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Kiprono Kittony: The Fake-Accent Kalenjin Thief Steadfastly Following In Mother’s Footsteps


CAPTION: Kiprono Kittony pictured here with President Uhuru Kenyatta. He uses this photo to intimidate Government officials into having his way. 

Her name is Zipporah Kittony. During the Moi-era, she masqueraded as a feminist and for long, chaired the Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organisation, whose main objective was to ostensibly champion for women’s rights and pursue their political and economic empowerment.

But just like the Youth for KANU 92 political caucus where its key henchman Cyrus Jirongo used the opportunity to loot and enrich himself, so did Zipporah Kittony, who abused the feminist cause to enrich herself. During the Moi-era, Kalenjin nationalists had acquired a sense of entitlement, operating with impunity and assuming that everything Government was theirs for the taking. Reason why people like Nicholas Biwott stole Yaya Center which should be declared public property, just like his former acquisition which is currently the EACC Headquarters.

For some weird reason, we have had Kiprono Kittony in our sights for a long while now, and have written extensively about the mother, who is a thief beyond measure. We even gave exclusive details on Kiprono Kittony’s lavish birthday bash held at the Enashipai Resort in Naivasha, owned by another thief Peter Munga, Chairman of Equity Bank.

Amongst those who attended the fully-paid junket in Enashipai was former British High Commissioner Christian Turner and Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore.

Because of his fake British accent, Kiprono Kittony is able to rope in diplomats and senior Government officials into his corruption-zone, all the while touting his influence and ability to manipulate mainstream media using Radio Africa Group, of which he is a director.

Recently Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria fingered Kiprono Kittony as being behind the besmirching of Deputy President William Ruto’s chances of ever being President of Kenya, working with a matrix of individuals who are controlled by Gideon Moi and the two media houses they control, Radio Africa and Standard Group rumoured to be owned by retired corrupt President Moi.


CAPTION: Moses Kuria’s startling revelations on a conspiracy by Kiprono Kittony and Gideon Moi to undermine Deputy President William Ruto using their media houses.

By coincidence, we stumbled on a story whereby Gideon Moi had attended a birthday party hosted by Zipporah Kittony for her grand-child, and when the hosts couldn’t find a bottle of whisky to match spoilt-brat Gideon Moi’s preference, he dispatched his chopper to collect his vint of choice, 500km away in Nairobi from Eldoret. Indeed, the Kittony’s and Moi’s are best of friends.

Indeed, Kiprono Kittony late last year in conjunction with a notorious Jazz-loving CEO launched a bogus campaign dubbed #BizAgainstCorruption, where the most corrupt corporates in Kenya were paraded infront of President Uhuru Kenyatta, purporting to fight corruption, yet they are the biggest tax evaders in the country.

In his capacity as National Chairman of the Kenya National Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI), Kiprono Kittony has continued to leverage proximity from Government officials and diplomats, for personal gain. He has simply been knocking on doors where he knows his mother will benefit and gain by the acquisition of business deals, contacts and/or land. Kittony isn’t there to help make the business environment conducive as he claims, but only to leverage access to the high offices for personal gain. A glorified thief if you ask me.

One such example is a plot of land located on Mombasa Road LR No: 209/11293/1 which was previously owned by the KNCCI. Upon “assuming” office, Kiprono Kittony immediate set his sights on the parcel of land, in a bid to acquire it and transfer it to his mother Zipporah Kittony.

Using their proxies Simon Nyamanya and Mary Nyamanya, Kittony who is trying to distance himself from the activity by using his vice chairman Laban Onditi Rao. For those who may not be in the know, Laban Onditi Rao ekes a living from extorting Kenyans who wish to travel to the United State of America and relocate for good, through paperwork provided by the Kenya National Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and under the guise of attending conferences. Onditi charges between Kshs. 200-500,000 per person, especially those desperate to immigrate and live illegally in the US. Why the US Embassy continues to tolerate this practice, only God knows.

Moving on, picture this; someone sells you a vehicle and then years later colludes with officials of the Kenya Revenue Authority to doctor ownership details and illegally transfer ownership to another party. Which is exactly what Kiprono Kittony is trying to do, working as a proxy of his corrupt mother Zipporah Kittony.

