Julius Mmasi: Ruto Was Paid For The Kalenjin Votes

By Julius Mmasi

I have consistently told Kalenjin community the truth is that their votes for President Uhuru Kenyatta was in monetary value and William Ruto received on their behalf, But they have been brainwashed to believe it was based on “Rudisha Mkono narrative” I have been vindicated!!

The most exaggerated political philosophy of our lifetime was that if they ever betrayed William Ruto, they would see “Cha Mtema Kuni.” Many of us knew as soon as the 2013 election was done that this was bullshit on stilettos. Just to inform Kales Lighting does not strike twice.

The myth has been based on two grossly inaccurate assumptions:

1. That the guest have been sitting around waiting for arrows to come for target.
2. That there can be violence for “not voting for us.” This is probably the most naive assumption of all.

There can be violence for “Stealing our votes”, but surely not for refusing to vote for us. There is nowhere that the latter is even an issue or is it in anyway?

A few months before the 2013 elections, RAO drove himself, without any advisor, security or family, to DP Ruto’s house, They spoke late into the night. RAO wanted them to forget their differences and work on a joint ticket.

DP Ruto called a few influential home fixers. They had no problem with the RAO/WSR ticket. RAO had already sort out the Mau debacle, and they had already voted for him en masse five years earlier, so this wouldn’t be a hard sell.

They had a deal. RAO drove home and informed his closest handlers that a RAO/WSR ticket would be unveiled after certain issues were ironed out. Basically, RAO was giving WSR control of the entire government, and only getting ready to play a transitional advisory role.

But Mama Ngina is not your age mate, She knew William Ruto’s ambitions started and ended in his stomach. So unlike RAO who was only going to reward after winning the election, Mama Ngina arrived with sacks of legal tender.

Dp Ruto saw the sacks and his white blood cells turned green. He changed his mind faster than lightening, RAO had to make do with the betrayed Kalonzo Musyoka, who had a bone to pick with Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto.

What WSR doesn’t know is that the sentro political establishment does not work in good faith. Everything is recorded for future reference, including him receiving sack loads of banknotes for bought like a goat then you demand extra reward. We are not your age mates.

Along the way, they allowed WSR to dip his hands into every till. NYS, land, SGR, EuroBond. But they firmly kept him off the two most crucial sector. Let it known that the North Rift military machine is strictly a DTM machine.

William Ruto neither had time nor the space to influence military appointments and sentro happy to keep it that way. If anyone tells you that the Rift will attack sentro in the RV for “Betraying William Ruto” slap him back to his senses.

Sentro has the military, WSR has the arrow-boys in a small section of the hills! The legit military will be sent into their villages to kick sense into young boys attempting that arrow rubbish.

What i am trying to tell you is that WSR will see State House on TV just like you and I. If a man from a pedigree dynasty like RAO cannot be allowed into state House despite winning three straight elections, it takes a madman to think WSR can even sniff it.

The people who fear RAO, A man with impeccable international connections, fear WSR ten times more. He has been looking for RAO these past few months. Reality has hit that you can’t blackmail entire tribes all the time.

The only way you are getting the DTM/K axis out of power, is a RAO/WSR Violent takeover. Any other way is rubbish. Forget the ballot. Forget arrows. Forget hard nosed political posturing. None will work.

WSR will never be president. Not even president of their dairy management board near Sugoi.

The End!!

~Julius Mmasi

About the author

Cyprian, Is Nyakundi

Cyprian is a blogger who has an interest in politics, news, current affairs, people and anything that is of interest to society. My aim is to inform and update readers with the most accurate information.







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