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Everyone Wants A Piece Of Nyakundi Only Because He Commented On Janet Mbugua’s Old Marriage Age

CAPTION: Nyakundi has been trending all because he said that Janet Mbugua is old. What’s the harm in that? 

The biggest contradiction of our time is on one hand, we desire freedom of expression but only within limit of political-correctness. Almost like the irony of Kenya’s “free” media which has failed to use this freedom to foster positive change, and have consciously chosen to get in bed with status-quo, in exchange for money from advertisements. Is Nyakundi out of control? No, the only problem is I’m just not in their control.

When it comes to acutely polarising content, Kenyans have experienced their fair share of it. We have seen mainstream media elevate obscure commercial sex workers to stardom, and even turned them in “entrepreneurs” (unbelievable shit) but when men create a support mechanism that addresses the institutional emasculation of our gender, then feminists and gays turn into a lynch-mob.

Did Janet Mbugua get married when her sexual market value had diminished? Ofcourse. Anyone above 27 (considering that it takes a minimum of three years for courtship) is definitely a spent-cartridge and any man consciously choosing to settle with one, is doing the woman an immense favour. However feminists would have us believe that the “quality” woman is the one who is older or more accomplished career-wise, which is all a lie.

If a man can wait until his maturation develops, his achievements are more actualized and his SMV peaks at 38-40, equalism says “why shouldn’t you Man-Girl?” Women want to be men. This is what 60+ years of feminization has taught women is valuable, and taught men to accommodate. Since men’s SMV generally (Sexual Market Value) peaks around 38, women needed a social convention that would also make their sexual peak coincide with men’s. Thus we read the endless articles about sexual peak inflating older women’s sexual prowess above that of the 22 year old ‘girl-children’ men manifestly prefer for sexual partners. Equalism enforces the delusion that if men are at their most desirable at later stages of life, then so too must be wo-MEN.

The list here below ranks women in a point-system, their value based on age-group. This is the REAL value of a woman because they operate on something a biological-clock. Anyone telling otherwise is trying to sell you something.

15 to 16 years old: +5 points
17 to 20 years old: +10 points
21 to 25 years old: +8 points
26 to 29 years old: +3 point
30 to 33 years old: 0 points
33 to 36 years old: -1 point
37 to 40 years old: -5 points
41 to 45 years old: -8 points
46 to 49 years old: -10 points
over 49: you’ve hit the wall.

On some level most women DO realize that their true market value is low and declining by the time they hit 30, but with their ego’s being completely out of check and all it doesn’t take much for them to backslide into a comfortable cloud of illusion. The facebook, Instagram and comments keep their waning confidence alive, especially in this age of filters, weaves and cosmetics.

The real comedy is that this, well-past-the-Wall, 35+ year-old woman, (whose career and prosperity depend upon her maintaining her status as an aging spinster complaining about men’s inability to meet her contrived standards) is still planning out her idealized future happiness like a teenage girl after graduating high school. After reading this excellent article though, you will now see this age dishonesty is a CONSCIOUS strategy to artificially prolong women’s SMV (Sexual Market Value).

Actually women have developed a LJBF (let’s just be friends) mechanism where BETA or Blue Pill men are kept in a zone gravitating around her imperative, as she shares her body and goods with ALPHA or Red Pill men. This is what many of you commonly refer to as the hoe-phase. Being the gate-keepers to sexual intercourse, women exploit their youth to “sample” as much dick as they can.

The first obstacle men have to get over is that LJBFs are rejections. They are not genuine offers of some kind of enduring friendship. Men get a LJBF (let’s just be friends) rejection because of a process. These are the “friends first” mindset guys; the guys who put far too much emphasis on a solitary woman and wait her out until the perfect moment to attempt to escalate to intimacy, at which point her most comfortable rejection (Buffer) is to LJBF.

To find women going past age 30 comfortably knowing that there’s a pool of available men even past 35, just shows how Kenyan men are losing the plot. They’re not even listening to their own mothers who advise against such endeavours, because many of them got married and started building their homes in their teenage or early 20’s years.

Yesterday I only saw a picture on the gram, of an extremely hot, carefree Janet Mbugua. At 22, I’m sure she was such a pleasant person to be around, full of life, yearning for adventure and the endless possibilities that her education could provide. For any man, that’s the best time to be with a woman. When life is a spontaneous and random adventure.

But look at her social media posts today. She’s got such depressing posts such as spiritual teachings, motivational quotes, which are basically her hind-brain coming to the reality with her age and motherhood duties. Why should a nigger bog himself down with such baggage? Look at William Ruto’s wife for instance. She’s reached a point in her life where she prays a lot, kneeling down in public, which might give the impression that she’s facing domestic turmoil. Yet Ruto looks younger and younger everyday.

And this is the typical woman’s cycle. At some point, she gets more spiritual, emotional, reflective as she grows older. The trick is to ensure that she does that after you spend a considerable amount of time with her in her good years when she was care-free and full of life. This is the difference between Sexual Market Value and Biological Clock. While a woman may still look hot like Beyonce at Age 35, you can tell that she is confronting her insecurities as a wife and mother, because at her age, those issues begin to take prominence as opposed to looks.

Similarly while Janet Mbugua may look physically OK, the mental alignment with her biological clock, means that she will find herself trying to get in-touch with her spiritual or feminist conditioning, as a buffer to confronting the reality that she’s actually getting old. It’s the reason why women in that age group constantly post motivational quotes on their social-media accounts, women who you may have know to have been rioters in their youthful past.

Look at Grace Msalame for instance. She is confused between being a motivational speaker or preacher from her social media posts. Why? She became a mother too soon a role that she should have enjoyed had she made good choices in her youth. Now she’s the mother of twins and her baby-daddy is rocking-up with another woman. Whether you believe it or not, this is a significant reality for her, as she ponders on what she might have done wrong. In this state of vulnerability, motivational quotes, feminist ideology and spiritual scriptures become a safe haven and a mechanism for escapism.

For men, you don’t need to be around a woman once she gets to this phase of life. Her fears and insecurities are alert, as she questions some of her past decisions. Especially today’s loud & abrasive feminist. Get yourself a young chic and guarantee yourself a minimum of 15 years of good sex, unhinged spontaneity, and just a girl full of life and humour. Someone who doesn’t catch feelings easily.

That’s my free advise to you.

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