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Evidence That This Website Is Having A Serious Impact In Kenya Is Attached


Caption: Quote on exceptionalism by the United States President, whereas in Kenya, the Presidency has entrenched mediocrity, tribalism and bullying of exceptional individuals in the country, a by-product of the flawed 8-4-4 system.


There exists tangible evidence showing that this website is making a difference in Kenya. And despite the fact that both President Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are fabulously corrupt, many other sectors in Kenya are also in dire need of intervention by way of exposure.

Our hard-hitting opinions are intentionally drafted with a view to disputing constructs propagated by those who control the mainstream media. Doesn’t it baffle you when all mainstream media outlets ran near-identical news articles and editorials without any alternative viewpoint?

This is the reason why we have consistently requested employers to shun graduates from the mediocre Daystar University because the calibre of journalists that have been graduating leave a lot to be desired. Their thinking isn’t analytical. And their output is grossly compromised with little or no research.

Mediocre institutions like Daystar University became an extension of the redundant 8-4-4 system as espoused by the Former President Daniel Arap Moi, who wanted Kenya to be a nation of slaves that follow the paths laid out by the ruling and corporate elite, without question. So journalists have become today’s celebrities and managed to draw focus onto themselves and not the issues at hand.

Tv Channels have even gone ahead to sell sex in a bid to dramatise news, where hoe’s or ladies of suspicious sexual indoctrination masquerading as anchors, use the newsroom as a fashion catwalk, parading their wares to a largely helpless rural mass of Kenyans, contravening every journalistic procedure and glamorising a very serious activity.

All other international news outlets do not show anything below the waist but Kenyan media owners who are should all be in jail, continue to exploit sex appeal in a cheap attempt at driving sales for their key news bulletins. Media owners in Kenya can also be described as perverts for allowing this horrible behaviour to take root in Kenya.

Like we singled out advertising as having died at the hands of the biggest player ScanGroup, where employment is largely based on cronyism or sex, the media establishment has also overseen a general neglect forcing owners to be comfortable with shoving Nigerian movies, Mexican soap-operas and sketchy local programming down our throats. It’s a deliberate effort at dumbing-down the Kenyan population.

Due to the suspicious education being offered in so-called institutions of higher learning, we urge employers who require results to completely do away with the university degree requirement, like large recruiters e.g. Google and Ernst & Young who have announced that degree’s won’t no longer be the main criteria for employment.

Employers need to move from generic human resource algorithms where mediocre HR practitioners like @GicheruGicheru sit in their offices, achieving sexual response by self-stimulation, whilst spending days on end, ranting on social media whilst taunting their would-be future employee’s and pretending to be better/superior than them by using bully-tactics.

Companies need to invest in talent scouts, who go out of their way to search, identify and nurture exceptional talent, without no inhibitions or personal interests, in the same manner that foreign agents scout for the best athletes in the country.

In America for instance, the system has been built to elevate those who are exceptional in any field while in Kenya it’s the opposite. Those who are exceptional in Kenya are largely booed down by pretenders, a by-product of the flawed 8-4-4 system that targeted and criminalised exceptionalism.

President Barack Obama has hosted the most exceptional individuals at the White House, from Hip Hop gurus like Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, to top sports legends like Steph Curry. He has also hosted kids like Ahmed who made a clock, to the blind brilliant Harvard-educated lawyer. In Kenya it’s the direct opposite; Statehouse has become a epicentre of mediocrity that has cemented tribalism, hate-speech and stifled any form of exceptionalism even when it doesn’t threaten the status-quo.

Barack Obama never tires to say that “exceptionalism is what makes America great” something which other countries fail to see. In Kenya we have institutionalised mediocrity that begins from the top and spreads like a malignant cancer to permeate all sectors of the economy. Reason why Kenyan educated human resource is not globally competitive.

May we endeavour to elevate the most exceptional individuals in Kenya. I as Cyprian Nyakundi am exceptional because I have gone out of my way to create this platform for everyone to benefit from, including those who choose to insult and denigrate, in a bid to massage their low self-esteem. It’s a by-product of the 8-4-4 system.

For instance we recently ran a piece about Tusky’s Supermarket and worker’s rights, where an attendant was made to sit for hours on an improvised chair. This is a supermarket chain where siblings are treating the country to petty sideshows instead of increasing the company’s value. We are glad our piece got acted on.
Caption: Mainstream media in Kenya have been reduced to flower-girls, who react to what has been posted on social media, like this Tusky’s article.

We also ran a piece where we boldly said that the Kenya Government was diverting attention from their corruption using refugee’s as pawns. We cautioned President Uhuru Kenyatta not to blackmail the international community using refugee’s.

Because Uhuru is a serial blunderer who thrives in chaos and disorder, he endorsed every loose-tongue statement that his hopeless Interior CS Joseph Nkaissery has made, showing Kenyans his usual contempt for fact and logic, just as he signed a flawed doping bill into law, whilst assuming that he can arm-twist the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), as they did to the ICC.

We are glad that former Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim picked our cue and called out the Jubilee regime for blackmailing the international community using refugees.

Caption: Newspaper article where Farah Maalim followed our cue and called out Jubilee nincompoops for using refugee’s as pawns to solicit more donor money.
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