Killian Hayes Stats Analysis: Scoring, Assists, and Rebounds

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Killian Hayes, the seventh overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft, is a promising young point guard for the Detroit Pistons.

With professional experience in France and Germany, he has shown significant improvement in his game during his third season in the league.

Averaging 10.3 points, 6.2 assists, and 2.9 rebounds per game, Hayes demonstrates his playmaking skills.

His shooting percentages stand at 37.7% from the field, 28% from beyond the arc, and an improved free throw percentage of 82.1%.

Regarded as one of the NBA’s best young playmakers, Hayes has a bright future ahead.

This article delves into his statistics, skills, and impact on the Pistons.

Killian Hayes stats this season

Killian Hayes is a versatile and creative point guard who can score, pass, and defend at a high level.

With good size and length, he utilizes quickness and agility to attack the rim and create shot opportunities.

His court vision, unselfishness, and basketball IQ contribute to finding open teammates.

Hayes showcases solid defensive skills, guarding multiple positions and disrupting opponents with active hands and feet.

His dedication to improvement, high basketball IQ, and work ethic are commendable.

However, Hayes faces areas for growth.

Shooting consistency, particularly from beyond the arc, remains a challenge due to a slow release and difficulty with contested or off-the-dribble shots.

Overreliance on his left hand hinders his finishing ability and overall dribbling and passing with his right hand.

Decision-making and ball-handling skills require refinement to reduce turnovers.

Adding strength and muscle will help him handle physicality against larger opponents.

Summary of Killian Hayes stats

Stat Value Rank
Points per game 10.3 124th
Assists per game 6.2 19th
Rebounds per game 2.9 150+
Field goal percentage 37.7% 123rd
Three-point percentage 28% 150+
Free throw percentage 82.1% 50th
Steals per game 1.4 32nd
Blocks per game 0.4 150+
Turnovers per game 2.3 35th

Hayes showcases exceptional passing and steals, yet faces challenges in scoring efficiency and shooting accuracy.

As a young point guard, turnovers are expected given his ball-handling responsibilities.

Within the Pistons’ rebuilding process, Hayes assumes a crucial role as the primary ball-handler and facilitator, setting the team’s offensive tone and pace.

Killian Hayes and Cade Cunningham

An image of Cade Cunningham and Killian Hayes
Cade Cunningham and Killian Hayes

Paired with fellow rising star Cade Cunningham, the first overall pick in the 2021 NBA draft, they form an exciting duo.

Hayes excels as a pass-first point guard, creating opportunities for teammates, while Cunningham thrives as a scoring guard, capable of dominating games with his shooting prowess.

Their chemistry on the court is evident and contributes to the team’s promising future.

Hayes seamlessly fits into the Pistons’ culture of hard work, grit, and teamwork.

His energy, passion, and commitment shine through as he competes on both ends of the floor.

Coach Dwane Casey holds a positive rapport with Hayes, placing trust in him and granting him considerable freedom and responsibility.

Recognizing Hayes growth and leadership skills, Casey envisions his potential to become an elite NBA point guard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Killian Hayes and his stats.

Killian Hayes age

Killian Hayes is 21 years old.

He was born on July 27, 2001 in Lakeland, Florida.

He has dual citizenship of France and the United States.

What is Killian Hayes Instagram account?

Killian Hayes Instagram account is @iam_killian.

He has over 200k followers and posts pictures and videos of his basketball and personal life.

What is Killian Hayes height and weight?

Hayes is 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 195 pounds.

Killian Hayes average points per game

Hayes averages 10.3 points per game in the 2022-23 season, which is a career-high for him.

He ranks 124th in the league in scoring.

Killian Hayes stats summer league

Hayes played in four games in the 2021 NBA Summer League, where he averaged 9.8 points, 6.3 assists, 4.5 rebounds, and 2.3 steals per game.

He shot 36.4% from the field and 25% from the three-point line.

He showed his playmaking and defensive skills, but he also struggled with his shooting and turnovers.

What is Killian Hayes 3 point percentage?

Killian Hayes shoots 28% from the three-point line in the 2022-23 season, which is slightly higher than his career average of 27.4%.

He ranks 150+ in the league in three-point percentage.

How many 3-pointers per game does Killian Hayes make?

Killian Hayes makes 1.1 three-pointers per game in the 2022-23 season, which is a career-high for him.

He ranks 150+ in the league in three-pointers made per game.

What is Killian Hayes career high in points?

Killian Hayes scored a career-high 28 points against the Indiana Pacers on April 7, 2023.

He shot 9-of-19 from the field, including 3-of-7 from the three-point line.

He also had six assists, four steals, and one block in the game.

What is Killian Hayes salary?

Killian Hayes signed a four-year rookie contract with the Detroit Pistons worth $24.9 million.

He earns $5.3 million in the 2022-23 season, which is the third year of his contract.

He has a team option for the fourth year worth $6.9 million.

How many 3-pointers has Killian Hayes made in his career?

Killian Hayes has made 144 three-pointers in his career, out of 525 attempts.

He has a career three-point percentage of 27.4%.

How many assists per game does Killian Hayes average?

Killian Hayes averages 6.2 assists per game in the 2022-23 season, which is a career-high for him.

He ranks 19th in the league in assists per game.

What are Killian Hayes college stats?

Killian Hayes did not play college basketball.

He skipped college and played professionally in Europe before entering the NBA draft.

He played for Cholet Basket in France and Ratiopharm Ulm in Germany.

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