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Evidence of Fraud: What’s EACC waiting for in the cases of forged academic certificate at the Geothermal Development Company?

PHOTO CAPTION: Jared O. Othieno, Managing Director, Geothermal Development Company (GDC)

EACC has put all civil servants under scrutiny due to cases and reports of forged academic certificates.

At the Geothermal Development Company (GDC), the case is no different. General Manager, Human resources has been protecting all that have fake academic papers. It’s now clear she hired members of families of GDC management without papers. Her family members are the undisputed leaders in holding fake certificates, big positions and salaries beyond their wage bands for the said job groups.

GM Human Resource and Administration is know for all evils in the organization. From hiring young boys without secondary education and using them as sex pets to keep their jobs. One case is of an Administrative Officer who purely had no papers and earning over Ksh 200,000 pm. Not to mention the land she duped the Young man to sell to her their matrimonial house in Karen after the demise of the Young man’s mother.

The Chronicles of Irene Nyaboke are wide spread that if an award for Corruption, Nepotism, Abuse of Office, Funds Misappropriation and Sex scandals are anything to go by. Ranging from taking Men  for check-up to her Gynaecologist husband, Doctoring Staff NHIF preferred Hospitals, Sleeping with Young men in the organization (Sexual harassments), wrongful dismissal of staff and restating them, unfair treatment of Staff, just to mention but a few.

Evidence 1 – GDC

It would be of great interest if EACC and Asset recovery would dig deep to establish the source of her wealth. An officer who takes her Kids to St. Andrew’s Turi.

The GM Human Resource and Administration was involved in the early set of the Organization pension scheme, where reports indicate it’s during the period between 2010 and 2018 where the scheme lost a lot of Money.

Despite hiring her family members without papers, the family exercises impunity under her protection. A senior Officer was nabbed stealing relief food but the case never saw the light of the day due to her protection. Early last month the niece was nabbed on cameras on a daily basis stealing hospitality materials the same never saw the light of the day.

Currently, the exercise of verification of academic papers is facing interference Irene Nyaboke and Eng Jared who are out to protect their Kinsmen and cronies, of importance to note is that the Human Resource audit done by the former General Manager is still available and he can witness in a court of law. Irene Onyambu and former GM Human resources and Administration were swiped positions when it become clear that the former GM was out to clear and sue all with fake papers.

“Forgery of academic certificates has become prevalent in the public service. This is not only a crime but also a violation of Chapter 6 of the Constitution. EACC should investigate Geothermal Development Company Ltd together with surcharge to the GM Human Resource and Administration.

Evidence 2 – GDC

The disciplinary process in dealing with fake papers at GDC has been marred with interference from the office of the MD and CEO. It’s evident that GDC is headed by educated thieves. In November 2019 disciplinary proceedings of former Union Branch Secretary on Fake papers commenced, a result of reshuffle of the HR docket since Eng Jared together with the Chairperson disciplinary committee one Paul K. Ngugi were out to protect the former Branch Secretary. This are the leaders that the organization enjoys both at the Institution and at the Board of Trustees where both Irene Onyambu and Paul K. Ngugi sit despite the two being on contract terms and enjoying Gratuity they have mastered the art of colluding with Eng Jared to delay pension remittances, interfere with pension affairs and threaten any voice of reason that challenges matters pension.

Geothermal Development Company is too broke to the extent of grounding company equipments for minor services of Ksh 200,000 and leaving the equipments in the field to be vandalized and robbed.

The state of the company vehicles is messy with the corrupt Eng Jared disposing the nice fleet to politicians and his cronies instead of rehabilitating them. Notably is a bus that is currently being used in campaigns in Nakuru town.

READ: “DCI ni watu kama sisi na wako na njaa. Hii ni kitu kidogo” – GDC staff heard saying after corruption exposés

At the Camps, we constantly miss basic necessities like soap, tissue and water. While our leader are on foreign trips with an advance and entertainment allowance.

The leadership of Eng Jared has been so messy, misusing taxpayers money. We request a Task force be formed to investigate The senior Management of GDC.

The Human Resource instruments have been abused to the core. We see ourselves having Graduate Engineers supervising Practicing Engineers. The General Manager Drilling & Infrastructure is a Graduate Engineer and it’s expected Practicing Engineers to wait on instructions from the General Manager who together with his managers are all Graduate Engineers.

