Kenya Pipeline Oil Heist: Focus Now Shifts To James Karanja And Joseph Wafula.

No action has yet taken place after a mystery vessel was cleared to offload 30,000 metric tonnes of fuel on new year’s eve, affirming our conclusions that the heist was commandeered by very senior government officials hence the protection. 

M/T Jag Prerana, was allowed to offload the fuel, worth billions of shillings, by officials from the Ministry of Petroleum following a request from oil marketer Gulf Energy even though it was not among the firms prequalified to bring in the commodity.

Crime scne

An email from the ministry, dated December 30, 2021, directed that the vessel be allowed to offload its cargo while the marketer effected payment of the requisite taxes as the government was “in need of the money.”

“Given no objections on proposals, kindly proceed to berth it at the Kipevu Oil Terminal and expedite the discharge process.

In the interim, please commence paying today equivalent taxes and products cost to access the product as soon as the outturn is out.

The government requires this money,” read an email from the Chief Economist at the ministry, Joseph Wafula.

Two individuals have been highly mentioned in this heist and it is better to focus on the two guys. If the two guys are arrested, the answers on what really happened will be found.

Before we move ahead….Ill take you back 

On February 3rd 2016, Citizen TV highlighted a story where 5 men went to Bungoma to harass a lady.

Among the five, two were dressed as ‘pastors’ from an African Traditional Church, of the remaining three, two were policemen.

They drove on a Toyota Harrier registration number KBS 994F to the village in Bungoma, harassed motorists along the way, extorted villagers at night and preached the false gospel during the day.

Their benefactor? A man named Joseph Wafula, then a mere economist at the Ministry of Petroleum.

Joseph Wafula currently serves as the Chief Economist for the extended Ministry of Petroleum and Mining under Cabinet Secretary (CS) John Munyes.

Joseph Wafula, Chief Economist Ministry of Petroleum and Mining

He is also said to work very closely with the then  Energy CS Charles Keter, Energy PS Andrew Kamau, Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) MD Dr. Macharia Irungu, and the then EPRA boss, Pavel Oimeke as top echelons of energy injustice, the looting cartel of energy coffers and the slavemasters of overpriced power bills in Kenya.

The economist is the money man who brings it in through corrupt deals.

Why was the car in Bungoma for such a mission in the first place?

Wafula is said to be a deeply superstitious guy who believes in the works of Waganga (Witches and Wizards).

Our sources in the Police service intimate that contrary to his claims that his car had been rented, the truth of the matter is that he had contracted the two policemen to escort his personal waganga to harass and intimidate an innocent woman he claimed was bewitching him. The car was impounded by the Bungoma DCI boss and the imposters were arrested. And he had to bribe their way out to the tune of Sh1 million.

Well, today, we are not talking about Witchcraft…

In 2021, this site revealed that there was a connection to the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) Dr Irungu Macharia who conspired with Wafula to falsely reject Ashirami Oil tanker on claims of substandard oil, intending to reap millions in bribes.

Macharia Irungu – Managing Director, Kenya Pipeline Company

Asharami Synergy Ltd, was turned away from the Mombasa port on April 1 2020 when its fuel was rejected by Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC). A source at KPC said that after tests, the quality of the fuel did not match the paperwork presented by the firm.

It was a lie so as to fix the oil firm that sources its products from Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco), one of the World’s best-known producers of quality oil. Asharami wanted a non-biased firm other than the corrupt Kenya Bureau of Standards (KeBS) to conduct a retest; however, that was not accepted by the corrupt masters of looting Kenya as they knew what they had done.

“Such a test will provide an outcome that will be acceptable to all,” Asharami said.

The matter is in international arbitration thereby Kenya risks losing billions if found culpable.

Joseph Wafula, the Chief Economist at Ministry of Petroleum and Mining and embattled EPRA’s Chief Executive Officer Pavel Oimeke both bought houses in Bandar I Villas, for Sh25 million in cash in 2020.

Kenya Pipeline Multibillion Oil Heist

Mr Wafula, with a mere Sh120k per month, also owns a Toyota Prado, Toyota Landcruiser V8 engine, a Benz E350, a double cabin pick up, tractors, and a humongous mansion in Kitale (Trans Nzoia County) complete with a swimming pool, and flats in Utawala and Ruai.

Mr. Joseph Wafula has a lot of explaining to do regarding the multibillion oil that was sneaked into the country. 

Knock James Karanja…

First, it is hard to find the photo of this corrupt Negro online and as you can see, the editor of this site had to open millions of pages of the useless Kenya pipeline annual reports to get a screengrab of his photo. 

Many quarters have fingered Karanja as the masterminder of the saga but I believe he was acting for the MD given his infinite wisdom and his involvement revealing his thirst for the blood money. 

James Karanja has made a cameo appearance in the oil heist saga. To start with, instructions were given by him that MT Jag Pzerana whose importer is Gulf Energy, be allowed to discharge despite not having been in the vessel schedule. The vessel was laden with 42,874m3 of PMS. SBO involved queried why this should be allowed without prior committee approval but were told to discharge the vessel based on instructions/approval by MD. Mr Macharia or lose their jobs. 

Looking at Mr. James Karanjas suspicious career progression raises suspicions that the oil heist has been something that has been under planning for a very long time. 

For the last 2 years, James Karanja fast-tracked promotions raised eyebrows and now we know why. He moved from Job group 7 to JG5 and eventually JG3 within two years in what insiders tell the editor of this site was linked to the illegalities we are now witnessing. 

A guy going by the name Martin Wanyama, after a successful interview and appointment on 1st June 2021 to the position of supply Logistics manager was not given an opportunity as James Karanja continued acting yet Martin was the substantive holder of the position. 

There was drama when James Karanja appeared for an interview for the position of supply logistics manager when he had not been shortlisted nor invited for the interview the general manager of Human Resource wanted him interviewed but the committee declined. 

To understand the fuckery at Kenya pipeline, the two guys are holding positions in acting capacity !!!! 


In part three….We focus on how the Kenya Pipeline is still rotten…

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