According to documents in our possession, the parcel of land No 209/11293/1 (IR No. 65859) has belonged to one owner since 27th April 1995. But the office of the Chairman of the National Lands Commission chaired by Muhammad Swazuri has been aiding and abetting the fraudulent transfer of land to vested interests, yet legally Swazuri has no mandate to meddle in private land matters.


CAPTION: Documents showing that the parcel of land has was transferred to Kenya National Chambers of Commerce and Industry in 1988. 

The Letter of Allottment was granted for a term of 99 years from 1/3/1988 and addressed to the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry P.O.Box 47024 Nairobi by the Commissioner of Lands. A map was the lodged at the Director of Survey’s and signed on the behalf of the office by a Mr. J.G. Njoroge on 6th June 1994. Everything was above board.
The parcel of land was formally transferred to the Kenya National Chambers of Commerce and Industry on 12th October 1988 by the then President Daniel arap Moi. But by 1994, the KNCCI ran into cashflow problems and opted to offload some of their properties in a bid to restore their operations that had come to a halt due to their perennial lack of funds.

CAPTION: Sale as ratified by the Ministry of Lands, stamp duty from Kenya National Chamber of Commerce, to its current owner in 1994.

As at 28th August 2013, the same owner since 1994 had paid Kshs. 190,000 to the Department of Lands, Central Registry being annual rent with documents deposited at the Survey Records Ofiice at Nairobi. How the land came to change hands in 2015 and documents forged, remains a matter of conjecture.

CAPTION: The 2013 annual lease renewal fee was paid by the same owner to the same Government office that is now waxing a different story.

Kiprono Kittony was elected on 17th June 2012 as the Chairman of the KNCCI meaning that he needed time to appraise himself on the group, and visualise where to line his pockets at. He also needed to create his network and also cement ties with President Uhuru Kenyatta, so as to leverage the proximity to intimidate Government officials. Indeed, Kittony routinely invokes President Uhuru Kenyatta’s name and boasts of their connection when engaging with offices like the National Lands Commission.

By 2014, barely 2 years in office as National chairperson of KNCCI, Kiprono Kittony had already Bribed National Lands Commission Chairman Muhammad Swazuri to start meddling in the parcel of land that he had identified. Kiprono was also said to have sexual-relations with the then Chief Land Registrar Sarah Njuhi Mwenda and was thus able to acquire fake paperwork purporting to own the parcel of land.

The appointment of Sarah Njui Mwenda was in itself controversial in 2014, following murmurs that it was influenced by the fact that she worked as Personal Assistant to Charity Ngilu, the then Minister of Lands. She is un-married which made her a prime target for illicit sexual relations with the charming Kiprono Kittony, who is married to Rosemary Sang, daughter of Musa Sang, a longtime manager of Brooke Bond Tea and currently non-executive director of Unilever Tea.


CAPTION: Newspaper articles showed that the appointment of Sarah Njui Mwenda as Chief Land Registrar was illegal as she is said to be a henchman of former corrupt Lands CS Charity Ngilu.

We have dug deeper, to try and unravel these old networks forged during the Moi-era, just as the US Federal Agents monitor weddings of organised criminal gangs in a bid to dissect their networks. Infact, US drones have on numerous occasions bombed targets during weddings in Afghanistan because that’s the best place to nail everyone at the same location. Kenyan Police aren’t so mentally sophisticated.

Beatrice Chepkorir Sang who was at the time The Star Newspaper listing’s editor in the company Kiprono Kittony is a director, Radio Africa, held a lavish wedding in 2014 to Albert Thuo Cege, owner of Echuka farm. For those who have followed our analysis of the corporate malaise in Nairobi, you will see that nepotism is one of the biggest criteria of employment, and not merit, as evidenced by this connection. According to reports, Beatrice is the sister to Kiprono Kittony’s wife.

In attendance were Attorney-General Githu Muigai and his wife Margaret Waringa Muigai, former cabinet minister Henry Kosgey, Magnate Ventures MD Stanley Kinyanjui, former Tetu MP Francis Thumbi Nyamu, Martha Karua, Justice Martha Koome, Ambassador Nancy Kirui, Limuru MP Eng John Kiragu, Kiambu deputy governor Gerald Githinji, former Karachuonyo MP James Rege, Zahra Moi (wife to Gideon who Moses Kuria linked to efforts at undermining William Ruto), Zipporah Kittony, James Ndegwa, former Minister for Agriculture Kipruto Kirwa, Edith Matiba, Nation Media Group CEO Linus Gitahi, David and Grace Kibaki and HFCK managing director Frank Ireri.


