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Gachagua Rigathi: Moi Era Operative Behind The Retrogressive Computer And Cyber-Crime Bill Revealed

There have been radical efforts to silence the Kenyan online community and old-age politicians have been spending sleepless nights coming up with mischevious ways to sneak in a law that will protect them from critic after  criminal defamation was declared unconstitutional.

Many Bloggers had suffered under the criminal defamation law that was used to bully, harass and intimidate Kenyans giving their views online.

Justice JM Mativo declared that Section 194 of the Penal Code is indeed incompatible with the Kenya Constitution, on the grounds that criminal libel is an unjustifiable limitation of freedom of expression. The court found that the prospect of criminal proceedings and a jail term of up to 2 years for defamation was unnecessary, excessive and unjustifiable in an open and democratic society, and the law creates a disproportionate limit on freedom of expression.

Caption: Karatina blogger Martha Wanjiru who was arrested in 2016 after Governor Nderitu Gachagua’s brother, Rigathi Gachagua colluded with CID . Gachagua has bribed MPs and he is the force behind the Computer and Cyber Crime Bill meant to return Kenya to the dark days when Kenyans freedom of expression was limited. 

It is better we know the man behind the Cyber crime Bill further so that all Bloggers and online users can fight back

Gachagua Rigathi, the bisexual Mathira MP is without doubt one of the most hated politicians in Central Kenya right now, both by other politicians and those who have encountered his treacherous political and business trudge. But this time, Rigathi has perhaps bitten more than he can swallow and like the Ibo say, if you know your anus is small, you don’t swallow cola nut. Rigathi has swallowed a coconut and his arsSe has started to itch.

He has taken on William Ruto and he is telling anyone who cares to listen that he will ensure he goes nowhere, unless he speaks to Gachagua Rigathi quickly. I have fixed serious people, try me, her has been quoted saying.

Gachagus is a treacherous man and he didn’t start this yesterday. He can sell his own mother for money. He says that when William Ruto was busy singing CU songs at the University Chapel and trying to impress Rachel, he was busy making deals with Moi the professor of politics and professor Mbithi the University of Nairobi Vice-chancellor of the late 80s. And it is true.

You see in those day, Moi kept the student body divided by bribing students to form tribal associations broken down to the village level. Gachagua Rigathi was the leader of one of those village students associations , Mathira Students Association , a breakaway from the Nyeri District Association. No ne would vote Gachagua Rigathi as their student leader in Nyeri when there were inspirational names like Gacheche wa Miano to remember. Gachagua’s Mathira Student association was a vehicle for only one purpose; Visit Moi at night, get bribes and once the money was handed over to Gachagus as the Chair he would disappear in the pitch of the night to his village in Hiriga and lie low until other officials forgot or joined another group, back to statehouse for more public funds.  That is where Gachagua Rigathi germinated his appetite to public money and land. And it is a family thing.

Caption: Rigathi Gachagua is the loud-mouthed Member Of Parliament pushing the Anti-Cyber Crime Bill meant to limit Bloggers and online users freedom of expression. Such an idiot!

His elder brother Dr. Gachagua took a loan from Kenya Commercial Bank using their Fathers ancestral land and like a typical Gachagua headed for the hills in the Southern tip of Africa and left KCB with a bad debt. Years of persuading the Gachagua to pay the debt owed to the public institution KCB were fruitless. Desperate and like every good bank would do to recover the public funds  they decided to auction the piece of land.

That is where   Rigathi Gachaguas family theft instinct took over.  He quickly saw an opportunity that no one without the blood of a Gangster would see. Here he saw a gateway to do a business deal with Mbithi, get personal access to Moi, dethrone his brothers in the family pecking order and make money without sweat . Like a mad man Gachagua Rigathi dashed across Uhuru highway from the halls of residence to the administration block almost getting knocked down by the Uhuru highway traffic and panting to see Professor Mbithi.

Mbithi was a hyena and  Gachagua Rigathi’s brain combined makes two dangerous hyenas.The two hyena brains closed the door and did a deal. Professor Mbithi would take Rigathi to Daniel Arap Moi and Moi would be told Rigathi was a powerful student leaders who was willing to work for the police as an in-house informer  and Moi would be requested to order KCB not to auction the family land, in exchange for a traitor. Professor Mbithi would endear himself to the president and hope to be made someone big like professor Saitoti who had been made very wealthy by Dictator Moi. It all worked like Magic.

Kenya commercial bank was ordered to back off, professor Mbithi began his journey to become the  head of civil service and Gachagua Rigathi began his career as demon, traitor, land thief/scammer, poster child for corruption and an imaginary power broker.


Back in the University in 1987, thousands of students , angry at the government’s  interference with students elections rejected and imposed student leadership and pushed to elect their own Wafula Buke as the SONU Chairman. Mbithi And Moi would not hear of it and they called in Gachagua Rigathi to pay back what he owed as favors. Working with the special branch Gachagua manufactured evidence that Wafula Buke was spying for Libya. He was arrested, charged and jailed for 5 years without option of fine and SONU was deregistered and a caretaker committee chaired by none other that, one and only Gachagua Rigathi was formed. It is Rigathi who wrote the entire list of students that were later expelled and just like Wafula Buke, they were totally innocent!

Caption: Former Political Detainee Wafula Buke. He was fixed by Gachagua Rigathi.