Evidence 3 – GDC

At GDC Staff face skewed career progression guidelines under the leadership of Corrupt Othieno and a Food Technology graduate who sums up as a General Manager Human Resource and Administration. Today, Deputy Managers and Principal Officers have been in acting positions for over 6 years. Recently there was a tag of war with the Eng Othieno when he wanted Deputy Managers and Principal officers to sign acting positions without acting allowances. Word has it that the CEO is so incompetent and biased that he has changed some pioneer Managers terms from permanent to Contract, whereas those that sing to his tune remain on permanent and pensionable terms.

Eng Jared formed a committee chaired by a Graduate Engineer General Manager Paul Ngugi to look onto sale of steam at Kengen Olkaria. Paul a former engineer at Kengen colluded with Kengen to have GDC steam diverted to Kengen denying GDC revenues of over 18billion annually. Engineers who discovered this and raised alarm have now been reassigned duties as the case on the matter continues with Kengen bargaining for an out of Court settlement. Paul is a smart talker and boot licker that he has earned the protection of certain Board members of the Organization.

Paul just like Irene is a womaniser, that at one time he replaced two members of staff (An environment officer and a Planning officer) meant to represent the organization outside the country with his name and a lady companion .


Eng Jared is so hungry and corrupt that he has been pushing for the payment of an irregular  procurement of a Management Information system. In the said procurement of a company by names Teckno International was initiated in 2014. To date all former CEOs have seen it as a hot potato and avoided it. But with the greed of Eng Jared, he presented a board paper on this with the intention to pay for services never delivered inorder to get his cut in the process.

All the procurements that have happened under the watch of Eng Jared regime majority have been cancelled or re-tendered following his interferences. He has interfered with even drilling cement that the Company now buys packed cement that doesn’t meet the threshold of drilling cement and cement additives. The worry is that soon Kenyans might be seeing collapse of Geothermal wells.

Since GDC started procuring cement in Bags, majority of the cement sees its way in private construction sites of individuals in the Drilling Management and the corrupt Eng Jared’s circles, to be specific Mr Reuben Kyalo Ngosi who is completing a multistory building worth around 200M.

Evidence 4 – GDC

Eng Jared Othieno cannot accept any voice of reason to ask matters pension or any query see the light of the day. He has pushed for the Transfer of an technical Engineer in geophysics and well sitting in the exploration fields to be based in Nairobi property management to handle electrical repairs and maintenance. The said Engineer is romoured to have questioned something in the Pension scheme last week, two days later he received a transfer letter to resume work in Nairobi on 1st August against the Human resources manual and the guiding CBA for Union which we dearly pay for monthly. Transfers are supposed to allow us a 1month transfer notice.

The Intimidation tactics that Eng Jared and the two General Managers who happen to be trustees of the pension scheme are using has now worried us as staff and we can no longer work or freely talk/engage at ease

The rot in GDC continues to dig deeper than expected. In 2020 when Eng Jared discovered his Nairobi kitusuru house acquired through mortgage from his Kplc pension will be auctioned  he approved a blanket mileage for Senior Management staff together with a car grant of a Ksh 5m and a monthly blanket mileage of Ksh 100,000. This was to replace the monthly perdiems the crooks had in place for themselves. Of importance to note is that despite awarding themselves these allowance they continuously claim mileage illegally while using the company vehicles. This was Eng Jared Othieno’s scheme to secure favours from all Senior Management when he so-called them to sign-off his corrupt deals!

We need to see the full force of EACC, DCI, Asset recovery and RBA at force

The former chairman of the pension scheme was also overheard saying “DCI ni watu kama sisi na wako na wako na Njaa kutuliko hii ni kitu kidogo” The question now is “Can the DCI truly be compromised?”

Our plea to DCI Kinoti and EACC is have these bodies move swiftly and investigate the Rot at GDC

This email was copied to the following: EIK Instute of Engineers, IHRM Institute of HR Managers, EACC, DCI, Ombudsman, RBA, Asset Recovery Agency, PS Energy and CS Energy.

Evidence 5 – GDC

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