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Largest Bird In The World 2023 Their Weight And Size

Some of the largest bird in the world can surpass even the height of NBA players and boast wingspans wider than a king-size bed.

With nearly 10,000 species, birds on Earth exhibit a diverse range of shapes and sizes.

ranging from the diminutive bee hummingbird to the colossal ostrich.

Below, we present a list of 6 of the most massive birds that call our planet home.

Largest Bird In The World

Ostriches (Struthio camelus) claim the title of the world’s largest living birds, boasting an average mass of 104-157 kg and an average length of 210 cm.

They lay the largest eggs and hold the record for the fastest land speed among all birds, clocking in at 70 kmph.

Moreover, ostriches are believed to possess the largest eyes of any land vertebrate, measuring a substantial 50 mm in diameter.

While native to Africa, ostriches are now cultivated across the globe, primarily for their feathers, sought-after skin used in leather goods, and delectable meat.

In 2014, the Somali ostrich (Struthio molybdophanes) earned distinction as a separate species, distinct from the common ostrich.

2.Cassowaries – Average of 45 kilograms

2nd Largest Bird In The World

The southern cassowary, which you might also call the double-wattled cassowary, Australian cassowary, or two-wattled cassowary, typically weighs about 45 kg and measures around 155 cm in length.

These birds can be found in northeastern Australia, Indonesia, and New Guinea.

On the other hand, northern cassowaries, known as the single (one)-wattled cassowary or golden-necked cassowary, are a bit smaller, with an average weight of 44 kg and an average length of 149 cm.

They’re native specifically to northern New Guinea.

3.Emus – Average Of 33  kilograms

Emus, scientifically known as Dromaius novaehollandiae, make Australia their home.

They are the world’s second tallest living birds and can reach towering heights of up to 190 cm.

On average, they weigh around 33 kg. Interestingly, female emus tend to be a bit larger than their male counterparts, and they have notably wider rumps.

Emus have adapted for speed and, despite their inability to fly, possess vestigial wings.

When they run, they flap these wings to help stabilize themselves. They sport only three toes and have a reduced number of bones and foot muscles.

A unique feature of emus is the presence of gastrocnemius muscles in the back of their lower legs, a distinction among birds.

4.Emperor Penguins – 101 pounds (46 kilograms)

Emperor Penguin one of Largest Bird In The Worldno 4. Largest Bird In The World

Emperor penguins, scientifically known as Aptenodytes forsteri, are native to Antarctica and stand out as the tallest and heaviest among all penguin species.

They typically weigh an average of 31.5 kg and reach a towering height of 114 cm.

During the breeding season, male Emperor penguins go through a remarkable transformation, shedding up to 15 kg of weight.

This weight loss occurs because they abstain from eating for over two months while diligently safeguarding their eggs from the extreme cold.

Despite being flightless, like all penguins, Emperor penguins have successfully adapted to the harsh conditions of their environment, which is known to be the coldest among all breeding birds.

Their feathers play a crucial role, offering up to 90% of their insulation. Remarkably, they can regulate their core body temperature without affecting their metabolism.

In contrast, King penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus), which weigh an average of 13.6 kg and measure 92 cm in length.

They choose to breed on Subantarctic islands, as well as in regions like Tierra del Fuego, the Falkland Islands, and other temperate islands.

5.Rheas – Average of 23-40 kilograms

Greater Rhea no 5 largest bird in the world

Greater rheas, scientifically labeled Rhea americana, originate from South America and are flightless birds.

They go by various names, including grey rheas, common rheas, or American rheas.

These birds usually weigh around 23-40 kg and measure an average of 134 cm in length.

Interestingly, a small group of greater rheas has established a presence in Germany.

This population resulted from the escape of one male and five females from a German farm back in August 2000.

They managed to survive the winter and began breeding. As of now, it’s estimated that approximately 250 of these birds exist in Germany.

They are considered domestic and are therefore protected from hunting.

On the other hand, lesser rheas, also called Darwin’s rheas (Rhea pennata), are found in South America, specifically in Altiplano and Patagonia.

They tend to weigh an average of 13.5 kg and have an average length of 96 cm.

6.Turkeys – Average of 13.5 kilograms

Wild Turkey no 6 largest bird in the world

The wild turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) holds the distinction of being the largest bird species capable of flight.

On average, they tip the scales at 13.5 kg and measure around 124 cm in length.

Despite their size, they display remarkable agility in the air, staying close to the ground and covering distances of no more than 400 m during flight.

It’s worth noting that wild turkeys belong to the same species as domesticated turkeys. They are native to North America but acquired their name from the domestic turkey.

This happened because the domesticated turkey was initially misidentified as an unrelated species brought to Europe by Turkish merchants.

Domestic turkeys, unlike their wild counterparts, are incapable of flight due to their excessive fat content.

Moreover, their breast muscles remain underused, resulting in white breast meat, unlike the dark, gamier-tasting meat of wild turkeys.

Birds represent the sole surviving direct descendants of dinosaurs.

While determining the exact weight of a fossilized bird can be challenging, we can glean insights into their overall size.

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