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Jane Marriott: Kenya’s New Monster For Tourism, A Slayqueen.

Nairobi National Park

Just like her US counterpart, the United Kingdom (UK) High Commissioner to Kenya loves the cameras and sideshows; not work.

These two fuckers smile sheepishly when they are around Uhuru Kenyatta and other despotic Kenyan leaders. This means, more years of slavery for Kenyans. Tuibe pamoja.

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In the past, Kenyans have been fed small doses of ‘the whites especially US and UK loves us and they’ll often keep our government in check for our betterment’. This has instead been used to maintain a neo-colonial state where the white and black masters collude to steal, plunder, rape our nation; and Kenyans in turn think that anything will change instead of hitting the streets to demand change (a per article 37 of the constitution).

with Uhuru Kenyatta

The reason such corruption-ridden regimes like Kenyattas get away with it, is because they are protected by the Public Relations machinery of the west and donors.

Since she started her tenure in Kenya, Ms. Jane Marriott has had a lot of pictures posted on her Twitter feeds. They speak of a wildlife lover, she might even argue that she is promoting Kenya’s tourist attractions to the world (which means her country – UK).

Well, Ms. Marriot, time to get to work, we cannot continue to accept the double – speak from colonialists who demand accountability only when their interests are at stake. Our interests have been subverted for far to long by your lots.

Kenya is suffering and let’s work together to deepen democracy and uphold electoral reforms in this country. Your predecessor, slept on the same bed with thieves and murderers. He enjoyed the UK ‘silent’ period of diplomacy. Careful.

With incompetent Ukur Yatani, the CS for Labour and also acting in the National Treasury docket.

Why haven’t we got anyone like Sir. Edward Clay? What happened since his departure, all the preceding High Commissioners have been on some kind of ‘see no evil’ period.

Is it a new policy by 10 Downing street to look the other way when a nation is being destroyed?

See, Obama and Hillary destroyed Libya, one of the best African countries with high standards of living. Now European counties are grappling with refugees.

With Mr. Null and void

We don’t want death. We want better managed countries where the West don’t interfere, and we shall achieve it, because this is an ongoing conversation that feeds into that. No matter how long it takes, we shall get there.

We are not happy with the ways things are run in our country yet we know that if we try to change that through the ballot, UK and US will always serve its business interest and help the reigning regime to fuck us.

With DP Ruto

For example, in the last General Elections in 2017, the UK and US supported a rogue IEBC which declared a rogue and thieving UhuRuto regime as the winner of a sham election.

Despite being involved in destabilizing South Sudan and Somalia, Kenya has never been sanctioned for these crimes. Kenya can still buy weapons to brutalise its citizens.

With DCI Kinoti

It is common knowledge that the current regime murdered people in Kibra, Mathare and Kisumu (and its environs). Other countries couldn’t be lucky even if they gassed a few hundreds. They’d be invaded, their president hanged and left to the whims of militias for years. Not to mention the sanctions of weapons purchase.

This regime that you so smile with its leaders is a murderers one. It stole elections in 2013 and 2017. It is intent on destroying democracy and you are silent.

Why do I say this, you have always colluded to pacify Kenyans, you also sponsor programmes that are intended to be seen as promoting democracy, why are you silent then?

Nairobi Museum

STOP the hipocrisy and work, enough of the pictures with our wildlife, you can have that in your household album for your visitors

We need a beneficial partnership. The one which involves humanity, Kenyans are humans too.

Speak up when human rights are violated, stop taking pictures.

Speak up when democracy is under threat, stop taking pictures.

Speak up when unemployment is at a record high, stop taking pictures.

In Lamu

See, unemployment, underemployment and slavery are detrimental to your war on terror agenda. You know how Al Shabaab can have a Kenyan Youth at Ksh30, 000 per month salary straight out of High School, whereas the Criminal aristocracy that is the Kenyan leadership, supported for years by the UK government, cannot even provide jobs or conducive environment for the university graduates.

Let’s get to work and make Kenya great. The toutism that you seem to promote is a non-starter. It is a sham where Conmen conservationists still loot and plunder our natural resource. Ask the incompetent CS Balala.

Karura Forest which is being sold to the highest bidder to build more embassy building

We’ve been fed on its ‘high foreign exchange earner’ tag since primary school, but all we know now is that it is nothing compared to how this country can earn better if youthful innovations are supported and that the name Moi or Kenyatta means nothing when one is starting a high value business.

Can you now stop posting pictures and get to work. Stop being a Slayqueen like your US counterpart Amb. Kyle McCarter, and get to work.

Nic Hailey was a lot better, he was non-performer but didn’t injure our conscience with worthless smiling pictures from the Mara or the Nairobi Museum or worse still Statehouse.

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