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Maina Njenga: Inside Former Mungiki Leader’s Legal Troubles

An image of Maina Njenga
Maina Njenga

Maina Njenga is a controversial figure in Kenyan politics.

He is the former leader of Mungiki – a notorious outlawed sect that was accused of engaging in violent crimes and extortion in the past.

He later renounced his association with the gang and became a born-again Christian.

Maina Njenga also joined hands with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who appointed him as his adviser on peace and conflict resolution.

However, Maina Njenga’s past seems to have caught up with him, as he is now facing serious allegations of illegal possession of firearms and drugs.

Maina Njenga background and early life

Maina Njenga was born on January 2, 1969 in Laikipia County.

He was the fourth child and second son of Stephen Kamunya Njoroge and Margaret Wangui Kamunyo.

He grew up in Karandi, Laikipia West, where he attended Ol Ng’arua Primary School and Ortum Secondary School.

Maina Njenga was rebellious and disobedient from an early age, disregarding the rules and authority.

He mobilized youths to worship facing Mount Kenya, forming the basis of the Mungiki sect.

Police raid Maina Njenga’s houses

On May 12, police officers raided Maina Njenga’s houses in Nairobi, Nakuru, and Nyandarua at the same time.

They claimed they were looking for him in connection with a murder case.

However, they did not find him at any of the locations.

Instead, they allegedly discovered two firearms, ammunition, and over 90 rolls of bhang at a home linked to him in Ngomongo village, Dundori ward.

They arrested eight suspects who were at the scene and took them to Nakuru for interrogation.

Maina Njenga denied any involvement in the murder case or the illegal items found at his house.

He accused the police of harassing him and his family and violating his rights.

He also alleged that the raids were politically motivated and aimed at tarnishing his image, adding that he was ready to face the law and clear his name.

Maina Njenga seized by DCI officers

On May 23, the DCI issued a statement saying that Maina Njenga was a wanted fugitive and asked the public to volunteer information on his whereabouts.

The statement said that detectives based in Nakuru wanted to question him over the firearms and bhang found at his house.

It also said that he was suspected of belonging to an illegal group.

The following day, Maina Njenga appeared before a Nakuru court with his lawyers.

He said he had presented himself voluntarily after learning that the DCI was looking for him.

However, he did not record a statement or face any charges, as the prosecution was not ready and the matter was not listed for the court.

The magistrate declined to issue any orders on his rearrest or release.

As he left the court premises, DCI officers seized him and took him to their offices for questioning.

He spent more than two hours there before they ferried him to an unknown destination.


Is Maina Njenga a political figure?

Maina Njenga rose to prominence due to his association with the Mungiki sect, which encompassed both cultural and political dimensions.

How did Maina Njenga rise to prominence?

Maina Njenga rose to prominence through his leadership role in the Mungiki sect, which gained notoriety for its criminal activities and cultural influence.

What is the significance of Maina Njenga’s appearance before DCI?

Maina Njenga’s appearance before the DCI is significant due to his controversial background and the potential implications for ongoing investigations and legal proceedings.

What are the possible legal implications for Maina Njenga?

The specific details of the ongoing investigations and any charges that may be brought against him will determine the varied possible legal implications for Maina Njenga.

Is there any update on Maina Njenga’s situation?

As of now, there are no specific updates on Maina Njenga’s situation beyond his appearance before the DCI and subsequent transportation to an unknown destination.

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