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Introducing Brenda Wambui: Feminist Consultant At FRIDA Has Been Behind The Sacking Of Men Because Of Tweets

CAPTION: Brenda Wambui has launched a discreet outreach activity where she antagonizes employers to sack males because of tweets. She works for an NGO FRIDA with international donors who fund her to do that.

After a young Kenyan Ogeto was sacked by the National Youth Fund at the instigation of rabid feminists, we have sought to deconstruct this movement of sanctimonious and self-righteous females, whose main agenda is to suppress male empowerment by consciously pursuing their sources of livelihood.

We noticed a consistent pattern of attempts for rabid feminists to diminish the income sources of men, by openly calling for their sacking, or worse still reporting their accounts like mine, to Twitter for action, simply because they felt offended or are jealous about male success. In doing so, rabid feminists have revealed their real intentions, which is to unconventionally gain employment or opportunity, by maliciously under-cutting the boy-child.

The scheme would not be complete without the able participation of men, who have accommodated affirmative action, on the sole basis that it Shields their institutions or political affiliations against censure or criticism, which then allows the principals to loot and plunder coffers in peace, because of appeasing an influential constituency.

What we are saying now is that there will be direct consequences for the enablers of toxic feminism and organisations which drive this sterile agenda. Women progress will NOT be at the expense of male development.We know women very well and know how fragile their ego’s are, especially after they’ve been openly identified and exposed. Recently we tore into an upcoming rabid feminist Michele Muthoni Mugwe who had attempted to solicit attention from claiming that a man was masturbating to her ugly image. The lady has gone on to disable her Twitter account, after we called out her hypocrisy and lies.

The truth is you can write all the shit about males because we are already wired to absorb impact from feminist attacks. But we have discovered your weakness. We know that leaving a digital footprint of your heinous acts on the Internet will compromise your future goals and aspirations. Anytime someone googles the name Michele Muthoni Mugwe or Terryanne Kibiriti, they’ll be directed to this page, and no employer will want to engage them.

We will also target females in corporate Nairobi who have developed an apathy from supporting or sponsoring projects targeted at the boy-child. For instance, Patricia Ithau who was the marketing director at East Africa Breweries Limited (EABL) to spend billions of shillings in support of a useless Tusker Project Fame, instead of funding sports legacy investments, aimed at boosting the boy-child.

We will also call out NGO’s and their donors, especially those championing for gay rights and two-thirds majority appointments. We will crowd-source and marshal numbers against those deliberate efforts to undermine the progress of the boy-child.

My advise to rabid feminists is to think twice before engaging in a process that will expose you, because you better pray I don’t catch you. For instance the lady who is linked to Ronnie Osumba and who blackmailed him to sack Ogeto from the Youth Fund is called Brenda Wambui. She works for an institution called FRIDA (young feminists fund) which endeavours to fund women who are proactive in suppressing male voices.

CAPTION: Don’t be fooled by the innocent looking face. Brenda Wambui is a malicious feminist who spends her days working on ways to get men sacked from their jobs because of tweets. 


Brenda Wambui is a young rabid feminists who is noted as being interested in the intersections of technology and media, feminism and identity. She has chosen digital media as her tool for antagonising and suppressing men. She works as a digital media consultant and researcher, and is the co-founder of Brainstorm Africa, and the host of the Otherwise? podcast. Brainstorm Africa is an online media organization whose mission is to address the need for critical thought in Kenya, and the rest of Africa. Otherwise? is a weekly podcast explaining the Kenya’s “big topic” of the week, and its impact, as chosen by the audience. She is a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) graduate and an ACCA Affiliate. Brenda is also an Acumen Fellow. Brenda is fluent in English and Kiswahili and tweets as @brendawambui.

CAPTION: Perhaps due to lack of male attention, Brenda Wambui developed innate bitterness with men and have endeavored to undermine their progress. 

From her podcast, we have been able to reconstruct her network of both male and female enablers of male suppression, as their form of women empowerment.

The following are the prominent names featured in her podcast, which specialises in emasculation of the male gender, and suppression of male empowerment as their inverse model of women empowerment. Equalism (the language of feminism) dictates that for a woman to excel, males must be removed from the equation. Merit is no longer a consideration.

Morris Karuga.
Mark Kaigwa.
Nerima Wako.
Dr. Njoki Ngumi.
Nanjira Sambuli.
Kwame Owino.
Dr. Wandia Njoya.
Dr. Mercy Korir.
Christine Mungai.
Nanjara Nyabola.
Schaeffer Okore.

As you can see, these are very familiar names in Kenya’s blogosphere, and Nation Media Group has been very outstanding in dispatching the messaging of toxic feminism, which is subliminally embedded in their writing and invisible to the naked eye.

As you can see, these individuals have infiltrated institutions such as BAKE, where they unfairly nominate and award themselves as “winners” in sham awards schemes. Ironically, they’re currently the loudest voices against electoral fraud by IEBC and Jubilee, which is the hallmark of feminism; contradiction.

CAPTION: I have looked at some of the literature she’s been consuming and it’s primarily anti-male emphasized. She genuinely hates men. 


I have looked at Brenda Wambui’s blog which was nominated by BAKE and it totally has no views or audiences. But that’s the thing with feminists; they seek to manipulate success in their twisted schemes to access jobs and suppress males.

These toxic feminists and their network of impunity have invaded our spaces of expression, trying to create some new constitutional order by bullying and antagonising those who wish to engage in their own unique way. With the sacking of Ogeto, they “won” the battle, but the war is far from over.

Kenyans have to be woke. The manifestation of toxic feminism is in different forms. We have this clique of “intellectuals” who have scientifically studied the structural set-up of intergender relations, and have gamed the system in order to progress, gain jobs, funding and ultimately have the tools to suppress males who are viewed as a threat.

CAPTION: Brenda Wambui seems to have tried her hand at fashion, and this was her store. It’s still unclear if it still exists. But if it did, we would call for a boycott of it. 

Then on the other hand, we have the Ciru Muriuki’s, Ciku Muiruri’s, Larry Madowo’s, Caroline Mutoko’s, and the likes, who now offer an acceptable version of feminism, layered in sarcasm, dry humour and mainstream acceptance. Their most prolific accomplishment was the elevating of obscure commercial sex workers from the back-streets to mainstream, and sanitised their images, and those same prostitutes are now celebrated “entrepreneurs” by society. Corporates which are riddled with feminists, line up to endorse them and their brands.

The men in that list are the lazy, shameless self-promoters who know that in a merit-based environment, they cannot last a day in employment. They thus hide behind the feminists, on an agreement of mutual collaboration.

To those of you who have taken a keen interest on toxic-feminism choking our society, kindly start piecing together the aforementioned list of eleven, with other occurrences which exhibit their attempts to suppress the male imperative.

CAPTION: Brenda Wambui with her afro. It seems these chics who wax Afrocentricism, or dreads or India Arie’s “I am not my hair” are feminists on the down-low. Men, you know how to spot them now.


Finally, there was a time where women really loved men. They genuinely supported them and encouraged them. Time flies. Here is a song by Angie Stone celebrating the black brother. As a race, we already have a myriad of challenges, even before reverting back to our gender prejudices like rabid feminists have.
Song: Angie Stone – Brotha

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