A Mother’s Confession: The Tragic Case of Lamora Williams

In Fairburn, Georgia, Lamora Williams, a resident, was confronted by her mother on November 28, reporting that her children had been missing for two days.

Subsequently, a missing person report was filed.

Tragically, two days later, the children were discovered deceased in Lamora Williams’ residence, following her confession to their murder.

Lamora Williams
Lamora Williams

Why was Lamora Williams  Arrested

Lamora Williams, a resident of Fairburn, Georgia, was arrested on two counts of murder in relation to the tragic deaths of her children, Ja’karter Penn (3 years old) and Ke-Yaunte Penn (1-year-old).

The investigation into their deaths spanned over four months.

Startlingly, records from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Channel 2 Action News revealed that the police had responded to the family’s residence more than 30 times within a three-year period.

Surprisingly, it was only recently discovered that two additional children were living in the home.

The existence of these two boys, aged three and one, remained unknown until Lamora Williams confessed to their deaths.

The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office officially identified the deceased sons as Ja’karter Devons Penn and Ke-Yaunte Darion Penn.

Lamora Williams Interview

However, the exact cause of their deaths is still pending the completion of toxicology results.

Sheriff Ted Jackson expressed his perplexity and sorrow over the situation, stating, “It is as perplexing as it is tragic that a mother, who loves her children, would do something so heinous to them.

I will not be quick to say that she was perfectly innocent.

We are going to let the facts lead us in that direction.” Sheriff Jackson also disclosed that an investigation into the death of another child in the home revealed that the boy had been deceased for six months.

The sheriff further expressed his concern and disturbance over the fact that no one was aware of the presence of the two additional children, aged three and one.

It was not until a third child, now six years old, approached the authorities with a story about his missing siblings and their mother’s arrest that officials realized the extent of the children living in the household.

Who are these children that were killed?

According to court documents, the two children discovered deceased in the home were under state custody and awaiting adoption.

Investigators revealed that they had not seen either child for several months.

Prior to this incident, the Department of Family and Children Services had no previous involvement with the family.

While the authorities have not released the names of the boys, records from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Channel 2 Action News indicate that the police had responded to the family’s residence on more than 30 occasions over a span of three years.

On November 28, the records indicate that two department workers were sent home.

On November 29, the department informed the police that Ja’karter Penn and Ke-Yaunte Penn were missing from home.

A subsequent report shows that a caseworker initially visited the house on December 3 and discovered the lifeless bodies of Ja’karter Penn and Ke-Yaunte Penn in their beds.

The report also states that the body of their one-year-old sibling was found “in bed with them.”

In another report, caseworkers described the mother as “uncooperative with efforts to locate the siblings.”

According to the coroner’s office, the children were found in the same beds where they had died on December 14.

Children Went Missing

Based on court records, the family resided in a two-story brick and vinyl house with a distinctive red front door featuring white trim and green shutters on all four windows facing Fairburn Road.

Over the course of the previous three years, police officers responded to the house between 15 and 30 times, primarily for incidents related to domestic violence, medical emergencies, and drug-related matters.

According to an investigator’s report from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the house had been foreclosed on as the mother ceased making mortgage payments.

Prior to the children being reported missing, the property was sold at a sheriff’s sale to an individual who did not reside in the area.

One of Williams’ children provided information to investigators, revealing that she neglected to care for her children and issued threats if they were to speak to the authorities.

Instead, she prevented them from approaching the police and forced them to sleep outside in a shed.

The child also disclosed that Williams allowed the children to consume frozen food, often in the bathroom and that they did not receive adequate bathing.

The child further stated that the mother did not flush the toilet, resulting in unsanitary conditions.

The children were living in squalor, as described by the child.

Williams has been in jail since her arrest the previous week and is being held without bond.

Her preliminary hearing on two counts of murder is scheduled for Tuesday in court.

Lamora Williams Verdict

Lamora Williams has a criminal record that includes convictions for shoplifting, disorderly conduct, parole violation, and drug-related offenses.

In 2011, she was sentenced to eight years in prison.

Additionally, she has previous convictions for petty theft in 1995 and 2000, as well as a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge in 1996. Williams has also faced charges of obstruction, substance possession, and shoplifting.

On December 5, 2016, Williams was arrested on narcotics charges following a disturbance at her residence.

During the investigation, the children informed authorities that they had been left at home by the mother’s friend, who had left to obtain more crack cocaine.

When the friend returned and heard arguing, she left again to acquire more drugs, with Williams allegedly attempting to prevent her from leaving.

Subsequently, when Williams and three other women discovered that the friend had an outstanding arrest warrant, they allegedly assisted her in planning an escape from jail.

The next day, Williams informed the investigator that she encountered the friend in her vehicle and asked if she was okay, to which the friend responded positively.

According to the investigator’s report, Williams stated that all five adults were involved in cocaine trafficking.

Williams allegedly expressed her willingness to do “anything” for the friend if she agreed to accept a plea deal.

The investigator noted that the friend inquired about what Williams wanted in return, and Williams purportedly replied, stating, “I want them to get a life.”

The woman was eventually located by authorities in a barn in another county and taken into custody.

She is currently awaiting trial for her involvement in neglecting her children, while Williams remains incarcerated and is scheduled for trial on two counts of murder.


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