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Drake Siblings: Does the Rapper Have a Sister?

Drake, a highly successful rapper with Grammy wins and a global following, has a fascinating family history.

Learn about his siblings, family members, his biological father, and the origin of his name in this article.

An image of Drake and Raemiah Julianna
Raemiah Julianna With Brother Drake Source: Ask


Does Drake Have Any Siblings?

The answer to this question remains elusive, as Drake has never officially confirmed or refuted the existence of any siblings.

Nonetheless, there have been persistent rumors and conjectures suggesting that Drake might have a half-sister from his father’s side, who goes by the name Raemiah Julianna.

An image of Dennis Graham with his daughter
Dennis Graham with his daughter Source: childhoodbiography.com


These rumors first surfaced back in 2015 when Drake shared several Instagram photos in which he referred to Raemiah as his “sister.”

Their close bond and striking resemblance fueled speculation among fans that they might share a blood relationship.

However, contrasting reports emerged asserting that Raemiah was not Drake’s biological sister but possibly a close friend or cousin.

Subsequently, Raemiah made her Instagram account private, and Drake has refrained from public mentions of her.

Consequently, it remains plausible that Drake and Raemiah share a platonic or familial relationship rather than being biological siblings.

Who Are Drake’s Family Members?

Drake entered this world on October 24, 1986, within the vibrant city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, born to Sandi and Dennis Graham.

Sandi Graham, his mother, is a Jewish Canadian, renowned for her roles as both an English teacher and a talented florist.


In contrast, his father, Dennis Graham, hails from African American heritage and made his mark as a skilled drummer, collaborating with various musicians, among them the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis.

The fateful union of Drake’s parents took place during the 1980s at a lively club in Toronto, culminating in their marriage shortly thereafter.

Nonetheless, their love story took a different turn, leading to their separation when Drake was a mere five years old.

Following their split, Drake found his home with his mother in Toronto, while his father embarked on a journey back to his roots in Memphis, Tennessee.

Within his extended family, Drake can count two uncles who have carved their own niches within the music industry.

Larry Graham, a gifted bassist and vocalist, left his indelible mark as a member of Sly and the Family Stone and the founder of Graham Central Station.

On the other hand, Teenie Hodges, a virtuoso guitarist and songwriter, collaborated with luminaries like Al Green and various other soulful artists.

Additionally, Drake has alluded to the presence of cousins and other relatives in both Memphis and Toronto.

However, their identities and backgrounds remain shrouded in relative obscurity.

Who Is Drake’s Biological Father?

Drake’s biological father, Dennis Graham, hails from Memphis, Tennessee, born on September 20, 1954.

He grew up in a household steeped in musical traditions and developed his drumming skills at a young age.

His journey in the music industry led him to collaborate with notable artists like Jerry Lee Lewis, Isaac Hayes, Al Green, and Willie Mitchell.

In the 1980s, fate brought Dennis to Toronto, where he was performing with his band at a local club.


It was there that he crossed paths with Sandi Graham, and their love blossomed, culminating in marriage.

Together, they welcomed a son named Aubrey Drake Graham into the world.

However, their marital union proved short-lived, and they separated when Drake was just five years old.

Dennis returned to Memphis, while Sandi and Drake remained in Toronto.

Throughout Drake’s upbringing, he endured a strained relationship with his father, largely due to Dennis’ struggles with drug addiction and legal issues, which frequently kept him away from his son’s life.

Drake openly expressed his feelings of resentment and disappointment towards his father in some of his songs, including “Look What You’ve Done,” “From Time,” and “You & The 6.”

Over time, though, they managed to reconcile and rebuild their bond.

Dennis even made appearances in some of Drake’s music videos, such as “Worst Behavior” and “Started From the Bottom.”

He also became a supportive figure in his son’s career, celebrating Drake’s accomplishments and success.

Furthermore, Dennis pursued his own musical aspirations, releasing singles and collaborating with fellow artists.

Why Did Drake’s Parents Name Him Aubrey?

Drake’s birth name is Aubrey Drake Graham, and it was inspired by his father’s middle name, Aubrey.

His father’s choice of this name stemmed from both his admiration for its uniqueness and his desire to bestow a distinctive and memorable name upon his son.

Nevertheless, Drake himself has openly admitted that he wasn’t fond of his first name during his upbringing, as he believed it didn’t quite align with his personality.

Instead, he gravitated toward his middle name, Drake, finding it to be a more fitting and masculine moniker.

Additionally, he appreciated the name’s significance, representing a dragon or male duck.

It was ultimately as Drake that he embraced his stage name when embarking on his rap career.


Drake, a globally renowned rapper, has an intriguing family history, including a potential half-sister named Raemiah.

He also has musical uncles Larry Graham and Teenie Hodges, and a complex relationship with his father, Dennis Graham, a drummer with a history of drug addiction.

Born Aubrey, he prefers to go by his middle name, Drake. These are lesser-known facts about his family.

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