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Dissecting BIFU: One The Most Important But Rogue Trade Unions In Kenya – Part 1 of 3

Isaiah Kubai, BIFU National Secretary General

At the Registrar of Trade Unions, a Union’s License lies with names of deceased and alive leaders, some of whom have since left the Union; retired from it.

That’s a matter of concern for law abiding citizens but not the rogue National Secretary General of the Banking Insurance and Finance Union Kenya {BIFU (K)} Mr. Isaiah Kubai.

Stale registration document. Fridah Makokha resigned November 2018

BIFU specifically covers employees in Banks, Insurance, Saccos, Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA), National Social Security Fund (NSSF), Forex Bureaus, Money changers, Kenya Women Finance Trust (KWFT), Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC) among others.

The worst thing is that he boldly and unashamedly presented this document in court several times, and the judges haven’t even raised an eyebrow.

That’s how this guy has operated, he has stayed at the helm of BIFU for over 33 years, through sheer cunning, threats and deceit. But how has he managed to do that?

Dodgy character

Kubai Networks – Naming the Propers of the King of Impunity.

Peter Kapistran Mwaiseghe

Isaiah Kubai stays put and is untouchable thanks to the loyalty that can only be compared to that of a dog from this Jubilee Insurance Manager Peter Kapistran Mwaiseghe, who is the National Assistant Secretary General and Branch Secretary in charge of Coastal region branch.

His current effective date of re-election to the position is indicated as 05.03.2016 according to the documents in our possession. He was also in similar position in the purported 2011 Union elections

The other laughable matter is that no election was held in 2016. General dicatr Kubai handpicks his loyal subjects as his confidants for a measly sum of between Kshs, 2500 and 5000. They are loyal to him you would think they earn millions.

BIFU coastal region branch officials.

This no-election is flouting BIFU’s constitution in so many levels.

For Peter Kapistran Mwaiseghe, he flouts the constitution and the parties’ Recognition Agreements too, since management staff are not supposed to be involved in Union affairs according to the rules of engagement in the trade union industry.

One question, why is he (Peter Kapistran) a union official?

For all it is, these matters, seemingly laughable, are unlawful and should be cause for concern. Kubai operates like a Sicilian mafia, guarded by corrupt judges and regulators who don’t care to associate with a man who has flouted almost all the rules of the Union he founded in mid 1980s.
Isn’t it time to go?

Apart from propers, the Kingsmen who prop him up, the guy has raped BIFU’s constitution. Besides misappropriation of funds, members accused Kubai of altering the Union’s constitution to extend his tenure in office, nepotism, non-disclosure of the list of BIFU members and use of non-members, such as Mr. Kapistran Mwaiseghe, to further his goals.

BIFU document:Fridah Makokha resigned November 2018.

‘’Our secretary general has led BIFU from 1986 to date. He single handedly amended a clause in the union’s constitution that required officials to relinquish their seats after hitting 65 years. No credible election has been held throughout his reign,’’ a group opposed to Kubai’s impunity said

As the unlawful tenure continues, the workers he represents through BIFU; those who pay Kshs. over 7 million per month to BIFU; those who need his services the most, gowing by the growing number of lay-offs in the financial industry even as this site has revealed through the Documenting Unemployment series, are the ones who suffer the most.

Next we continue coverage of Kubai’s unlawful Reign. Don’t forget the name Peter Kapistran Mwaiseghe, we shall be naming others in subsequent posts.


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