Jaya Kelly: American Singer and Transgender Advocate

Jaya Kelly is a 23-year-old American singer and the daughter of renowned R&B artist R. Kelly.

In 2014, Jaya courageously revealed his identity as a transgender male, setting the stage for a remarkable story of self-discovery and resilience.

An image illustration of Jaya Kelly
Jaya Kelly

The Story of Jaya Kelly: Embracing Identity

Jaya Lee Kelly, born in 2000 in the United States to African American parents, is the child of American producer Andrea Kelly and the famous singer R. Kelly.

From an early age, Jaya identified as male, challenging the assigned gender.

In 2014, he openly declared his identity as a transgender male.

While his mother, Andrea, provided unwavering support throughout this transformative journey, his father held differing opinions.

Jaya Kelly Journey to Self-Expression

Growing up, Jaya faced adversity as he chose to express his true self by dressing in boys’ clothing, leading to bullying from peers.

However, he remained steadfast, embracing his authentic identity.

He completed his transition, now living as a transgender male.

Jaya Kelly: Siblings and Pursuit of Music

Jaya has two siblings: JoAnn Kelly, born in 1998 and known as Buku Ab in the music industry, and Robert Kelly Jr., born in 2002, a budding basketball player.

During high school, Jaya discovered his passion for music.

He chose to forgo higher education, dedicating himself entirely to his musical aspirations.

R. Kelly: Musical Success and Legal Issues

Jaya’s father, R. Kelly, is a celebrated R&B singer, songwriter, and record producer who achieved global recognition, selling over 75 million records.

However, his musical success was marred by serious legal troubles, including convictions for racketeering and sex offenses, resulting in lengthy prison sentences.

Andre Kelly: Jaya’s Mother and Life

Jaya’s mother, Andre Kelly (nee Lee), is an American choreographer, actress, and dancer.

She gained fame through her marriage to R. Kelly, which lasted from 1996 to 2009.

Afterward, Andre briefly remarried in 2012 but later divorced.

An image illustration of Jaya Kelly and his mother
JAya Kelly and His Mother
PHOTO Courtesy | Uniforumtz

Jaya’s Inspiring Journey as a Transgender Advocate

At the age of 14, Jaya astonished the world by openly embracing his transgender identity.

This marked the beginning of a profound transformation, with crucial support from his mother.

Jaya’s narrative serves as an inspiring example for young individuals struggling with gender identity.

Family Responses to Jaya’s Transition

Jaya’s mother and sister have demonstrated unwavering support, using correct pronouns and standing by his side during challenging times.

Conversely, his relationship with his father remains distant, as he has not publicly addressed his transition.

An image illustration of Jaya Kelly and R. Kelly
Jaya Kelly and R. Kelly
PHOTO | New Pittsburgh Courier

Jaya’s Aspirations in Music

Like his famous father, Jaya is a singer and rapper.

He started his musical journey during high school and is committed to honing his skills.

With a focus on building his own name in the music industry, Jaya has released singles and performed live under the stage name JaahBaby.

He aspires to build a successful, independent career.


Jaya Kelly’s transgender journey showcases toughness and maternal and sisterly support, despite his complex bond with his father.

He aspires to leave his mark in music and inspire others navigating gender identities.

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