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Governor Wavinya Ndeti Recorded using goons after Cyprian Nyakundi Exposé

Wavinya Ndeti – Governor, Machakos County

We have seen a video of Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti who has been recorded after she invaded a privately owned land in Mavoko

According to Kenyans on Twitter and as confirmed by this writer, Machakos Governor today with her goons invaded the privately owned land with the intent to stall the fencing of the land.

As per the investor who legally acquired the land- as seen in the documents below this article, Machakos County has changed its tune on land investors even after their respective sub-county officials and the court had cleared the sale.

According to recently shared tweets, Machakos County Governor has been using her Kamba folks to embarrass, harras and push investors into an unfair negotiation corner.

Wavinya Ndeti

Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti has finally admitted to using her tribal goons to attack land investors in her county.

Governor Wavinya has been accused by land owners in Ukambani of using her seat to blackmail them.

She has been bribing residents and inciting them through Mavoko MCAs and her chief of staff.

According to Mr Ngungi, Wavinya Ndeti wants to take the land that belongs to Mr Julius Matheka and Wilson Robo.

She is committed to the extent she is bragging that she will make sure she takes that land!


“Hello Nyakundi,

Thank you for speaking for us, you have done what so many has failed to do. Speaking the truth. 

Governor Wavinya had instructed her goons to come and burn my house. 

I sold my land to Mr Ngugi, he has invested in many counties in Kenya. Mr Ngugi helped me get all the documentation and papers for my land and we did legal transfer of details and ownership. 

Now, Mavoko MCAs want a share of my parcel and are inciting locals that I have taken their communal land which is all lies.

After you exposed them, they have been following me and sending all my close family members that I am using non-kamba fellows to fight them.

The other day, they wanted to force me into a meeting where I was to be forced to give them a portion of my land. 

Why is Governor Wavinya supporting this impunity and why is she forcing me to give her my land? 

Can Wavinya stop sending MCAs to harass investors?

I have sold a portion of my land and she is calling them land grabbers? 

Why hasn’t she produced documents proving that I have sold public land? 

Approved Development Permissions

Take for instance, on 18th of August 2022, mr Anthony Wambua, the Mavoko sub-county physical planner approved our development permissions. 

We were instructed to pay the Machakos county government and we did as directed.

Approval From Machakos County

Here is the there approval. Here are the documents produced by the county and it has all the stamps. 

Payments Approved by Machakos County

Here are the prove of payment to the county. 

If they are saying that I grabbed a public land, why did they approve my  transfers and also subdivisions? 

The documents reads my name Julius Matheka and that of Wilson Robo. We are the owners and have paid all the land rates and have all the documents. 

I will not cut my land and give it to county cartels. 

My clients should not be treatened because they are not from Ukambani.

Failed Twitter Campaign

Last month, Wavinya Ndeti paid influencers to sanitize her on Twitter after a section of Kenyans exposed her tribal threat’s to those who have invested in Machakos.

Her PR gimmicks failed terribly. Just as her plans to grab and sell Julius Matheka’s land will.

For instance, after Francis Kavyu was bribed by Deputy minority leadership in the county, he lied to Mathaathani ward constituents that my land was a market.

Using chief cartel Philip Kilonzo, Machakos County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Lands, Urban Development Housing and Energy, they pay people do destroy my Investors properties.

The police recovered 114 posts from goons home’s. These are the goons that Francis Kavyu MCA Mathaathani ward, Philip Kilonzo CECM lands, chief of staff Lawrence Ngovi, MCA Muthwani ward Dominic Maitha and Jeremiah Kalui of Arthi River ward has sent to loot.

The recovered fencing posts are at Kyumbi Police station and the case of vandalism against Wavinya’s goons is already in the corridors of justice.

Mr Ngugi went to court and the court has ruled in his favour because he has all the legal documents to utilise his land.

Wavinya Admits the use of Goons

While bribing residents at DevKi junction, Governor Wavinya says that she will send people to attack a private land owned by mr Julius Matheka.

We shall still send Kambas to raid a 260-acre prime land near Kyumbi junction. I shall tell them to take away the perimeter wall that Matheka has told his people to erect. We will not negotiate with anyone.

Some people are claiming that the residents who staged drama on the Kyumbi land acted on their own volition. It is not the case. It is me who sent them with instructions that no one should be allowed to grab public or community land.

If indeed Governor Wavinya Ndeti is fighting to keep the land of Machakos county, why is she sending her handlers to request Mr Ngugi to give them prime plots for free?

Wavinya Ndeti Husband

Dolamu Henry Oduwole, was the husband of former Youth and Sports Assistant Minister and Now  Machakos governor Wavinya Ndeti.

Oduwole passed away at Nairobi Hospital after doctors admitted him for drastic blood pressure elevation.

Wavinya Ndeti Age

As of 2023, Governor Wavinya Ndeti is 55 years old.

Why is she sending goons to burn Mr Matheka’s home because he has refused to give her free plots?

Is it illegal to own a parcel of Land in Machakos County?

Why is she paying KOT to trend her non-working agenda in Machakos county?

When will she pay or refund the land she grabbed from Wande Land scheme?

Why is she calling other Kenyan investors in Machakos lamd grabbers in public and calling them privately demanding for prime plots for free or cause mayhem?

Why is she using local Kamba dialect media houses to incite Kambas against other Kenyan speakers?

Where is Mr Zachariah Mwangi Njeru, the Minister of lands Public Works, Housing and Urban Development?

PS Nickson Korir, are you comfortable that other Kenyan investors not allowed to own properties in Machakos County?

Part 1: How Wavinya Ndeti and Tribal Goons are Threatening Investors




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