Desperate MCA now teams up with Rival party to frustrate Tout as he vows to teach ODM lesson

After realizing that the ODM Party has settled on a former Tout as its Nominee for the Umoja 2Ward MCA position, a desperate Joseph Ndonji has now teamed up with UDA’s Embakasi West MP George Theuri to frustrate Shadrach Machanje’s bid.

Ndonji and Theuri have now joined hands to frustrate Machanje where the former has vowed to ensure that ODM will not field a candidate in the upcoming August elections.

Embakasi West MP George Theuri

In a desperate attempt to force himself on the people of Umoja 2, Ndonji has gone to Court for the fifth time seeking to have the Political parties Dispute Tribunal compel the ODM party to give him a Certificate.

Residents of Umoja 2 Ward are aggrieved by the Tribunal which has consistently ruled in favour of Ndonji despite the Party putting up a spirited fight in the protracted Court battle that has dragged on for months.

In a move that has angered many, Ndonji who emerged sixth in the party primaries says he deserves the nomination because he is the Party’s Chairperson in the area.

In his Court papers, Ndonji wants ODM Top brass John Mbadi and Catherine Mumma jailed for six months for contempt of Court after the party went a head and handed Machanje a direct nomination.

After realizing that the Party has settled on Machanje Ndonji has been holding night meetings with Theuri who is keen on ensuring that Felician Obilo alias Hajji who is the head of a Militia gang christened “Kingston” that has been terrorizing residents of Umoja 2 is elected as the MCA on a UDA ticket.

UDA’s Hajji was reportedly heard lamenting the ODM’s Machanje is his biggest threat.

Joseph Ndonji

Theuri has been colluding with Ndonji as he tries to exert his influence in Umoja 2 after realizing that Machanje who is hugely popular will trounce Hajji in the August elections.

Residents are terrified that if Machanje will not be on the ballot box, Hajji will unleash a reign of terror in Umoja 2 by operating like the dreaded Mungiki gang that would collect money forcefully from business people.

“To think that Theuri and Ndonji are backing a former gangster so that he can terrorize the people of Umoja 2 is very worrying. We are appealing to the ODM top brass to ensure that Machanje will be on the ballot come August 9th”, the residents urged.

Ndonji has reportedly spent huge amounts of money in a bid to dislodge Machanje and is seeking to have the name of Shadrack Machanje removed as the ODM party nominee from the IEBC list.

The Incumbent MCA has been on the warpath with the Party to an extent of demanding that Top party officials should be committed to civil jail.

In the application filed under urgency, Ndonji wants the Tribunal to issue an order directing IEBC to revoke Machanje’s name.

He also wants the Tribunal to cite ODM’s Chairman John Mbadi, the Chairperson of its National Elections Board Catherine

Mumma and Machanje for contempt of court orders and they be committed to civil jail for a period of 6 months and/or be fined appropriately.

“The Tribunal to issue an order directing IEBC to revoke, cancel and nullify the nomination, clearance and/or gazettement of Machanje as the duly elected or nominated member of the ODM party for Member of County County Assembly seat for the Umoja 2 Ward, “Ndonji states.


However, In an affidavit sworn by Mumma, the party has accused Ndonji of trying to arm-twist the party into giving him a direct nomination.

Mumma accused Ndonji of using the tribunal to nominate as the party’s candidate for MCA Umoja 2 Ward a move which she says amounts to the PPDT usurping the party’s autonomy.

“The application before this Court is not merited and is only meant to compel the tribunal to nominate the applicant as the 2nd respondent’s candidate. The Court should not accept such an invitation that will result in the usurpation of the Party’s autonomy,” she stated.


In his application before the Tribunal, Ndonji argues that a judgement delivered on May 14 and subsequent decree barred the ODM party from forwarding the name of Machanje as its nominee for the seat of MCA to IEBC in respect of the coming general elections in August 2022.

He states that the judgement and decree were thereafter duly served upon the party who acknowledged service.

“The gist of the said Judgement was to refer the dispute in question back to ODM, restraining the latter not to nominate and/or forward Machanje’s name to IEBC for gazettement and further directed the ODM National Chairman to oversee the
the process concerning the resolution of the subject dispute”, Ndonji argues

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