‘I Was Victimized and Unfairly Suspended’ – Chilling Evils Unearthed At MyDawa

TONY WOOD: Managing Director at MyDawa

Months after we exposed “MyDawa” – the multimillion online pharmacy – for abandoning an ailing staff member, the troubled company is still struggling to fend off negative reviews from their own disgruntled employees fighting for better working conditions.

This time around, a former member of their oppressed workforce has come out to reveal how he was unfairly dismissed from the firm on very flimsy grounds by an extremely rude Human Resource (HR) Manager Inviolata Shijinga who is ‘openly known to be racist’.

Speaking to us in an anonymously submitted message, the victim divulged how HR Inviolata Shijinga subjected him to an unfair disciplinary hearing whose outcome was already predetermined.

For such great struggles, one tends to wonder what the victim might have done to deserve this grave punishment.

His only crime was sending one of MyDawa’s delivery guys with a personal item that he requested be dropped at his personal workplace.

Having worked for close to 3 years at the company, he did not expect this to be a big deal.

However, ever since the incident took place, he became a constant target of victimization before he was eventually shown the door.

During his employment, he was promised a contract and entitlement to insurance, leave days and other company benefits.

But throughout his stay at MyDawa, none of those was fulfilled.

“Hi, Cyprian,

Kindly I need your assistance.

I need you to expose the rot in my workplace.

So I have worked with MYDAWA from March 2020 to date.

I was first on probation for the first 6 months after which I was promised a contract and entitlement to company benefits such as insurance, and leave days, but till now nothing has changed.

And whenever one raises this issue you immediately become a victim of being frustrated or end up being sacked.

We have a quack HR by the name of Inviolata Shijinga who is nothing but a tribalist and does not know any matters pertaining to labour nor does she care about our welfare.

MYDAWA being a renowned company does not have a qualified HR.

We had recently rubbed shoulders with her and she suspended me subject to a disciplinary hearing.

It’s now over a month after the disciplinary hearing and the HR threatened to call the police on me that day.

My only mistake was sending the company delivery guy personal stuff while off duty.

I fear losing my pay if I speak out and things turn out bad but I trust you, Cyprian.

I can’t imagine having worked for almost 3 years and then leaving the company with no pay,” the victim writes.

In our article published in August 2021, sources within the e-health firm informed us that a hardworking staff member who contracted COVID-19 was abandoned in the hospital with a bill of Sh4 million.

It happened that the employee was admitted at a high-level hospital in Nairobi as provisioned by the company’s medical insurance.

SAD STORY: MyDawa abandoned a sick staff member in hospital

At his sickbed, the CEO of MyDawa Tony Wood handed him a redundancy letter essentially sacking him.

In the middle of the same night, the Human Resources Manager of MyDawa Inviolata Shijinga called the Britam Medical Insurance department and cancelled the staff insurance.

The man who had worked for MyDawa for a long time, making profits in excess of over Sh100 million was in bed, sick, jobless and about to be seriously broke.

Sources describe Mr Wood as a ‘shortsighted, washed up racist and failed corporate executive working illegally in Kenya’.

The sources wonder how a business that is neither closing nor registering losses can turn their back on a star employee at his time of need.

Mr Wood is also said to be in the habit of using redundancy letters to short circuit the human resource procedure to fire anyone who gets into his way.

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