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EX Ashut Engineering LTD Staff confirms Worker Mistreatment And Tax Evasion

CAPTION: Ashut Engineers Ltd Director Mr Mehul Shah

Hide ID. That column you wrote about Ashut Engineers, I’m an ex-staff. I was in the Engineering division. Micromanagement at its best. In fact as people in factories think life is easy for those in the office, life isn’t. I was in business development. Every Thursday Kuna meetings with directors 5 of them plus a consultant called Deepak.

Deepak is the brain behind mistreatment and trashing people. Imagine you presenting and he calls your presentation trash, he even tells you to go back to school…yaani, yet you are there with your fellow heads of department. There’s this useless Luo HR called Manasseh earning 400k with a diploma from a polytechnic in Kisumu, they use him to frustrate people and fire them.

Employee Oppression At Ashut Engineers Ltd

They fire any human resource who has a degree and tries to work according to labour ethics of Kenya, they use Manasseh to fire you…in a span of a year, Kate, Ronald, Fred.. different HRs in Engineering fired. Those fools are cruel.. Deepak I don’t know if he is even working in Kenya legally. His company accreatives has no website.

His wife’s business food and us has no even KRA pin. He is paid in US dollars. 2m per month. His work is to belittle your efforts. Blacks are paid less, but when they hire an Indian even without qualifications, he is given a car and more than 400k.

Minesh knows how to call people mother chute (fuck your mum) And remind you how you know nothing. Mehul is another fool, he will remind you that without him you would be selling sweets and cigars. One time they decided to fire all the staff in the showroom because they refused to work on Sunday without a review of salary.

Once you hit targets they find ways of stealing your commission. Rupesh sleeps with ladies and gives them a big salary..then the rest who he can’t sleep with, you will be abused in those meetings like shit. A very big company dealing with multinationals like Total, Rubies, Vivo, Wrigles, Delmonte, cooperative bank etc.. These institutions need to boycott Ashut. Why should they fire heads of the union?? That company almost made me lose my sanity

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