Mobitelea: How Vodafone Stole 10% Of Safaricom


Caption: Gavin Darby, the Vodafone Executive and British crook who knows everything about Mobitelea.

Mobitelea is a shadowy company registered in Guernsey Islands in United Kingdom territory, home to the biggest financial frauds and tax evasion scams in the world. We hereby attach some literature and official reports, detailing how Vodafone UK stole 10% of Safaricom’s shares, in conjunction with thieves who worked in Government at the time.

Its sad that the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) has never picked up on this matter and reprimanded officials with the speed at which they finalized the ChickenGate Scandal.

Sitting Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi who surprised everyone by allowing a petition filed by a Kenyan against fraudulent practices in Safaricom by its board and senior managers, a move which he rightly concluded was of immense interest to the public. Indeed, Muturi chaired the Public Investments Committee during the 8th Parliament (between 2002-2007) and oversaw the conclusive investigation with unearthed massive discrepancies with which Vodafone acquired 10% of Safaricom’s shareholding and “gave” it to Mobitelea whom they claimed was their “consultant” and “financial advisors.”

The 10% was a bribe plain and simple, Safaricom’s original sin against Kenyans. Parliament in 2007 was very clear, that there were corrupt practices by Vodafone UK and even forgery of documents presented to Parliament. The British Government has never investigated this fraud and the Kenyan authorities ultimately jumped into bed with Safaricom giving it lucrative contracts like the corruption-riddled CCTV Contract inflated three times over the original quote provided by Huawei, plus other contracts like managing the Electoral process. The Government oversaw and midwifed Mobitelea’s earning of over Kshs. 5 Billion masked inside the IPO process.

Can a new generation of Kenyans do more to get UK company Vodafone to return what it illegally gave away as a bribe? Because the fact remains that 10% of Safaricom was stolen by Vodafone and still missing to date.

To briefly elaborate on the history of Safaricom, it was once a department within the defunct Kenya Posts and Telecommunication Corporation (KP&TC) and all these fraudulent transactions were being executed in order to pay a license fee to Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) of US$ 55 Million.

That is the stupidity of Kenyan Government officials. People who are thick. In fact an autistic child has a higher IQ that the basic Government officials, for instance the bunch of idiots like Solicitor General Njee Muturi and Sports Minister Hassan Wario who tried to alter recommendations by World Anti-Doping Agency threatening a ban. You wonder what that duo sought to gain by precipitating a ban. Pathetic human beings!

Moving on, you can imagine that one Government agency was raising money to pay another, and decided to involve a UK firm, instead of perhaps that money going into operations to form the new company Safaricom. So two shareholders Telkom raised US$ 33 Million and Vodafone (KENYA) Limited paid US$ 22 Million. The amounts were in accordance with their shareholding strength 60-40. Funny enough, the money was a “loan” to Safaricom which was provided interest-free and without a specific repayment date.

Parliament noted that the said “loan” was suspicious as it should have been converted into equity, plus the public was not aware of the background, nature and implication of the said loan. There is also no written agreement on the terms of the “loan.”

Former CEO of Safaricom and thief par-excellence, South African crook Michael Joseph popularly known as Mr. 10% due to the commissions he extorted from suppliers of Safaricom appeared before the Parliamentary Committee and was unable to disclose who the direct and indirect shareholders of Safaricom are. The nerve of this stupid immigrant, showing arrogance to members of parliament. Why do we allow foreign thieves to trample on our integrity and show contempt to state institutions? Who do they think they are?

Joseph Kinyua, the Statehouse Chief of Staff, then Treasury Permanent Secretary also appeared in Parliament and revealed that indeed Safaricom was registered 100% under the Kenya Posts and Telecommunication Corporation (now Telkom Kenya) on 3rd April 1997. He also confirmed that on 25th January 1999, KPTC awarded a 30% equity stake in Safaricom Limited to Vodafone Kenya Limited.

That on 1st October 1999, Vodafone approached Telkom Kenya Limited asking for an increase of its shareholding to 40% and 4 days later, the board of Telkom Kenya approved the request (miraculously).

Jane N Joram representing the registrar of companies revealed that as of 23rd February 2007, the directors of Safaricom were as follows;

1. Nancy Wambire Macharia.
2. Nicholas Nganga.
3. Gavin John Darby (The CEO of Vodafone).
4. Robert (Bob) William Collymore.
5. Sammy Kirui.
6. Esther J. Koimett.

