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MISDIAGNOSIS: Why Kenyan Doctors Are Behind More Deaths In Kenya Than Any Other Cause

CAPTION: Dr. Dan Gikonyo whose greed saw the death of beloved Papa Shirandula.

During the period between Moi and early Kibaki years, healthcare in Kenya was in a total mess, seeing doctors and health professionals migrate to countries like Botswana, UK and USA. Moi had overseen the death of local healthcare, and the industry was left at the mercy of private healthcare cartels, which saw a mushrooming of numerous health insurance companies beginning with AAR, Resolution Health, and the likes. So lucrative was this scenario that Private Equity firms like Acacia Fund, then headed by former Kibaki advisor Joe Wanjui, poured millions of shillings to acquire stakes in institutions like AAR and Dr. Dan Gikonyo-owned Karen Hospital, which recently oversaw the death of beloved Papa Shirandula after refusing to admit him. Dr. Gikonyo pretends to be a philanthropist during his free time, while simultaneously overseeing the deaths of people who are unable to be checked into his overpriced facility.

During the Moi and Kibaki years, funding for the health sector was redistributed or embezzled, occasioning numerous industrial actions by health workers, and gross deterioration of medical facilities in the country. Education facilities were equally neglected as Moi, who Kenyans want to elect his son so as to continue with the economic genocide of the country, siphoned money to offshore banks, estimated to be around 1 Trillion Shillings.

CAPTION: Dr. Joe Wanjui, chairman of UAP Insurance and also major financier of AAR. He has exploited weaknesses in Kenya’s healthcare sector for personal gain.

Kenyan universities commenced the self-sponsored programs, popularly known as “parallel degrees” where students with a low grades from high-school, were readily admitted to premium courses for as long as they could afford the Kshs. 450,000 per semester. Medicine, Law and Engineering were the most sought after degrees by self-sponsored students, many of whom continued to flop exams but were able to bribe lecturers and the corrupt administrations so as to facilitate their graduation and eventual employment.

Over and above that, many private secondary schools who had come to regard the national rankings of schools as their ticket to prosperity and more admissions, would engage is exam cheating, facilitating their students to fraudulently pass exams and gain admission in premier courses, reserved for only the most gifted and meritorious. By extending this cheating streak into college, they were able to bend the systems and processes, to gain an unfair advantage into graduating and employment into both public and private hospitals.

Today, both public and private hospitals continue overseeing more deaths in the country due to misdiagnosis. From Aga Khan Hospital, to Coast PGH, the scenario is being replicated countrywide and the root cause of the problem has never been readily identified.

CAPTION: Aga Khan is one of the biggest beneficiaries of a dead public health sector. Like a mercenary, he profits from calamity.

It goes without a shadow of doubt that most of the doctors in Kenya are incompetent and may have bribed their way into school and graduation, because it cannot be a coincidence that both the rich and poor are complaining of the same problem of misdiagnosis. While we understand the limitations in equipment and capacity occasioned by corruption in both the Ministry of Health and Governors who are looting the health sector left right centre, it would be improper to shield doctors from any accountability, mostly because private hospitals do not rely on state funding and they continue killing many Kenyans to date.

It is becoming clear that Kenyan doctors bribed their way into school and many could be or definitely are incompetent soul-less humans, who never had the passion to pursue the cause of human endeavour but only viewed medicine as an avenue for job security.

In America for instance, doctors must first complete a four year undergraduate program, along with four years in medical school and three to seven years in a residency program to learn the specialty they choose to pursue. In other words, it takes around 14 years to become a fully licensed doctor. In Kenya however, 6 years is enough to have you qualified as a doctor, and the only extension which may come would be occasioned by the student strikes, incidents which mostly didn’t cover self-sponsored students.

We now DEMAND that the Kenya Medical Association (KMA) and the Ministry of Health (MoH) publish a list of all the doctors licensed in Kenya. We also welcome Kenyans from all walks of life to share their experiences with doctors across the country, and how their misdiagnosis has led to financial losses and deaths in your families. Share the names of each doctors in the comments below as we seek to publish a register of all murderous doctors, who continue misdiagnosing unsuspecting Kenyans, in a bid to earn hospitals and themselves money.

CAPTION: Impotent Kenya Medical Association needs to publish a list of all doctors and the number of patients who have died under their care. That way, future patients will be well guided if to engage them as their doctors. If they don’t, we will.


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