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Institutional-Mediocrity: The 8-4-4 Moi Created Is A Model For Franchising Stupidity

Tycoon Ketan Somaia guilty of $19.5m swindle

Caption : Former President Daniel Arap Moi the father of the flawed 8.4.4 System that doesnt appreciate merit.

They sat down, a bunch of old pricks like former President Daniel Arap Moi, and developed a retarded education system that can only be suitable for juvenile delinquents. The 8-4-4 system has been the most disastrous undertaking ever, where the old fucks conspired to dumb-down an entire generation.

A redundant curriculum that could be used for prison inmate in the developed countries was thus mainstreamed, accompanied with a soundtrack to boot like “Someni Vijana, mwisho wa kusoma, utapata kazi nzuri sana.” The National Broadcaster KBC was used to spread the message via weekly radio shows that students were forced to listen to.

The curriculum discarded the arts, sports, science and even innovation. It largely focused on creating robots to work for the ruling class. Moi being an insecure clusterfuck thought that subduing exceptional individuals would keep him in power forever, meaning that anyone who outshined him posed an existential-threat to his regime. Only Kalenjins were allowed to shine thus running was made sacred and framed to the general public as an activity of national importance.

Ironically, the same old shit-heads like Moi who created the redundant 8-4-4 system, did not enroll their children in local schools. They marketed a product they didn’t believe in.

There’s an Education CS Fred Matiangi who despite his empty threats of issuing directives as if he intimidates anyone, is slowly proving to be just another Jubilee wanker. Instead of actively pursuing the overhaul of this pathetic 8-4-4 system that overloads students with unnecessary material that is irrelevant in today’s environment, Matiangi has opted to maintain status-quo.

However unlike in the Moi-era where the old retarded clusterfuck from Baringo could control media, there’s social media these days. So whatever suspect messaging that the status-quo is dispatching, will always be challenged. So when Matiangi barks like a hungry do issuing cheap threats like his deluded counterpart Joseph Nkaissery, he’s clearly suffering from clinical-dementia and needs more help than the students burning schools.

8-4-4 doesn’t teach students. It drills them. Reason why the level of creativity in the country has been compromised. Sports was discarded as students were conditioned to believe that only people working in offices can earn a decent living. So sports as a way to healthy living was trashed instead of being entrenched in the curriculum. What is the consequence? Alcohol companies are posting obscene profits and Government is only happy to raise sin-tax.

So students were conditioned that after work and on weekends, the only past-time is to hit the bar, eat unhealthy nyama choma and stuff themselves with liquor. The scenario has precipitated a rise in lifestyle diseases, yet the investment in our health-facilities is not commensurate being that Jubilee have opted to steal instead of investing in health infrastructure.

Why our artists and sportsmen don’t make money is because we only know how to drink on weekends, not perhaps attend concerts, plays, museums, and the likes. Moi conditioned your stupidity, not that God made you as stupid as you are Kenyans.

Arts, drama and the likes were demonised by the rural teachers who were trained to restrain any form of exceptionalism in students. Exceptional students were demonised. Those who could sing and dance were referred to as whores or druggies. School administrations went out of their way to restrain any form of exceptionalism in students.

Recently Kirinyaga Senator Daniel Karaba proposed a re-introduction of canning as a way of maintaining order and discipline. Daystar journalists were only happy to run those retarded comments by a character who when he was immediately appointed as principal of Alliance High School, precipitated the first strike in that school ever, due to his violent manner of confronting intellectuals. Karaba is the kind of idiots whom Kenya doesn’t need.

Mistakes have already been done, but we owe it to the future generations to have this debate. We need to stop living in denial that we are special. No we are not. Kenyans aren’t competitive in any global front, and those who have made it, were trained outside Kenya. Lupita Nyongo isn’t a product of the fucked-up 8-4-4 system. Victor Wanyama perfected his skills in Belgium.

Why did I raise this debate? Because of a video of three kids dancing impeccably. The dance routines are professional, one cannot believe that they are just kids. Obviously they have practised in a school that allows them to express themselves, not the pathetic Kenyan 8-4-4 schools we have. They dance with precision. Then I remembered on Sunday, there was the #ItsBig Concert at Nyayo Stadium whose slogan should have aptly been “A celebration of mediocrity.” The dancers were so horrible, that organisers should be committed to a mental-health institution for even daring to televise such mediocrity.

To parents who have money, please take your children to another education system, not 8-4-4. The benefits will be immense. Because submitting yourself to the mediocrity of Jubilee which hasn’t even bothered to overhaul the 8-4-4 will be to the detriment of your children. As other nations are adopting modern schooling techniques, here we have Jubilee wankers like Karaba saying dumb shit.

I mean, if Karaba is a representation of the brains from Kirinyaga County, then that region is really struggling. The rice must be impeding their reasoning capacity. Because Karaba’s dumbness must be scattered all over that county and is a representative of the county by and large.

To parents who may not have money and want your children to have an edge over their mediocre 8-4-4 counterparts, you have to be different. Don’t force the kids to wake up at 5am so as not to miss the school-bus. That’s torturing the poor kids you moronic parents. You have to invest in extra classes for your kids. And no, not tuition.

I mean, you have to pay professionals to train your kids. If it’s swimming, take them on schedules like 3 times a week to a professional instructor. If it’s music, invest some little money to invite a professional music teacher. If it’s acting, invest some money to pay a professional teacher. If it’s football, make sure you hire a coach and enroll them in a proper football academy. If it’s intellect, make sure your child has a teacher for languages.

Do not accept holiday tuition. Shoot any teacher that proposes holiday tuition. Most of us studied throughout holidays and forgot to have fun and be young. We stuffed and crammed a lot of irrelevant shit like monocotyledon and diechotoledon, shit that was never relevant to our lives. Crap we don’t even remember or use in our day-to-day lives.



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