The Remarkable Journey of Sandi and Dennis Graham as Drake’s Parents

From their individual professions to the tattoos he bears as a tribute to them, discover the essential details about Sandi and Dennis Graham, who are Drake‘s parents.

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Drake’s Parents

Drake’s career reflects his parents’ influence.

drake parents
Sandi and Dennis Graham as Drake’s Parents. source: people


Born to a Canadian teacher and Memphis musician.

Raised primarily by his mother, Sandi Sher.

Parents met at a Toronto nightclub.

They separated when Drake was 5.

Dennis moved to the U.S.

Drake was shuttled between Toronto and Memphis.

Drake acknowledges his parents’ co-parenting struggles.

Learning from their experiences as he co-parents his son.

Drake values lessons on patience and unconditional love.

Despite ups and downs, his parents support each other.

Dennis celebrated Sandi’s 75th birthday with Drake and their grandson.

Discover who Sandi and Dennis Graham are.

Explore their relationship with Drake


Drake’s dad is also a musician

Previously, Dennis Graham played drums for his band, Dennis Graham and the North Memphis Band, and even for Jerry Lee Lewis.

With a music career spanning decades, he shifted gears in 2016, transitioning to an R&B-style singer-songwriter.

In 2016, he released his debut single, “Kinda Crazy,” along with an accompanying music video.

Over time, he recorded additional tracks. On Father’s Day in 2021, he surprised fans with “Father and Son,” a song celebrating his unbreakable bond with Drake.

In one part of the song, he sings, “A father and son will always understand each other’s heart/ And they’ll always sit together/ Until it’s all said and done/ So there’s nothing/ No, there’s nothing in the world/ Like a love between a father and son.”

Regarding the music industry, Dennis has imparted the value of humility to Drake.

However, he acknowledges that otherwise, Drake has independently forged his path.”

I initially believed I’d need to support him,” Dennis revealed to Fader in 2016, reflecting on Drake’s ascent to superstardom.

“I felt the need to ensure he wasn’t being exploited or facing any challenges.”

However, he quickly realized Drake’s self-sufficiency.

“He displayed remarkable intelligence in his actions, comprehending each move he made,” Dennis remarked.

“That eliminated any concerns I had about him. I’m delighted about that

Drake is a mama’s boy

Drake’s deep love for his mother is evident in his lyrics and social media posts.

In 2022, he gifted her custom sneakers inscribed with ‘Love you forever,’ inspired by a childhood book.

Drake expressed his admiration for his ‘incredible mother’ and cherished their simple moments.

In July 2023, during a Madison Square Garden performance, Drake invited Sandi on stage and serenaded her with ‘Look What You’ve Done,’ a tribute to their family. In fan recordings, Sandi appeared visibly moved, holding back tears during the touching moment.

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