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KENYANS UNITED FRONT: Did The Government Fear The Voice Of The People And Suspended The Housing Levy?

Even as the court suspends the Housing Levy that was supposed to be in force starting this end month, Kenyan have already decided that enough is enough.

A social movement made up of people in the social media space have started a campaign to have Kenyans hit the streets to protest the housing levy, rising cost of living amid tax increase, and above all mismanagement and corruption by the government.

A hashtag on Twitter #KenyansUnitedFront, started by blogger Abraham Mutai, seeks to get the thoughts of wananchi on that.

Suggestions range from boycotting payment of taxes, conducting sit ins, in various places to disrupt government business.

No other time have Kenyans been more united in a course, that has no political party representation than in this idea which is being now mooted.

From employers to employees, people from different ethnic backgrounds and political affiliations seem to have joined hands to oust the Jubilee Regime.

A conversation on organization for liberation

Growing Anger

Runaway corruption, mismanagement, looting and high rates if unemployment have pushed many Kenyans into poverty.

The anger has been growing over time and it is only a matter of time before moves against the regime are made.

The Jubilee regime seem unable to confront the ills of this country, to make maters worse they were joined by opposition and this has left a gap in who keeps the government in check.

In other times, the opposition parties who play an oversight role were the ones calling for mass action and a resistance of the regimes.

The new Kenyans United Front if it succeeds then, it would truly be a movement of the people.

Algeria and Sudan

Algerians and Sudanese have staged months of protest which culminated in the removal of their long-serving presidents from power.

Both Albelaziz Bouteflika and Omar Al-Bashir reigned from power in April, 2019 paving way for a democratic transition which will serve the people.

The Algerian and Sudan’s movement show one thing: That if people push well enough with clearly defined agenda for far too long despite the killings, maiming and arrests made by the government, the a corrupt, inept regime would surely fall.

See. You fear death? Going to prison or getting maimed?


What if that is done to you and yet you still continue with your one message of change, what will the dictatorship do other than to cede power?

Kenyans need to identify two or three issues and run away with it in this ‘revolution’.

A few hours after Kenyan on twitter began these discussions, the government through the Labour Court has suspended the plans, pending hearing of the case by Consumer Federation of Kenya (COFEK),

The government of the drunk had earlier said that the housing levy was in force despite a court order stopping it being in place.

Nonetheless, the conversation for liberation has started and the Humpty Dumpty and associated areshaking in their trousers.


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