And soon enough Gachagua  graduated and as planned, Professor Mbithi had been appointed as head of civil service sitting at Harambee House. Gachagua Rigathi went straight  to his office and as appointed as a District Officer ( DO) to continue with the political machinations and grand theft. At this time, Hezekiah Oyugi the powerful Permanent Secretary for internal security was on his best form, creating for himself a clandestine network of spies and gangster District Officers, widely known as special Dos.Gachagua became a special DO and was posted to Kianyaga, to monitor the activities of the then KANU power manand Minister for special guidance, James Njiru of the Kaaanu Moooto fame. And Mr Kanyotu was the head of special branch which was Kenyas most secretive spy. Here Gachagua wrecked havoc with public land.


Gachagua Rigathi was a member of the county council of Kianyaga, in Kirinyaga District. As an influential DO with connections to Harambee house, he formed a scheme to con peasant farmers around Kianyaga town, out of their own land. The poor farmers were told that the government would compulsorily acquire their pieces of land for the expansion of Kianyaga town. They were lied to that they would be compensated with tracks of land in Mwea but first they had to sign back blank land transfer  forms subdividing their own land into plots. Each would be given back one small plot on their own land in addition to the land in Mwea. The poor peasants fell for the trick, signed transfer forms for their farms and handed them over to the special DO. The DO Later sold the pieces of land to unsuspecting buyers on the strength of the signed transfer forms, by their original owners. Gachagua got so much money hence getting himself a harem of secondary school teachers particularly the light skins at the nearby Kianyaga High School and Kiburia Girls.


When the poor peasant farmers went to Mwea to claim the promised land, they found Bishop Gitari waiting . The late Bishop, tired with Moi and his gang of thieves loudly condemned Gchagua and declared “ Mwea if for Mwea People’’. Gachagua quickly escaped to Kiambu . Here he met his match, Mr. Money man, Kuria Kanyingi , Gachagua was small fry and he made a short work of him sending him back to Harambee house to Rot quietly away from the public eye. Here he specialized in stealing plots in Embakasi, Karen, Kajiado and everywhere else beacons were visible. At some point things became so tough that Gachagua Rigathi started selling refurbished furniture along Langata Road in Karen. He couldn’t do much since Mbithi was out and Hezekiah Oyugi was in too much trouble  related to the murder of Dr. Robert Ouko.


And rotting he did until ex-KANU powerbrokers and statehouse mobsters decided they needed a spanner boy to spy on Uhuru Kenyatta who had become the Deputy Prime Minister Deputizing Baba. Insecure state operatives couldn’t trust Uhuru who was working smoothly with Hon Raila Odinga during the Orange and Banana constitutional change debacle. He was wealthy and exceptionally popular and for once, the operatives were faced with a man they couldn’t manipulate because they didn’t make him. They needed a treacherous spy who could do anything for money  and there was only one name in the entire county- Gachagua Rigathi. They quickly convinced the political neophyte and son of Jomo that he needed a personal assistant to the deputy prime minister and minister for finance. Before long Uhuru was heading to the Hague and his money stolen and his name used to steal every piece of land whose owner blinked.


Back to the present, Gachagua is now striding Central Kenya claiming he is the most senior political figure and if William Ruto has a good brain, he had better get close to him.Gachagua is praising himself for influencing the lack of appointment of Mutahi Kagwe to the Cabinet despite his closeness to the Uhuru statehouse and has been telling anyone who can listen that following the death of his HIV infested Casanova brother and late Nderitu Gachagua, his relationship with the president has blossomed after he took the entire family to statehouse to meet with Uhuru Kenyatta for consolation.

Caption: The Late Nderitu Gachagua

Gachagua has no regard for Mwangi wa Iria who is on his last term as governor and who may be positioning himself to play a bigger role in national politics come 2022. He loudly laughs off Kiambu Governor as a Chokoraa and Makanga who has gone further than he was meant to. In a recent goat eating ceremony in Mathira, Gachagua Rigathi loudly stated that he will ensure no leader in Nyeri and the rest of central Kenya will survive the next five years with a good name. It doesn’t matter  what they’ll do, I will keep them busy fighting fires under their buttocks and when Ruto comes calling, there will be no one but me to speak to. And he has started with his colleague leaders. His cocky know it all attitude has ensured that he has no place for Mwangi Kiunjuri who he refers to as the Nanyuki Makanga, Engineer Eprahim Maina is derided as Ngo’ombe ile ya Helicopter!

Gachagua has no respect for William Ruto or his boss Uhuru Kenyatta or the other leaders in Central Kenya. Listen to him speak to his friend, business associate and speaker of the senate Ken Lusaka. “ You remember when William Ruto was running around for Jirongo akiwa mtu wa mkono , I was whipping Jirongo’s buttocks from Harambee house. If I called Jirongo, or the foolish Lawyer Evans Ondieki, they would come running and stand in attention like boy scouts. I would see people like William Ruto then and now he had better start looking for me. Before Uhuru Kenyatta would spell the word Moi, I was manipulating the professor in politics . I managed Uhuru Kenyatta and he knows what I am capable of. When you see Ruto, tell him I am still Rigathi, and in central Kenya, he must speak to me soon’’ He should never dream  that cartoons like Kabogo, Kabando, Murugi, Wambui in Othaya Jamleck and Kangata in Muranga are people to talk to’’


Attached: Computer and Cyber Crime Bill 

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