Mbappe Partner: Who is the Lover of the PSG Star?

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Do you want to know more about Mbappe partner, the lover of the PSG star? Read this article to find out who he is dating, where he is playing, and how much he is earning.PHOTO COURTESY/Instagram

Kylian Mbappe is one of the most talented and popular footballers in the world.

The Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) striker and French national player has won many trophies and awards, including the FIFA World Cup in 2018.

But who is the lover of Mbappe?

Who is the person that shares his life and his passion for the beautiful game?

Ines Rau: The First Transgender Playmate

According to various reports, Mbappe has been dating a famous model named Ines Rau for quite some time now.

Rau is a 32-year-old French model who was born to Algerian parents.

She underwent gender reassignment surgery when she was only 16 years old, and publicly opened up about it when she was 24 years old

Rau made history in 2017 when she became the first openly transgender Playmate and Playmate of the Month for November in Playboy magazine

She also published an autobiography titled Woman in 2018, where she spoke about her journey and her identity1.

Mbappe and Rau were seen for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival, and then on a yacht where the footballer was spotted carrying his supermodel bae

They also exchanged some messages on Instagram, where Rau has over 400k followers

However, neither of them has confirmed nor denied their relationship publicly.

Stephanie Rose Bertram: The Ex of a PSG Player

However, there are also rumors that Mbappe has a new woman in his life, and that he has split from Rau.

The new woman is Stephanie Rose Bertram, a 28-year-old Belgian model who has experience of being the girlfriend of a PSG player in the past.

She previously dated Gregory van der Wiel, a Dutch defender who played for PSG from 2012 to 2016

Bertram and Mbappe’s relationship was reportedly confirmed by photos that designer Eli Mizrahi uploaded to Instagram.

In them, Bertram can be seen supporting Mbappe at the World Cup in Qatar, as well as dedicating some messages to him

Bertram has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram, where she often posts stunning pictures of herself.

Is Mbappe Married or Has a Son?

Despite the rumors and speculations about his love life,

Mbappe has not officially announced that he is married or has a son.

He is very private about his personal affairs, and prefers to focus on his football career.

He is still young and has a lot of potential to achieve more success in the future.

Is Kylian Mbappe Going to Liverpool?

Another question that many fans have about Mbappe is whether he is going to leave PSG and join Liverpool.

Liverpool is one of the most successful clubs in England and Europe, and has been linked with Mbappe for a long time.

However, there is no concrete evidence that Mbappe is interested in moving to Liverpool or that Liverpool can afford him.

Mbappe’s contract with PSG expires in June 2023, and he has not yet signed an extension.

This means that he could leave PSG as a free agent next summer, or that PSG could sell him before then to avoid losing him for nothing.

However, Mbappe has not revealed his plans or preferences for his future club.

Some reports suggest that Mbappe’s dream is to play for Real Madrid, the Spanish giants who have also been chasing him for years.

Real Madrid could offer him a lucrative deal and a chance to play with some of the best players in the world, such as Karim Benzema and Eden Hazard.

However, Real Madrid also faces financial difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and may not be able to afford Mbappe’s transfer fee or salary.

Therefore, it is still unclear where Mbappe will play next season.

He may stay at PSG and try to win the Champions League with them, or he may seek a new challenge elsewhere.

He may also wait until next summer and see what options are available for him as a free agent.

Is Kylian Mbappe a Billionaire?

Another question that many people have about Mbappe is whether he is a billionaire or not.

The answer is no, he is not a billionaire yet.

However, he is very rich and earns a lot of money from his football career and endorsements.

According to Forbes, Mbappe’s net worth was estimated at $95 million in 2021.

He ranked 36th on the list of the highest-paid athletes in the world, with $48 million from salary and winnings, and $13 million from endorsements.

He has deals with brands such as Nike, Hublot, EA Sports, and Good Goût.

Mbappe is also very generous and charitable.

He donated his entire World Cup bonus of $500,000 to a charity that helps children with disabilities.

He also supports other causes such as education, health, and social justice.

How Much Does Kylian Mbappe Earn?

According to L’Equipe, Mbappe earns €21 million per year at PSG, which is about $23.5 million.

This makes him the highest-paid player in Ligue 1, the French top division.

He also earns more than his teammates Neymar and Lionel Messi, who earn €20.2 million and €20 million respectively.

However, Mbappe could earn even more if he decides to leave PSG and join another club.

Some reports suggest that Real Madrid could offer him €35 million per year, which is about $39 million.

This would make him one of the highest-paid players in the world, along with Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi.


Mbappe is a phenomenal footballer who has a bright future ahead of him.

He is also a fascinating person who has a lot of curiosity and interest from the public.

His love life, his future club, his net worth, and his salary are some of the topics that many people want to know more about.

However, Mbappe is also very private and discreet about his personal affairs, and prefers to let his performance on the pitch speak for itself.

He is a role model for many young people who aspire to follow his footsteps and achieve their dreams

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