Miguna Miguna and David Ndii Disagree On How To Remove UhuRuto

Economist David Ndii (Left) and Kenya Revolutionary Front (KRF) founder Miguna Miguna.

KRF founder and exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna and Economist David Ndii don’t agree on how to end the reign of the cartel afterall.

Earlier in the day, an article posted on this blog showed that Ndii and Miguna agree that Kenya is ripe for a revolution(at least at that time it appeared so, because the conversation had ended), however the nitty gritty facts (in conversation which later continued after a long lull) don’t show that they two scholars are in tandem.

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For example on the matter where Ndii suggested a two-pronged approach on changing the course of Kenya, Ndii suggested, either a regime change akin to Ethiopia’s or a Sudan kinda protests to remove thieving UhuRuto.

Miguna seem to have had issue with Ndii’s lack of stand especially on the regime change part. He conclusively wrote:

Kenya does not need a “regime change” because that entails the replacement of despots with fellow crooks. Kenya needs a radical, transformative revolution that would REMOVE all despots, con-men and neocolonial home guards and replacing them with VISIONARIES.

Kenya has had 3 regime changes from Kamau Ngengi/Kenyatta to Moi to Kibaki to Muigai Njee with zero positive material changes for Kenyans. The system has remained the same. A revolution would OVERHAUL the system and replace the system of looters with that of MERIT and INTEGRITY.

More of that conversation below, from the start.

David Ndii: Dear #Uthamakistan
I said we are over borrowing, you said no pain no gain. I said SGR is not value for money, you said I’m anti-development. I said we prioritize agriculture productivity, you said stadiums. Now you turn around and demand I give solutions. Sasa. mnataka . nifanye . nini?

A Kenyan: You may have good intentions, but until you prove you can turnaround the economy, criticism may not help us. Use your closeness to Baba to influence the planning and economics policy that can atleast halt the free fall.

David Ndii: You aren’t hearing me. You didn’t listen when turnaround was possible. We passed tipping point about a year ago. Now its either Ethiopia (regime change) or Sudan (revolution) scenario. I advised Raila not to jump into sinking ship, he disagreed. Choices. Consequences.

Miguna Miguna: I strongly urged you to support the revolution we were mobilizing for from Nov. 2017 to Feb. 2018 but you said that Miguna was too radical and wanted power. You appeared with Raphael Tuju on TV to lend support to Raila’s HandChieth with Despot Uhuru. Welcome to the revolution.

A Kenyan (to David Ndii): Welcome to the revolution David Ndii

Miguna Miguna: He said that he is not a revolutionary but a teacher. My rhetorical question is this: if a teacher postulates that there are only two solutions to a problem, (a) regime change; or (b) a revolution, what does the teacher believe in? To offer a solution, one has to believe in it.

David Ndii: Teachers enlighten.

Miguna Miguna: Yes, genuine teachers are supposed to inform and enlighten. But it’s important for teachers to honestly and courageously articulate viable options, solutions and ideas to intractable societal problems they believe in and/or are committed to. Articulate yours.

David Ndii: I get to decide what is important for me, you get decide what is important for you.

Miguna Miguna: That is not the subject of our discussion. Let me return to what we were discussing: You said that you are a teacher and not a revolutionary. You stated that there are 2 solutions to Kenya’s current problems: a regime change or a revolution. Which one do you believe in?

David Ndii: I am indifferent.

Miguna Miguna: That’s rich. My view is that being “indifferent” contradicts what you stated yesterday and amounts to arguing that you are “neutral” vis-a-vis the struggle between those who have plundered and oppressed Kenyans for 56 years and those fighting for justice. That’s FENCE-SITTING.

(No response from Ndii)

A Kenyan (after Ndii said he’s indifferent): Then what do you keep yapping about? Indifference is no stranger to conformity.

Miguna Miguna: True, indifference is worse than conformity.

David Ndii (to the Kenyan): Its my prerogative. I am not on a mission. I am living the life of my choice.

Miguna Miguna: Yes, it is your prerogative which you brought to the social media forum called @Twitter and purported to offer two “solutions.” We haven’t stopped you from living a life of your choice. We are INTERROGATING the “solutions” you published for Kenyans. Indulge us.

David Ndii: If the regime wants to preserve itself and is able to mobilize both domestic and external support it will do an Ethiopia, if not Sudan/Lebanon scenario will unfold eventually. I’ve framed the scenarios for Kenyans to debate and choose. Its their call, not mine.

Miguna Miguna: Ndii: You are also a Kenyan; aren’t you? So, it is also your call. You cannot pretend to be speaking “above Kenyans.” The options you have mentioned are just options. As a teacher, it is your duty to explain the pros and cons of those options. Go beyond indifference.

David Ndii: I am not going to do your bidding. You are welcome to comment on what I write, but you are not my political commissar.

Miguna Miguna: Not exactly. We are commenting on what we both write. You have commented on what I’ve written and I’ve also commented on what you have written. It’s an open discussion. There is no need for an elitist attitude. Articulate your ideas and I articulate mine. Kenyans are judging us.

David Ndii: Ideas are judged on their merit. You are going beyond the ideas and demanding that I should take a political stand on them. That is an ad hominem.

Miguna Miguna: Being indifferent is not an idea and it cannot be judged on its merit because it amounts to believing in and doing nothing. I’m demanding honesty only. If you don’t believe in either a revolution or regime change (your words) what do you believe in? Tell us.

Miguna continues: Secondly, Ndii: Ad hominem is supposed to be “personal attacks” that are not grounded on any facts or reason. Kenyans are reading our Tweets and I would be keen to know what I’ve stated that amounts to ad hominem. Stay focused. Reason. Be logical.

David Ndii: You want to make my politics the subject, to personalize. That is what makes it an ad hominem.

Miguna Miguna: False, Ndii. When a self-proclaimed “teacher” and a public intellectual Tweets that Kenya has reached a stage where only a regime change or a revolution are viable options, he or she must be prepared to defend their position. You cannot hide under “indifference.”

David Ndii: there are no musts

Miguna Miguna: I thought you had called it a day. Yes, there are “musts.” You are not entitled to your set of facts. You made a declaration which you have failed to defend or explain. For an intellectual that’s a fundamental failure on your part. Reread the declaration on your Twitter profile.

A Kenyan: Intellectuals having a sober discussion. We need more of these. Anyway David Ndii we need you to defend your thesis you seem to be on the backfoot ma nigga

David Ndii: I’m not saying anything new. I simply summarized in a tweet what I have been writing. This was a year ago. My analysis is not a political stand—its an expert opinion. I make a decent living out of doing African politico- economic scenarios for clients. (Ndii shares the picture below)

Miguna Miguna: You are neither an expert on history nor revolution. Your claim to indifference has invalidated your previous theories. You have clearly admitted to not believing in either a regime change or a revolution. You cannot sell products or ideas that you don’t believe in.

David Ndii: i make a decent living doing exactly that: Here are the three economic scenarios that may unfold over then next three years. This is how to prepare for each one of them. That will be $10k thank you very much.

Miguna Miguna: David Ndii: this is not about how much money you make from your work, although I’m 100 per cent sure that you are not an expert in history or revolution. Unless your Tweets are intended to solicit for business, it is rather churlish for one to peddle his earnings on Twitter.

The chief editor of this site declares the war open.

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