Governor Charity Ngilu’s Corruption Scandals

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu

Yesterday Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu told the Deputy President to resign over the fake Ksh40 billion arms deal scandal.

The governor through a statement posted on her social media platforms said ‘she is shocked by the seemingly fraudulent activities of high magnitude can be hatched and planned in the office of the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya”.

What Kenyans are going to learn from this article is that Gov Ngilu will shock them with her own corruption activities.

We are not supporting DP Ruto, let investigations run their full course.

Ngilu the corrupt. The one who burned down the finance office recently.

Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development

Governor Charity Ngilu was behind a cartel stealing land in Kenya when she was the Cabinet Secretary for Lands in the formative Jubilee Regime.

She was fired by Uhuru Kenyatta for corruption.

At the Lands Ministry, Ngilu was being investigated for alleged inflation of valuation of a farm the Government wants to purchase for squatters in Likoni by Ksh110 million. Out of this amount, she was allegedly to be paid Ksh65 million as kickback.

Ngilu is said to have ordered her junior officers to inflate the cost of Waitiki Farm so that she can get the hefty kickback.

The report stated: “Information alleging that Mrs Charity Ngilu the Cabinet Secretary for Lands, Housing and Urban Development in collusion with Mr Evason Waitiki owner of Plot No. Mombasa/MN/1/397 Waitiki Farm in Likoni inflated the actual market price for the land by Sh110,000,000.

Ministry of Water

This is the most corrupt and open ministry in the face of Kenya. Senior management in the water parastatals and bodies reap where they had not sown with reckless abandon, if you doubt me, case in point was the magnitude of theft at the Kimwarer and Arror dam scandal.

During the Mwai Kibaki regime, Governor Ngilu was a minster in the ministry of water.

One of the rip-offs she did while there is to enrich her relatives through fraudulent procurement practices using firms that were opened in their names but firmly controlled by Gov Ngilu.

In December 2010, four companies that were being investigated for corruption were owned by Gov Ngilu’s relatives.

Kat Michaels Consulting Limited, owned by Ngilu’s second-born which was registered in May 2008 was awarded tenders worth million of shillings in a favoritism and nepotistic ways.

The company that time won a Ksh1.3 million tender to supply polo shirts, caps, executive pens, carrier bags and ties to Tanathi Water Services Board. It also won a tender to supply “big” and “small” diaries at unit costs of Ksh2,500 and Ksh1,500 respectively for a total of Ksh800,000.

Another firm linked to Ngilu known as Broad Vision Utilities Limited owned by Billy Indeche, the husband of the Ngilu’s first-born daughter Lunde Jemi Mwendwa, registered in April 2008 was also cited as one of those doing business with Tanathi that time.

During investigations, the website of Kat Michael Consulting Limited was pulled down. The files for the other firms associated with Ngilu mysteriously disappeared from the registry. These were G.L. Williams, Nthenca Enterprises, Surf Ways and Afri Trade Enterprises.

It was Mwangi Kiunjuri, then assistant Minister in the water ministry who blew the whistle on the shady Ngilu dealings.

One important aspect to not is that during her corrupt stint at the ministry, a company had quoted Ksh6000 for supply of water metres, but Ngilu gave a firm linked to her the contract. The firm Arcolyte Office Supplies had inflated the price to Ksh39,200.

Ministry of Health

In December 2010, firms linked with Gov Ngilu were being investigated for corruption.

GL Williams and Falconet Technologies Limited which were being run by Gov Ngilu’s niece and daughter.

GL Williams through fraudulent means won contracts worth millions to supply goods mostly at inflated prices.

The GL Williams won a contract for “fitting out and partitioning” the National Hospital Insurance Fund building in Nairobi.
The contract was worth about Sh35 million, and Mrs Ngilu was Health minister.

The firm has also won jobs with the National Irrigation Board, a parastatal under the Water ministry, for which it was paid Sh17.9 million.

The National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation also awarded contracts to the company worth more than Sh2.8 million.

The companies have been doing business with the Water parastatals, although they could be qualified to offer the services.

Recent corruption allegations

In August 2019, the leader of minority at the Kitui County Assembly John Kisangau aka Mbaki Mbaki quit his position after accusing Governor Ngilu of corruption and incompetence.

Mbaki warned the besieged governor not to engage in sideshows and blame games, and instead called on her to take full blame and responsibility for the arson attack on county offices where crucial documents that would have unearthed massive looting in the county were deliberately destroyed.

The assembly led by Mbaki questioning how Ngilu had spent close to Ksh1 billion meant for community projects such as dams, boreholes and ECDE classrooms allocated for the ended financial year.

Tangatanga wing of government is saying that Ngilu’s file at EACC and ODPP had been finalized and that she was trying to hang on support from the two principles Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta for help by castigating Deputy President William Ruto.

It remains to be seen what will happen.

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