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From Whistleblower To Extortionist, The Metamorphosis of Robert Alai

A Kenyan of goodwill recently emailed us, pointing out one glaring discrepancy in Robert Alai’s blog KahawaTungu. He claimed that an article which the website broke last year, with regards to an Aston Martin that former Devolution Cabinet Secretary Anne Waiguru’s son posted on social media, is now missing. Upon investigations, we indeed verified that the article was pulled down.

Speculation has been rife that Robert Alai has morphed into an extortionist, or completely disinterested in exposé’s sent to him by sources, especially if they don’t have the prospect of financial recompense. His recent performance at Jeff Koinange’s bench turned into one Evans Kidero defense session, with the anchor being quoted as saying that he won’t be inviting him again.

The article in question is attached below the screenshots to shot that the article had once been tweeted, but is unavailable upon clicking the link. Sources claim that Alai was paid off handsomely by the disgraced former CS, who oversaw a heist of billions of shillings, together with co-conspirators Mutahi Ngunyi, Ben Gethi, Kipchumba Murkomen and Aden Duale.

Indeed we are recently informed that Murkomen has acquired a helicopter yet months before he assumed office as Senator, he travelled by public transport.  A thief of the highest order.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.32.46 PM

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.33.04 PM

Article by Robert Alai as it appeared on

So questions have been asked about the Aston Martin valued at Ksh 15million which Robert Alai linked to Ian Waiguru. The story is getting interesting.

Apparently the unearthing of the Aston Martin might lead Kenyans to the real conduits in the looting of Devolution and Planning Ministry.

The key individuals here are Karani Nyamu and Luke Ouko.

Both individuals are the directors of a company called Verve KO Limited.

The company has been getting most of the IT related tenders at the devolution ministry.

Here is a link to a Ksh 650 million Enterprise Data Warehouse tender Verve KO has with the Finance Ministry.

The Aston Martin is actually not owned by Waigurus son (Ian Waiguru, 19) but by Waiguru’s business associate Karani Nyamu of Verve KO.

They have two contracts in IFMIS eProcurement project of 2B and 600M, KRA of 1B, Huduma 1.5B, NYS 500M, and the yet to be launched Huduma card where Govt revenue will be shared.

Contracts have been inflated as she is clever and insists on EOI process where they eliminate major threats.

Later in the two stage RFP, games are played such that only her companies which are managed and her interests are represented by proxies, make it to financial opening. There is only two Aston Martinports cars in Kenya. Both are owned by Directors of Verve KO.

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 12.36.58 PM

One by Karani Nyamu and the other by Luke Ouko. The cars have been photographed parked in the basement parking of Delta Towers Westlands where their offices are. Cars is only a small portion of the unexplained massive wealth. If you dig deeper into Anne Waiguru’s world of murky business, it will lead you right onto the door of President Uhuru.

You will also discover the massive real estate developments in Ruaka, Ruiru and Syokimau etc by the same duo who have been her front since IFMIS days. Luke Ouko and Anne Waiguru knows some dirty secrets of the President which few would dare touch on. That’s why it will be hard to do away with him.

But the admission by Waiguru’s son is one of the clear indicators that the owner of the car and her family is one business group.

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