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7 Coldest Country In The World, Their Annual Mean Temperatures

Do you enjoy the yearly drop in temperature? well this is the norm in coldest country in the world

7 Coldest Country In The World, Their Annual Mean Temperatures

If you prefer skiing down a mountain rather than lounging on the beach, you should consider vacationing in a place that remains cold all day, every day?

Fortunately, numerous destinations meet this criterion.

Indeed, some of them might be a bit too chilly…

The coldest countries in the world are located across the globe but have similar geographical features.

They include landlocked or island nations, Nordic countries, and those close to a pole or the Arctic Circle.

Here are the world’s coldest countries, ranked by their annual mean temperatures.

RankCountryAverage Yearly Temperature (°C)Average Yearly Temperature (°F)

1. Canada – 22.37°F

Coldest Country In The World

Canada has a low population density, with just four people per square kilometer.

This vast country showcases a wide range of climates, especially in its northern two-thirds, where incredibly cold conditions persist throughout the year.

Across the nation, winters are characterized by cold temperatures and snowfall.

Historically, January stands out as the coldest month, but recent years have seen February becoming more formidable.

Temperatures exhibit significant variations among different regions.

Inland areas endure severe winters, with temperatures lingering at 5°F or lower for weeks, occasionally plummeting to -40°F, usually following heavy snowfalls.

The northern and eastern parts of the country face even harsher and longer winters, lasting for five months.

The lowest temperature ever recorded in Canada was -63.0 °C (-81.4 °F) in Snag, Yukon Territory, back in 1947. Due to these bone-chilling temperatures, some hotels have installed heated doors.

2. Russia – 22.82°F

The Beauty of Russian white nights- Coldest Country In The World

A big, landlocked transcontinental country stretches from Eastern Europe to the farthest eastern point of mainland Asia.

Because a significant portion of the land is far from the sea, the country experiences a continental climate.

Russia, for the most part, has mild summers which mostly lasts for two months and extremely long, cold, snowy, and frosty winters.

Summer temperatures hover around 37°F, while an average January day registers at 18°F, often plummeting to -40°F during harsh winters.

The majority of northern-European Russia and Siberia, located between the Scandinavian Peninsula and the Pacific Ocean, boasts a subarctic climate.

In the remote interior of northeastern Siberia, temperatures reached a historic low of -89.86 °F on February 6, 1933, in Oymyakon.

Despite experiencing just two months of summer and enduring months without sunlight in many areas, Russia, at least, gets to enjoy the “White Nights” in St. Petersburg.

3. Mongolia – 30.74°F

Mongolian winter Festivals

The small landlocked nation nestled between Central and East Asia has a notable place in history as the homeland of the ever-feuding Genghis Khan.

A diverse array of geopolitical cultures inhabit the third coldest country on Earth.

This historical background may shed light on the spirited nature of its people in the past, possibly a means to stay warm in the sub-freezing conditions that persist for much of the year.

Notably, the “Land of the Eternal Blue Sky” holds the record for the lowest temperature ever recorded, reaching a bone-chilling -67.5 °F in Züüngovi, Uvs Province, on a December day in 1976.

Mongolia experiences a dry continental climate, featuring brief summers and freezing winters.

The lengthy, snowy, and windy winter months can see temperatures plummeting to as low as -40.0°F.

However, during the months of November through March, temperatures may occasionally rise above freezing, with the warmest months being April and October, where temperatures can peak at around 100.4°F in the southern Gobi region.

While Mongolia remains one of the last nations where some individuals continue to live nomadic lifestyles, the majority have adapted to endure the harsh temperatures with modern amenities and ways of life.

4. Norway – 34.70°F

Beauty of Norway Winters- Coldest Country In The World

The majority of this Nordic country is situated above the Arctic Circle, falling within the subarctic climate zone.

Norway’s temperatures could have been even colder, but the North Atlantic and Norwegian ocean currents have a moderating effect, raising the air temperature along the coast.

However, inland regions of Norway experience more extreme temperature variations, with a noticeable contrast between summer and winter.

Norway’s stunning mountains are situated in a Polar Tundra climate, which brings even lower temperatures.

In particular, Finnmarksvidda, the country’s largest plateau, contends with the coldest weather in mainland Finland.

Throughout the year, this cold country is inhabited by warm-hearted people who know how to extend a warm welcome, even in places like the village of Karasjok.

This village achieved notoriety by breaking the country’s coldest temperature record in the late 1900s, registering a bone-chilling -60°F.

5. Kyrgyzstan – 34.79°F

Cold Winters of Kyrgyzstan

Officially, Kyrgyzstan, known as the Kyrgyz Republic, is a small landlocked country in Central Asia that boasts a surprisingly diverse climate.

In the southwestern Fergana Valley, summer temperatures can soar to a scorching 104°F, while the mountains maintain a persistent cold, with temperatures hovering around -22°F from December to February.

Across the nation’s Middle Eastern periphery, the average temperature stands at 34.79°F, and the record-breaking low hit -64.5°F.

The harsh and cold winters blanket the landscapes of numerous valleys and mountain slopes with snow.

6. Finland – 35.06°F

Finland Winter and its natural beauty- one of the Coldest Country In The World

Finland, surrounded by cold neighbors like Sweden, Norway, and Russia, maintains a consistently chilly climate.

Ranking sixth among the coldest countries, it boasts an average temperature of 35.06°F and a record low of -60.7°F.

Finland is renowned for its exceptionally long winter periods, ranging from 100 days in the southwest to a staggering 200 days in northern Lapland.

These four-month winters bring an average temperature of -4°F, heavy snowfall, blizzards, and biting winds, prompting residents to hibernate until the season subsides.

As a reward for their endurance, Finland treats its inhabitants to the mesmerizing spectacle of the northern lights.

lighting up the skies with vibrant colors from late August to early April in the northern part of the country.

7. Iceland – 35.15°F

Beautiful Iceland winters-no 7 Coldest Country In The World

Iceland, a Nordic country and European island nation known for its Viking heritage.

Proudly stands among the world’s coldest countries, with an average annual temperature of 35.15°F.

Iceland maintains a consistent cold climate due to its Polar Tundra classification.

Summers hover around 50°F, while January averages 37°F in winter.

Despite its name, Iceland doesn’t freeze, thanks to its unique latitude, oceanic influence, and the warm currents of the North Atlantic Gyre.

In the south lowlands, winters average around 32°F, while the northern region records about 14°F on average, with a record low of -39.5°F.

This region is prone to sudden wind gusts, precipitation, and rapid temperature fluctuations, leading to reduced visibility.

Tourists flock to Iceland for attractions like the stunning Blue Lagoon, volcanoes, glaciers, and the mesmerizing Aurora Borealis.

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