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Who is Mehdi Edno in Love Island 2023? Everything You Need To Know About The French Model

Love Island is back for its 10th season and fans are eager to get to know the new cast of singletons looking for love in the sun.

One of the contestants who has caught the attention of many viewers is Mehdi Edno, a French model and communications manager.

But who is Mehdi Edno on Love Island and what can we expect from him in the villa?

An image of Mehdi Edno in Love Island 2023
Mehdi Edno brings his charm, wit, and French accent to Love Island 2023 | Photo Source: Instagram

In this article, we will explore his age, job, Instagram and personality.

Mehdi Edno age and job

Mehdi Edno, a 26-year-old communication manager, resides in Bordeaux, a beautiful city in the southwest of France.

His time is divided between Bordeaux and London, where he diligently works.

With a Master’s degree in communication, Mehdi focused on his studies and career, resulting in being single for over two years.

Passionate about his profession, Mehdi finds joy in both his job and exploring new destinations.

He firmly believes in the significance of effective communication, particularly in nurturing relationships.

In his own words, he expressed, ‘I find great fulfillment in what I do, as I relish the opportunity to connect with diverse individuals and embrace different cultures.’

Apart from his professional endeavors, Mehdi also has an interest in the realm of modeling.

He has collaborated with several brands and engaged in stimulating campaigns.

According to him, ‘I prioritize self-care and presenting myself in the best possible way. Modeling serves as an enjoyable outlet to express my true self and exhibit my unique personality.’

Mehdi Edno Instagram

Mehdi Edno has a stunning Instagram account (@mehdiedno) where he showcases his exceptional modelling skills and shares his captivating travel experiences.

With a follower count exceeding 6k, Mehdi’s feed is a visual delight filled with mesmerizing vacation snapshots that are sure to leave you enchanted.

Passionate about exploring new destinations, Mehdi has embarked on thrilling adventures to various countries, including Italy, Spain, Morocco, Thailand, and more.

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A post shared by MEHDI ? (@mehdiedno)

He enthusiastically expresses his love for travel, emphasizing its ability to expose him to diverse cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and fascinating individuals.

Mehdi finds immense enrichment and inspiration through these experiences.

In addition to his travel content, Mehdi also shares selfies, gym photos, and videos where he showcases his fluency in French.

By doing so, he strives to offer his followers an authentic glimpse into his true self and his personal interests.

He believes that maintaining genuineness and authenticity on social media is of utmost importance.

Mehdi Edno personality and type

Mehdi Edno presents himself as a confident, kind, and humorous individual.

He intends to leverage his French accent and charm to captivate the interest of women.

Mehdi is seeking a sophisticated partner who takes care of herself and possesses a good sense of humor.

While he acknowledges the importance of appearances, he recognizes that they are not the sole determining factor.

Mehdi fearlessly pursues his desires, emphasizing his loyalty and romantic nature.

He expresses, “I exude confidence and persistence. I embody kindness and respect, treating others as I would like to be treated. My humor is one of my strengths, as I thoroughly enjoy bringing laughter and joy to people’s lives. Loyalty and romance are integral to my character, as I take pleasure in pampering my partner and making her feel truly special”.

Moreover, Mehdi thrives on adventure and welcomes novel experiences.

He elaborates, “I constantly seek thrilling escapades, pushing my limits while reveling in the excitement. I actively seek out unconventional and exhilarating endeavors that set me apart from the ordinary”.

What gives Mehdi Edno the ick?

Mehdi Edno has shared his preferences when it comes to qualities he appreciates in women.

He expresses a dislike for clingy behavior and a preference for independent individuals who lead their own lives.

In his own words, he states, “I am not fond of clingy girls; rather, I am attracted to girls who exhibit independence and possess their own sense of identity.”

Additionally, he expresses his distaste for girls who behave and communicate in a juvenile manner, instead favoring women who exhibit maturity and intelligence.

Mehdi further remarks, “I am not a fan of girls who act and speak childishly. I am more inclined towards girls who demonstrate maturity and intellect.”

Furthermore, he clarifies that he is neither drawn to excessively boisterous nor overly quiet girls.

He explains, “I appreciate girls who strike a balance, capable of engaging in meaningful conversations while also possessing attentive listening skills. I do not find appeal in girls who are either excessively loud or excessively reserved. Rather, I am attracted to girls who exude confidence without crossing into arrogance.”

What is Mehdi Edno favourite moment from Love Island’s history?

Mehdi Edno has also expressed his fondness for a particular moment from Love Island’s history.

He specifically enjoys witnessing the enduring relationships that have formed on the show, such as the partnership of Tommy Fury and Molly-Mae Hague.

Mehdi remarked, “It warms my heart to see them still together, radiating happiness, and now even starting a family. It serves as a testament that Love Island can indeed foster genuine love connections.”

Additionally, he admires the achievements of Davide Zucchetti, a former participant on Love Island in 2019 who has since flourished as both an influencer and an entrepreneur.

Mehdi stated, “I find him to be an exceptional role model, utilizing Love Island as a platform to pursue his aspirations and dreams. His journey is truly inspiring, and I aspire to follow in his footsteps.”

Who does Mehdi Edno like in the Love Island villa?

Mehdi Edno has also disclosed his romantic interest within the villa.

While he finds all the girls appealing, he confesses to having a particular fondness for Chloe Burrows, whom he finds both stunningly beautiful and delightfully humorous.

In his own words, Mehdi expresses, “Chloe is absolutely gorgeous, radiating a captivating smile alongside a remarkable personality. Her sense of humor and wit truly resonates with me, and I find those qualities quite appealing in a woman. I believe we would genuinely connect and get along splendidly.”

Furthermore, Mehdi emphasizes his genuine intentions and sincere quest for love within the villa.

He affirms, “I am not here to play games; my purpose is to discover true love. I am open to getting to know each and every one of the girls, exploring the potential for a genuine connection. While I am prepared to take action if necessary, I will always approach situations with respect and honesty.”


Mehdi Edno is one of the most promising contestants on Love Island 2023.

He has a lot to offer with his looks, job, accent and personality. He is looking for a sophisticated girl who can make him laugh and share his passion for travelling.

Mehdi Edno has his eye on Chloe, but he is open to exploring other options.

Will he find his dream girl in the villa or will he break some hearts along the way?

Tune in to Love Island 2023 on ITV2 to find out.

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