Harriet Tendler: The Ex-Wife of Charles Bronson and the Mother of Two

Harriet Tendler: The Ex-Wife of Charles Bronson and the Mother of Two

Harriet Tendler, a well-known American radio host and author, is primarily recognized for her past marriage to the late Hollywood action star Charles Bronson.

They had a loving marriage and were blessed with two children.

Although their marriage endured for years, it eventually ended.

Details about her current life, including any new relationships, are not provided.

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Harriet Tendler is the ex-wife of Charles Bronson, a legendary actor and former prisoner. Learn more about her biography, career, relationship, and more in this article./PHOTO COURTESY: Instagram

Harriet Tendler, an American radio host and author, primarily garners recognition as the former spouse of Charles Bronson, a renowned actor and former prisoner.

Additionally, she is the mother of two children with him.

In this article, we will delve into her biography, career, relationships, and more.

Harriet’s Career and Professional Journey

Harriet Tendler, despite being an actress, didn’t achieve the same level of success in movies as her husband.

She paused her career to pursue other interests during their marriage.

After their divorce, she reinvented herself and found her true calling.

Following the divorce, Tendler embarked on a successful career as a radio talk show host in Los Angeles, appearing on stations like KABC and KYIV.

She also became a renowned author, writing three novels, including “Charlie and Me,” a memoir about her marriage to Charles Bronson.

Even after Bronson’s passing, she continued to redefine herself beyond being known solely as the ex-Mrs. famous.

“Charlie and Me” remains a highly recommended read, with pricing ranging from about $10 on Kindle to nearly $16 on Amazon.

The Story of How Harriet Tendler Crossed Paths and Fell in Love with Charles Bronson

Harriet and Bronson first crossed paths in 1947 at an acting school in Philadelphia, which also happened to be Harriet’s hometown.

She was 18 years old, while Bronson, originally named Charles Brunchinsky, was 26 at the time.

In 1949, when she was 20 and Charlie was 28, they decided to get married, despite some reservations from her father, who was a prosperous Jewish dairy farmer.

Harriet, who had a background in radio hosting, supported both herself and her husband, who was pursuing a career in acting and had previously worked as a coal miner.

Harriet, she was a Radio Host and an Author

Born in 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Harriet Tendler grew up in a Jewish family with a father who worked as a dairy farmer.

She was a radio host for 9 years and sampled careers in acting and modeling.

The mother of 2 wrote a memoir about her life as the wife of Charles, an actor known for a series of blockbusters who died in 2003.

Her passion for acting began during her teenage years, leading her to enroll at the Bessie V. Hicks School of Stage, Screen, and Radio in 1947.

While attending the school, she crossed paths with Charles Bronson, who was eight years her senior.

Following a two-year courtship, they tied the knot in 1949 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and enjoyed a happy life together until 1965, when they separated due to some undisclosed issues.

Notably, Harriet Tendler is the mother of two children with Charles Bronson: Tony, born in 1950, and Suzanne, born in 1953.

The Cause of Harriet and Charles Bronson’s Divorce

Harriet offered unwavering support to her husband during their challenging times and single-handedly raised their children.

Conversely, Charles Bronson had a romantic involvement with his younger co-actress, Jill Ireland.

With Harriet’s steadfast support, he rose to become one of Hollywood’s most successful actors, but it was Jill who ultimately caused a rift in their marriage.

Surprisingly, Harriet claimed that the reason for their estrangement was not his affair with the actress, but rather her husband’s handling of fame.

Moreover, in an interview with WAMG, the celebrity’s wife expressed that Charles seemed primarily motivated by financial gain in his career.

He didn’t seem to care much about appreciating his work; instead, he was always focused on what came next.

Did Harriet Tendler Enter into a New Marriage Following Her Divorce?

No, there is no information about her entering into a romantic relationship with anyone following her divorce.

She was occupied and content with her career and did not feel the need for another partner.

In contrast, her former husband went on to marry his co-actress Jill Ireland, with whom he had an affair.

They tied the knot on October 5, 1968, and had one biological daughter, Zuleikha Bronson.

Unfortunately, she passed away on May 18, 1990, due to breast cancer at their home in Malibu, California, at the age of 54.

Charles Bronson remarried for the third time in his late 70s in December 1998, marrying Kim Weeks.

They remained together for five years until his passing.

Harriet Tendler was a Person Who Values Privacy

Harriet Tendler maintains a high degree of privacy concerning her personal life.

She has chosen not to disclose many details about her romantic partner or her family, effectively shielding her love life from media scrutiny.

Her primary focus remains on her career, and she derives satisfaction from collaborating with various individuals and engaging in diverse projects.

Harriet Tendler Had Two Children with Bronson, Who Eventually Became the Father of Seven.

During their marriage, Tendler and Bronson had two sons together.

Subsequently, Bronson had two more children, Zuleika and Katrina (who was adopted), with his later partner, Ireland, bringing his total number of children to four.

Before marrying Ireland, she was already a mother of three, and after their marriage, Bronson became a stepfather to them.

This eventually resulted in him becoming the father of a total of seven children.

One of his daughters from a previous relationship, Katrina Holden Bronson, born in 1968, is also involved in the entertainment industry as an actress, director, and screenwriter.

What Is the Financial Worth of Harriet?

As Harriet has not disclosed specific details about her financial assets, the exact extent of her earnings remains unknown.

Nevertheless, various media sources have estimated her net worth to be within the range of $1 million to $5 million over the course of her career.

In contrast, her former husband, Charles Bronson, had a total fortune of $65 million at the time of his passing.

He was indeed one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors, commanding a fee of $1 million per film.


In conclusion, Harriet Tendler is an extraordinary individual who shares a connection with the legendary actor and former prisoner, Charles Bronson.

Furthermore, she is a devoted mother to their two children.

Alongside her role as a radio host, she has also authored numerous books throughout her lifetime.

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