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Gas And Grain Wars: Raila’s Financier Mohammed Jaffer Iniquitous Monopoly Journey

Following our Mohammed Jaffer monopoly story that has captured the attention of many Kenyans, we now focus on Mohammed Jaffer’s long road to the monopoly that has now started raising eyebrows among Kenyans who have regarded the move as dangerous and catastrophic to the Kenyan economy.

Mohammed Jaffer Solidifies LPG Monopoly

Jaffer who is a close ally to the BBI hawker Raila Odinga, the largest interested party in the LPG industry is using his politically right privileges to lead State agencies to muscle out his competitors.

A source narrates that the few that can’t compromise their integrity and kneel before Jaffer are threatened by authorities.

“If you don’t take Jaffer’s mockery offers he will snatch your base using authorities. He is buying out and intimidating everyone that comes against his dark dealings. He has scared away every business investor from the Island City. This is bad and we don’t know which government can intervene. The guy is in every government institution” a source said. 

In other news, Jaffer has allegedly taken hostage the coast economy by privatising the port operations, flooding the markets with his Unga brands after pocketing corrupt KEBS officials to scaring away Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) investors.


Former Prime minister Raila Odinga with Grain Bulk Handlers Chairman Mohamed Jaffer during the Celebrations to mark 10th Anniversary in Mombasa.

KEBS is one of those agencies Jaffer Mohamed is deploying on his behalf. The same theatrics Jaffer used to bluffed KEBS and corruptly influenced them to kill local maize millers so that he can introduce Ajab Unga under GIL, a crony firmed owned by his GBHL.

Mombasa Tycoons Jaffer Mohamed(L) and alleged Drug Lord Ali Punjani(R). Punjani accused Jaffer of blackmailing him with authorities after they allegedly differed on a deal.

To date, there have been tens of investigations on the unfair monopoly by his companies including Jaffer Mohamed-owned Grain Bulk Handling Limited (GBHL) but no action has been taken.

Maize and other grains are expensive because if the monopoly that GrainBulk Handlers has been enjoying for many years and now he has been trying to block all other players in the industry.

Through bribery, Jaffer has now completely taken over the imports, distribution and retail business in the LPG sector undercutting other companies and driving them out of business altogether and the latest tactic is buying off competitors who feel helpless and have to allow Jaffer to buy them off.


The Raila’s financier and Ruto’s close ally Jaffer Mohamed has also pocketed a significant number of MPigs ensuring that any parliamentary committee investigations go his way.

Suits filed in Court against Pro Gas, Energy Ministry and EPRA are often thrown out as he bribes witnesses and threatens anyone who comes against his orbit. Just like he monopolized the LPG market, there have been allegations that Jaffer Mohamed is planning to kill the petroleum industry and monopolize the market. A reliable source states that Jaffer now intends to make sure the prices of the Petrol and Diesel remain exorbitantly high so that his Proto Energy LPG installed in cars gain the wanted mileage.

For starters, Jaffer Mohamed’s in one of his paid githeri media PR on August alleged LPG Cars invention was aired on Royal Media-owned Citizen TV. The conversion takes about 5 hrs the vehicle will run on LPG-only from Jaffer Mohamed’s Pro Gas firm. The driver can switch to petrol on a switch or vice-versa

But how safe are these things? And why is Jaffer Mohamed getting his inventions ‘allowed’ in Kenya without due process nor scrutiny followed?But this is not Jaffer Mohamed’s invention. LPG powered cars have been in existence for ages it’s only that Kenyan authorities had blocked all local innovators and banned their importation. In 2014, Hashi Energy was the first to introduce the LPG powered car systems in Kenya before the authorities halted its rollout due to safety measures. So why is Jaffer’s Proto Energy Kenya-which vends Pro Gas being allowed now? Why Pro Gas only?

In another privatized monopoly, a driver with Jaffer’s LPG car systems can’t pay for the refuelling services with cash or using available payment options. They must use the provided Proto Energy payment cards. The silence from CBK is also worrying, is Proto Energy Kenya a bank, microfinance, a Sacco..?

What happens if all drivers funds go missing? Where will they complain or demand the refund from? With the Jaffer family monopolising the grain import and storage in the importation and storage of gas, fear is now that he can decide to create an artificial gas or grain shortage that will have a great impact on the economy.

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