in this same case surrounding Wenjie Li, a lawyer named Nicholas Ambitha was Bribed by the same individuals together with others, so as to compromise and leak details to the respondents. How sick and pathetic of these lawyers. Why haven’t they been disbarred? Is any information that we are posting here fabricated? No these are solid cases with supporting evidence.

In another instance, Wenjie Li was charged for criminal theft of Kshs. 135 Million from Homeland Development, where he was a director, at Kibera Chief Magistrates Court, case No. 3830, yet the case was miraculously withdrawn. It is said that he together with his accomplices are represented by lawyer Gibson Kamau Kuria, whose son works as a State Counsel. Speculation is rife that the son may have aided in the termination of the case.



Caption: Newspaper Article showing Wenjie Li’s criminal case. This alone should have had him either jailed or deported, not walking wining and dining with Nkaiserry’s PA’s Saitoti and Gatu.


Caption. Another newspaper article showing yet another case where Wenjie Li is also claiming right to ownership of a disputed parcel of land in Kilimani. He’s a real thug.

Once again, the most corrupt office in Kenya, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) headed by Ndegwa Muhoro, has also been linked to this crooked Chinese fake investor Wenjie Li. DCI which has been linked to extra-judicial murders, has been on the spotlight for operating with raw impunity, reminiscent of the murderous KANU regime. The question we ask today is this, why is Ndegwa Muhoro’s name in every dirty deal in Kenya? Is it a coincidence? Before arresting bloggers, Mr. Muhoro you need to check yourself. From hit-squads, to land-fraud, to racketeering and extortion, Ndegwa Muhoro’s name is all over.

Why always you Ndegwa Muhoro? How long will you claim that it’s vendetta? Can a whole county have a vendetta against you? Muhoro operates with so much impunity, that even someone who recently had a case that the President asked Muhoro to assist, is still crying foul that Muhoro is messing with the other party.

We are told that Muhoro listens to grievances of the affected party carefully, then uses the information to extort the other side. Eventually, he will manipulate the outcome of investigations to suit the biggest crooks in any case. We remember the Tatu City deal very well Muhoro. Reason why we say that Uhuru is a fake President. How can he instruct Muhoro to do something, and the same DCI head opts to consciously liaise with the other party?

Moving on, the civil case where Wenjie Li has defrauded other Chinese investors is on-going at the Commercial and Admiralty Division of the High Court, Miscl Appl. Case no 264 of 2015. Wenjie and his accomplices are represented by Gibson Kamau Kuria who Bribed opposing counsel Nicholas Ambitha to compromise the case. That’s how low lawyers have sunk today. court1Caption: Lawsuit shows Wenjie Li’s associates operating in Nairobi. They are the same individuals who own the racist restaurant which never admitted Africans.

Today we would like to ask the aforementioned Government officials to step aside for being linked to Wenjie Li. They need to declare their interest and explain why they haven’t executed a deportation order. How much money were they Bribed with? Kenyans abroad are being deported everyday, so why do Kenya Government officials want to sell Kenya’s integrity for a few shillings?


Caption. Deportation order done by the Principal Secretary of the Office of the President, that was blocked following bribes paid out to some select Government officials. Saitoti and Gatu who are Nkaissery’s representatives are adversely mentioned.

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