Exorbitant Billing and Racist Treatment at Palm Beach Hospital

Palm Beach Hospital Diani
An unsettling incident at Palm Beach Hospital has ignited a wave of outrage due to allegations of exorbitant billing practices and racial discrimination towards patients.

A shocking incident at Palm Beach Hospital, Diani, has raised concerns about exorbitant billing and alleged racist treatment towards foreigners.

A father, identified as a foreigner visiting Diani Beach, brought his sick 4-year-old son to the hospital for treatment on June 8th.

What was meant to be a routine medical visit turned into a distressing ordeal for the family.

According to the family, they arrived at Palm Beach Hospital at 10-11 A.M. and consulted with a doctor who ordered tests for the child’s condition.

The hospital staff collected urine and blood samples from the child twice and proceeded to conduct the necessary tests.

While waiting for the results, the family was taken to a room, and the child was given paracetamol to alleviate his fever.

The test results revealed that the child had a bacterial infection, but the family was denied access to view the results.

The hospital administered medication intravenously to the child, and the family was discharged between 5-6 P.M. on the same day.

On June 9th, the family returned to the hospital at 9 A.M. for the second dose of treatment but left at around 11 A.M. after declining admission, which was being forced upon them.

They came back at 2 P.M. as the child was still in distress, experiencing vomiting and severe pain.

After waiting over 30 minutes, the child was given additional medication without proper explanation.

The family requested the bill and was shocked to discover a total amounting to 970 USD (approximately Ksh 133,000/=).

Seeking clarification on the breakdown of the charges, they were met with hostility and were denied access to the requested information.

Frustrated, they contacted a Kenyan friend who attempted to intervene by requesting to speak with the hospital’s director, Dr. Koteck, of Indian origin.

To their dismay, the encounter with Dr. Koteck escalated rapidly, with allegations of disrespectful and racist behavior.

The director reportedly made derogatory remarks and threatened the Kenyan friend, asserting his authority and dismissing any concerns raised about the excessive charges.

Following a heated exchange, the Kenyan friend left the hospital, and the foreigners were presented with a revised invoice totaling 862.98 USD (after a discount of 43.15 USD).

The family paid a sum of Ksh 114,202 but was denied an official receipt.

Instead, they were instructed to make the payment via a private M-PESA number rather than the hospital’s official PayBill.


Palm Beach Hospital Invoice 2

Adding to the distress, despite paying a substantial sum for medical services, the health of the family’s child has shown no signs of improvement.

This unforeseen circumstance compelled the family to seek alternative medical attention at another facility.


Palm Beach Hospital

Palm Beach Hospital

In light of these alarming revelations, calls for immediate action have emerged, urging the Medical Practitioners Board to conduct a thorough investigation.

The allegations of inflated billing and the reported instances of racism displayed by Dr. Koteck demand urgent attention and appropriate measures.

Critics argue that the hospital’s reluctance to provide receipts raises concerns about potential tax evasion, undermining the government’s ongoing efforts to enforce tax compliance effectively.

This situation prompts questions about the efficacy of the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) in overseeing businesses of this nature and highlights the need for intervention by the Ministry of Health.

The affected family’s hope rests on an impartial medical expert reviewing the charges to ascertain whether Dr. Koteck took advantage of their vulnerable situation.

Justice is sought not only for the exorbitant fees but also for the racist treatment endured during their distressing experience at Palm Beach Hospital.

As public attention turns to the management of Palm Beach Hospital, the urgent necessity for enhanced oversight within the healthcare industry becomes glaringly apparent.

These are demands for accountability, transparency, and equitable treatment for both local residents and foreign visitors.

Despite repeated attempts to obtain a comment, Dr. Koteck remains unavailable at the time of reporting.

This blog remains committed to monitoring the progress of this developing story and will provide updates as new information comes to light.

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