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“If I Can’t Have Your Prime Years, You Can’t Have Mine” Open Letter To Kui Kamau, Debra Sanaipei, Eve De Souza & Sheila Mwanyigha

CAPTION: The Mugabe’s of Slay-Queenery in Kenya Sheila Mwanyigha, Eve De Souza and Ciku Muiruri pictured here with Armenian mercenary Artur Margaryan. For the typical Nairobi slut, this is their idealized fantasization of a gang-bang with an alpha-male and his friends. 


The four women could be considered the epitome of feminine delusion from a Nairobi perspective. If you’ll notice their social media presence, it is devoid of “mistakes” and focuses on professional success and the occasional motivational-quote. Less men because these women want “to keep their options open” (can you believe that?).

Now these are women who have been around the block, going by their ages. They bought the lie that their beauty is infinite and that like wine, they age gracefully and their value increases with time. Desperate low self-esteem men find themselves chasing these washed-up old hags, hyper-inflating their egos and allowing them to create a false sense of demand, even when empirical evidence dictates otherwise.

The whole feminism wave which spread through Nairobi like a wild-fire, fuelling dysfunctional home, the rise of single-motherhood and the franchising of the divorce industrial-complex, is beginning to take a toll on the very subjects it was meant to appeal to.

Men are becoming conscious of the lie fed through a plethora of medium, that a woman’s value is determined by her material achievements on this earth. What the memo conveniently overlooked was the fact that even the richest of women, needs to be kept by an even richer man.


Take Serena Williams for instance. She could have settled for a normal man with undistinguished earning power, but somehow settled for a billionaire who just happens to be a co-owner of Reddit. What a coincidence! Another one is Beyonce. Arguably the most successful female artist of our time, just happened to bag one of Forbe’s Top 10 Hip Hop entrepreneurs. Wow! Yet another coincidence.


So basically a woman’s earning power doesn’t necessarily mean anything to a man. Infact they’ve coined a phrase; “a woman’s money is hers, a man’s money is ours” . Meaning that no matter how financially successful a woman is, her money remains hers. So if that’s the case, if you’re not going to derive any financial benefit from a woman’s earnings, why bother settling down with someone who is older with inability to bear children?


With the cultural popularization of the false hope in frozen ovum extending a woman’s birthing time frame, now, even 35-38 year olds seem to believe that feminist constructs magically grant women some bonus years in which to secure a man for parental investment.There’s one thing I instinctively grasped, even in my Beta days: If I can’t have your prime years, you can’t have mine.

If we consider a woman’s primary value is child-bearing, then her reproductive market value pro-ratedly declines every nine months until she can no longer bear healthy children.

If I can’t have your prime years, you can’t have mine.

Your sperm is viable until you are 70. You have far more time to be choosy.

If I can’t have your prime years, you damn sure can’t have mine.

It’s exactly what I’m telling myself every time I run into a single mom, a chic past her best years, or a chick who’s just whored herself out so hard she’ll always be about a dude that came before me no matter what I do. She’s just a fuck ‘n’ chuck if I’m not getting her prime. Period. No exceptions.

CAPTION: Debra Sanaipei Ntimama. Well over her 40’s, this woman prefers to sleep around, looking for men of means to fund her contrived standards, in the hope that a dumb one will eventually emerge from a far-away galaxy. 


Like the NASA boycott, we have fed these women’s delusions and created a fallacy that old women who we’ve confirmed prey on married men for upkeep and professional progression, are positive participants in the economic process. Far from it. Just like betting isn’t an economic activity, prostitution or any gains made from it, cannot be factored in as a genuine wealth creation process.

The young BETA man has this idealisation of a “quality” woman based on superficial features. But a whore, prostitute, malaya, slay-queen or whichever name suits you, is basically ANY female who attaches financial recompense as a way to get her company and/or have sex with her. So for as long as she is not footing her half of the bill when you meet, or if she slept with her boss to gain that job, then that’s a prostitute.

A lot of the reason guys become bitter about “these terrible bitches” is,

It’s because the system lied to them about how things work. If the system told men from the beginning that women were whores, then men would have no problem as they’d adjust their behaviour to treat women as they were worth. What pisses men off is they were told by the system that women aren’t whores and that they should and did provide a level of socio-economic production and achievement commensurate with women who aren’t whores. Essentially the system has defrauded men of women’s true value.

Young men need to realize that it’s all connected. I advise all young men, today, against getting married. There is too much too lose (for the man). Until things change in our society and our laws then I would say no to marriage. Unfortunately, that lives little room for being a dad and wanting kids. Feminists have done a good at job at getting what they wanted…and now the results (they’ll find) are not really what they wanted after all. It’s going to take some time for all of this to get sorted out.

But for the time being, it’s not in a man’s best interest to get married.

There is no such thing as a “quality woman” anymore than there is any such thing as a “soul mate”. Both are contrived fairy tale characters. Don’t forget, the “Quality” woman you met in a bookstore at 30, picking the kids up from soccer practice before she heads off to women’s bible study that night is the same girl who did sorority gangbang porn when she was in college at 22.

Just a point to add about “Quality Woman”….if quality is truly in the eye of the beholder, before learning game, I was meeting women I perceived as “Quality” woman–my ideal—only to be turfed and dismissed as some needy guy.

But these women were all the same: ingenues, entitled, bitchy, shit-testing and I mistakenly put them on a pedestal. The four who I’ve mentioned up there, fall in this category. They have positioned their tired, beat-up vagina’s as worth chasing for, even when we can all see their social media thirst-traps are well known tactic to overprice used goods.

Now I’m meeting women who chase me, buy me gifts, cook for me and otherwise are great in bed.

So the adoption of game and the re-framing as me being the prize has attracted women who are higher “Quality”….

Women don’t mature; they just get old. A woman decides in her 30’s to settle down out of convenience. The great thing about the Manosphere is that it empowers men by repeating truism this in various different ways.

CAPTION: Kui Kamau (right) who tries very hard to show us how life is good being single, yet we all know that she is selling her pussy to the highest bidder. The pounding that her vagina has endured means that she will probably find it hard to bear children of her own, and might resort to adoption, like her fellow over-fucked mentor Caroline Mutoko. 


I had no idea what my real SMV (Sexual Market Value) was until I started reading red-pill books. And now in my current set-up, I’m around plenty of women between the ages of 35-50. Just recently, I heard a woman that’s pushing 40 complain that men don’t value ‘quality women’. She has been complaining for years about men apparently, and if it wasn’t for the Manosphere I wouldn’t have had the precise understanding of her situation that I have now.

The other day I had a female friend try to shame me for chasing after women that were 7-8 years younger than me. ‘They aren’t quality women, they are just going to use you etc’. Amazing. This is a woman that pretends to be a ‘quality girl’, yet I know she has had well over 20 sex partners in her life, and now she acts like a born again virgin waiting for a rich man to propose and make her life easier.

If she was a quality woman I would have married her, but the reality is that people don’t change all that much. Sure they gain a certain amount of wisdom and learn to control their impulses to a degree, but I’ve noticed that the desires never truly go away, and tend to manifest themselves in different ways over time.

Gentlemen, any lady over 27 trying to position herself as a “quality” woman, is lying to you. I will be laughing at you as you waste your years trying to make her happy by killing the inner you. Remember that Nyakundi warned you. And I will laugh at you, just as I laughed at our Maasai brother Lonina Leteipan, who was dumped by fashion blogger Sharon “This Is Ess” Mundia.

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