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Yesterday we woke up to synchronized publicity from the LGBT community showing us girls proposing to each other. As usual, the old generations who have a culture of not taking responsibility for their mess, chose to look down on us from their high horse of self-righteousness, using derogatory terms like “children of today” as if they played no role in this state of affairs.

Parents and teachers fell prey to religious extremists who brainwashed them into confirming to a toxic strain of religion being practiced in the country. Religious leaders permeated through every facet of the economy until institutional clusterfucks like Ndingi Mwana Nzeki and others were appointed to the committee which formulated the 8-4-4 curriculum.

Religious assholes who were in that committee drawn from all faiths, ensured that religious education followed by daily pastoral services for students in the form of song and prayer, were structured in the school system.

With their sterile and retarded brains, religious leaders then imposed strict laws forbidding students from interacting against genders. There is no difference from the religion we practice here and Shariah law in Middle East, only that here we have a hybrid version.

From a young age, teachers trained in toilet like institutions forbade girls and boys from interacting together. They institutionalized this hate against genders, tooled by religious impositions within the 8-4-4 curriculum.

We are all products of a toxic social experiment and to heal, we must first accept and stop being in denial. And unlike our parents who stood and watched in silence as these psychological atrocities were inflicted on us, we have a responsibility to put an end to it now, for the sake of future generations.

Recently we heard how students in Maryhill School Thika would be isolated by the Catholic nuns and some select teachers, who would then rape them under the guise of exorcising evil spirits. The truth is that religious leaders are more demonic than the devil himself. To date because President Uhuru Kenyatta is a Catholic degenerate and Cardinal Njue is a mainstay at Statehouse, an inquiry has not been opened despite many ladies confessing to that incident.

Those Maryhill girls will get justice one day.

The religious leaders you see chasing politicians around soliciting for money, those are worse than highway robbers. And we must soon start getting rid of them and their retrogressive input in our societal fabric. Religious must be expunged from the educational curriculum without fail!

It cannot be a coincidence that Caroline Mutoko who attended Loreto Msongari and Michelle Ntalami who attended Loreto Limuru, born close to 20 years apart, all hold radicalized identical views against one gender. This is not by accident but by design. The Catholics who run schools in Kenya have done an outstanding job in sowing the seed of hate.

All religious institutions managing schools must be compelled to hand them over to reputable trusts which will guide them moving forward. Any teacher who claims they’re born again must be sacked for imposing their warped ideologies on poor helpless children.

I welcome solid minds in the education space like Mwalimu Wandia Njoya to join hands with others so that we can continue analyzing the toxic influence religion has had on our society through educational imposition. This will form the basis of structural reforms and not this nonsense that fat Buffon and fake professor Magoha keeps blurting about.

Can Professor Magoha show us any of his published works? When you speak so arrogantly, you must at-least back up that foul mouth with credentials. Your stupidity stinks from here to high heaven bro. Anyone who has been appointed by Fred Matiangi is a fraud so stop posturing as if you’ve invented the cure for cancer.

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