CAPTION: Beatrice Chepkorir Sang who works with The Star, in her flashy wedding to some dude who makes yoghurt and apparently has a lot of cash. She is the sister to Kiprono Kittony’s wife. What a coincidence that these sisters always land wealthy chaps as husbands?

Technically, attendee’s of such a wedding automatically make it in our watch-list of persons of interest who we will be analysing in coming months.

The flourishing of this illicit sexual relation between Sarah Njuhi Mwenda and Kiprono Kittony matured by 2015, when she produced a fake lease purporting to transfer ownership to Simon Nyamanya Ondiba and Mary Nyamanya on 5th January 2015, a couple whom we have established live in Nairobi West, and are proxy-thieves working on behalf of Muhammad Swazuri, and Kiprono Kittony whose overheads as a husband and father have shot beyond the roof since he is married to 4 different wives.

Before we proceed, which idiot in this day and age still considers polygamy as a way of life? Why didn’t the vetting panel dig deeper into the family life of Muhammad Swazuri as they did with the new Central Bank Governor Patrick Njoroge? Clearly having 4 wives will influence the output of such a serious office holder, and reflects a state of mental instability and disorder that can impede their reasoning capacity.

There seems to be no published photo of former Chief Lands Registrar Sarah Njui Mwenda and she has laid low since she was sacked from her position in January 2015, weeks after forging documents to this and the Karen land. She was mentored in the art of high-level prostitution and land fraud by Charity Ngilu, who was a veteran on such matters. Now age is catching up with her and she’s no longer appealing and enticing as she used to be when she first ran for Presidency in 1997. She is also of zero political value and was dispensed by Uhuru without second thought after her unsuccessful attempt to acquire land owned by a prominent family in Karen.

Indeed on 1st December 2014, Sarah Njui Mwenda was arrested by agents of the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) over her brazen attempt to steal land in Karen together with former Lands CS Charity Ngilu. She also once made headlines when she locked herself into an office that’s not designated for her, in-order to illegally sign leases. When confronted by the media, she hid in the jacket of an unnamed man.

CAPTION: Chief Lands Registrar Sarah Njui Mwenda hiding her face from the glare of the camera’s in one of the most childish of ways. EACC has equally worked hard to conceal her identity unlike other suspects they grill, after she Bribed the boss Halakhe Waqo.

First and foremost, we’d like to appeal to President Uhuru Kenyatta to immediately ask Kiprono Kittony to cease henceforth, using his name to intimidate Government officials. He has to be compelled to write a statement with the police, on why he has been invoking StateHouse’s name, whilst using photos with the head of state during his attendance of the #BizAgainstCorruption sham of an initiative as bait. Detectives need to move swiftly and pick up Kiprono Kittony and have him write a statement on why he uses Uhuru’s name for personal gain.

Secondly, we would like to ask Kiprono Kittony’s wife Rosemary to investigate our claims that her husband is having sex with former Chief Land Registrar Sarah Njui Mwenda. Expecting her to leave him might be a tall-order, because it seems Musa Sang’s daughters are bonafide gold-diggers and only marry men of immense wealth and fortune. Well done Musa. You raised your daughters well.

Finally, Director of Criminal Investigations Ndegwa Muhoro needs to move with speed, and question Muhammad Swazuri, Sarah Njui Mwenda and the duo of Simon Nyamanya Ondiba and Mary Nyamanya who trade as Mwanyambori Enterprises which is registered as a Business Name and not even a Limited Company. Clearly the biggest fraud of our time that a couple who cannot even afford to pay a lawyer and incorporate a Limited Company can purport to own land on Mombasa Road.

CAPTION: Documents fraudulently signed by Chief Registrar of Lands Sarah Njui Mwenda, purporting to designate ownership of a parcel of land to 2 land crooks.
Our campaign #KalenjinThiefKittony Starts now!

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