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Define Stupidity: Kenyan Feminists Reporting Nyakundi To Twitter, For A Post On Facebook

CAPTION: Fem-centric activist Adelle Onyango. She’s basking in relevance after an attack from Cyprian Nyakundi. 

It’s yet another day for Kenyans of low self-esteem to spread their anger and rage against the very principle they seek to defend; freedom of expression. It kills women to even remotely imagine that men subscribe to their own standards-regime.

It’s the hypocrisy of feminists that’s more nauseating. For instance, commercial sex workers like Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe, Njoki Chege are greatly celebrated in today’s feminist-dominated media. Their strategy is to produce acutely-polarizing content, whose main purpose is to belittle men across the board.

CAPTION: It’s OK for Kenyan feminists to label men as broke. But it’s a crime when a Kenyan man also has standards and calls a woman “ugly” . The duplicity of feminism is nauseating! 

Despite constantly doing that, the trio are loved figures by corporate Kenya. Companies like Keroche’s Executive Water, Uber Kenya and mainstream media outlets like NTV, Radio Africa Group, have elevated these hitherto Unknown raccoons, from obscurity into the national limelight.

Top feminists in the country have now made it their business to target any male who enlightens fellow men of the one-sided relationships, in this imbalanced society.

For instance, Nyakundi is a victim of feminist-rage, yet the truth is that today, no woman has gotten her corporate job in Nairobi through merit. It is common knowledge that many have had to part with sexual enticements, in-order to achieve the “success” they brag about today. Because that form of sexual-abuse is “acceptable” , hypocritical feminists will choose to give it a wide-berth, and focus on the aggregated presumption that all “Men Are Trash” .

You see, for as long as you’re not parting with financial recompense, you are trash to women.

Well the reality is that yes, we men have standards too! We can tell ugly women, gold-diggers, high body-count, sluts, but most of all, we can see through the veil of feminism abused by Nairobi women, as a tool for social and financial progression.

It’s these women who have nothing to offer society, that have fallen back to feminine-activism as a default for seeking relevance and attention.

I don’t know who died and made Kenyan feminists God, because they seem to imagine that their issues deserve immediate attention, if only looked from their point of view. Men too are victims of female sexual harassment.

For instance, men are financially-exploited by women everyday. But according to feminists, this is acceptable under their newly-drafted laws of nature. Hundreds of thousands of Kenyan men have fallen victim to female brutality where they spike drinks with numbing agents/sleeping pills, and then wipe their pockets clean, making away with their wallets and cellphones. Many others have had their apartments wiped clean. Other cases have been fatal, leading to death of the victims.

Go to police stations every week. How many men go to report cases of stolen phones? Even policemen themselves have become victims, with recently cases of the Muranga DCI boss coming to the fore.

Does anyone speak about this? Ofcourse not. Cat-calling is more of a crisis than this. Because Kenyan men have been conditioned by the feminist-dominated media, to accept that they’re wired as beasts or trash, and any calamity they get into at the hands of women, is deserved.

To protect their non-existent “brands” men who have nothing between their ears like Ramzy or Shamit Patel, find themselves saying that “Nyakundi is trash” all in a bid to placate these deluded feminists. These two and their ilk are the conmen of today, not Nyakundi.

When Huddah and Vera post nudes, do you ever see feminists reporting them or even in the least, castigating these bitches? Ofcourse not. Infact they’re celebrated for “bravery” .

CAPTION: No feminist ever calls out Huddah and others for posting nudes. Infact, corporates like up to endorse. It is captured as a “celebration of sexuality” . 

Back to the original theme; the latest wave of awareness of sexual offenses is being partially examined. Adelle Onyango and Anita Nderu are only focusing on one angle. We need them to come forward and tell us how many of them, or their colleagues in corporate Nairobi, slept their way to their jobs. Because that equally constitutes rape or sexual oppression.

However, the double-standards of feminism are nauseating! When women are beneficiaries from patriarchy in the form of pre-negotiated jobs under an exchange of sexual favours, then that is “acceptable” according to them.

This faggoh called @MediaMK once ran a blog called Media Madness which chronicled the sexual debauchery that went on in Nation Media Group. People were being fucked in the car, or in the elevators. Led by none other than the CEO. Will that ever make the topics of discussion on radio talk-shows? Ofcourse not.

Men, resist these attempts by feminist-activists, who are projecting their experiences to be aggregated male behaviour. They want the rest of us decent men, to carry the burden of few unfortunate characters, by insinuating that all men are trash. If anything, women are trashier, with their gold-digging ways. They profile us, demean us, dismiss us based on our financial capacities, body-shame us, talk shit about us everyday on social-media. That is accepted.

But when we profile them as “ugly” or “slutty” or “pretentious” , then all hell breaks lose. Pathetic!

I know an ugly woman when I see one. And if I say you’re ugly, chances are that you really are ugly. I’m even drawing parallels between ugly women, and them trying to crowd-source their misery, through groups, talking about non-existent challenges and trying to pull them to your side.

Women who have made poor choices in life, find themselves spreading their anger and bitterness to other women in form of groups, chama’s, etc, taking women down the path of destruction.

The latest surge of anti-male sentiment isn’t healthy for behavioural change. Are they involving men in their discussion? Are they seeking to create a society free from gender-oppression both ways? Do they want to encourage men to be better people? No. The recurring theme being spread by the feminist dominated media is that “All Men Are Trash.”

May all men who see through this, reject this growing movement in its entirety.

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