Kenyan Man Writes An Open Letter To US President Donald Trump.

Kyle McCarter, US Ambassador to Kenya


Dear President Trump,

I hope this letter finds you well.

I, as a Kenyan i’m deeply concerned with your first appointment to Kenya, the Ambassador Mr. Kyle McCarter.

Less than a year to his tenure, Mr. McCarter has shown love for walking with the corrupt of Kenya.

This is unacceptable since we also want to ‘make Kenya great again’ by seeing this Jubilee regime and all its cohorts go home.

We tried that in 2017 through the ballot, but as you know, things never work that way in shithole countries.

Obama’s ambassador Mr. Bob Godec supported the looters and so we are stuck with them.

Bob Godec, US Ambassador to Kenya (2012 – 2019)

When we heard that you had appointed Illinois Senator Mr. McCarter, we breathed a sigh of relief and we knew that he might be our Smith Hempstone.

But alas! The guy is a Slayqueen; dining and taking photos with people who have plundered and looted from Kenyans.

Please Google Smith Hempstone or ask the Federal Burea of Investigations (FBI) director to tell you about this past US ambassador to Kenya.

Smith Hempstone, US Ambassador to Kenya (1989-1993): often referred to as the rogue Ambassador because of his tough stance against corruption

You might not have an African policy, but I tell you, if you don’t support reforms here, then due to economic hardships, we shall be left with no choice but to cross the Atlantic and your Mexican wall won’t stop us.

We shall be coming in droves to USA.

See, we are in economic hardships occasioned by the corrupt regime led by Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto.

The last thing we want is US interference in these matters. Reign in on your ambassador. Best still recall him and send us a ‘Smith Hempstone’.

We seek your help that your ambassador should desist from tweeting nonsense and hijacking Kenyan Anti-Corruption hashtags such as #StopTheseThieves.

Kyle McCarter and Chris Kirubi

Your ambassador spent time with one of the corrupt yet celebrated Kenyan ‘businessmen’ by the name Chris Kirubi.

Chris Kirubi, like you, supports the use of coal. We Kenyans we disagree with this.

Your representative Mr. McCarter also celebrated spending time with rogue Tourism Cabinet Secretary Najib Balala.

Najib Balala supports the killing of animals and giving our land to westerners. We don’t support this.

For example, Balala oversaw the killing of 11 rhinos and countless elephants last year for the benefit of the Chinese, some few Britons and Americans.

We know you don’t care about conservations, but we do.

Kyle McCarter and CS Monica Juma

‘Leave no American behind’ is often your country’s policy, but McCarter showed us a picture of him and our Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Ms. Monica Juma.

The CS Ms. Juma and his staff are all idiots who will not care about Kenyans rotting abroad so long as they serve their white masters and Chinese. We saw this throughout the first term of Jubilee regime.

See, your ambassador walks with the scum of Kenya and boasts about it on social media.

Tell him to do these things in private as he is your representative, and he must meet Kenyan government officials. As for us, we lost trust in this government.

Kyle McCarter and ‘Rhino Killer’ Najib Balala

We don’t like him meeting them and supporting them through his tweets.

Oops, by the way, we would wish that you support us in removing this regime, but I’m not sure we can trust you with Mr. McCarter around.

Secondly, you cannot have this soft stance on corruption in Kenya so as to protect US interests and win deals; the Chinese already have us and the west’s influence is dead.

Let it simmer, we shall do the revolution ourselves. Stay away that time.

Yours sincerely,
On behalf of concerned Kenyans.

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