That Vodafone Kenya Limited, the purpose-built vehicle to execute the fraudulent acquisition of Safaricom, was initially registered as Shomoro Limited. The physical file and records of Vodafone Kenya Limited have since mysteriously disappeared from the Registrar’s records, but according to computer records, the following British crooks were directors of the company as at the year 2000;

1. Richards Clark Stewart.
2. Waitherus Hoogstraate.
3. Kenneth Hamish Woller Keith (also Company Secretary).

Kenyans of goodwill like Ory Okolloh should now move from the generic screenshotting of articles for false hype on social media, into digging deep into the individuals named above. But we are not holding our breath because you are a StateHouse agent pretending to have a lot of knowledge, yet you know nothing. Even idiots like @RoomThinker who spend their days insulting Cyprian Nyakundi, tweeting like they are such great intellectuals should perhaps engage themselves in some worthy work like breaking down this report, not just tweeting silly sarcastic jokes.

The board members who were aware of all the fraudulent deals done by Vodafone are Wilson Ndolo Ayah, Augustine Cheserem, M.P. Manji, K.K. Cherogony, Engineer James Waweru, D.A. Oyatsi and G. Mitine. These are the crooks who convened a board meeting 4days after a verbal request by Vodafone to increase their shareholding from 30% to 40%. We call for their immediate arrest and echo sentiments in the report that they should never hold any public office.

The biggest crook in the entire conundrum is Gavin Darby, Chief Executive Vodafone Americas/Africa/China/India who confirmed that Mobitelea Ventures is a company registered in Guernsey and was offered to acquire 25% in Vodafone Kenya Limited, the purpose-built vehicle for Vodafone to execute the Safaricom heist. The so-called “transaction” not verified by necessary documents and resolutions was completed in cash in 2002 and translated to 30% of Safaricom being owned by Vodafone Group and 10% to Mobitelea Ventures.

That in January 2003, Vodafone PLC bought back 12.5% of Vodafone Kenya Limited, the purpose-built vehicle that the British used to defraud Kenyans, as what they termed as “fair” market value. This translated into 35% of Safaricom being owned by Vodafone Group and 5% owned by Mobitelea.

The Panama Papers Leaks revealed what Parliament already unearthed in 2007, that Mobitelea Ventures Limited is registered in Guernsey Island, the home of corruption, money-laundering and tax evasion in the world. Mobitelea was registered in 1999 and the company’s real owners are behind two nominee firms, M/s. Mercator Nominees Limited and M/s. Mercator Trustees Limited with M/s. Messrs Anson Limited and Cabot Limited both registered in Anguilla and Antigua.

Worth noting is that NONE of the witnesses who appeared in parliament could prove or ascertain that Vodafone PLC actually wrote to Telkom Kenya Limited asking for an increase of their shareholding in Safaricom. The thieves who were managing Telkom Kenya could also not justify the need to reduce its shareholding from 70% to 60%.



The excuse that money needed to be raised could not hold water since the Government had never indicated its inability to directly raise funds.

Now we would like Kenyans to see that Safaricom didn’t start arm-twisting and manipulating Government officials with Bob Collymore using this very critical example. The shareholder agreement was first signed between Vodafone PLC and KPTC on January 25th, 1999. At the time, the law and policy on investments in the telecommunications sector required that Kenyan ownership is not less than 70%. Vodafone UK bribed Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) now Communications Authority of Kenya (CAK) officials to alter the policy so as to facilitate the fraudulent Mobitelea deal.

Gavin Darby the Vodafone thief and pathological liar claimed that Mobitelea’s role was advisory and protocol management of investing in Kenya, a theory that was dismissed by Parliament due to the glaring fact that Mobitelea was never registered in Kenya. So how then can a Guernsey company purport to be an expert at navigating the Kenyan business terrain? Why does Gavin and by extension Vodafone PLC imagine that everyone is as dumb as they are? I mean to execute the type of fraud he was engaging in, surely one needs to invest in some brains and proper documentation detailing the circumstances.

Michael Joseph, the South African thief also known as Mr. 10% submitted a fake bankers draft of US$ 22 Million claiming that Vodafone Kenya had paid its part of the license fee as the postal address of Vodafone Kenya Limited, the purpose-build vehicle to execute the Mobitelea heist, was purported to be 40034-00100 8th Floor Lonrho House, yet it is common knowledge that at the time, Kenya had not effected the postal coding 00100.
To quote the report directly, “its appaling that Vodafone PLC, a company registered in the UK involved itself in underhand activities of a corrupt nature aimed at depriving Kenyan citizen of billions of shillings through Mobitelea Ventures, depite the fact that the UK has been in the forefront campaigning against corruption in developing countries,”

These bloody Brits are two-faced and contradictory in their modus operandi. They say one thing, then do the exact opposite.

We welcome everyone to download the report and read it in its entirety and witness how the United Kingdom Government turned a blind eye on corruption by its company Vodafone PLC. It is the reason that even after evidence was presented to Vodafone about corruption and theft by Bob Collymore and senior Safaricom managers, Vodafone has never attempted to sack him because he knows too much about the Mobitelea deal and he may spill the beans as regards to the real owners.

We also attach a letter by Vodafone CEO Gavin Darby, the crook who conspired with Kenyans to loot 10% of our company. He refused to appear before a parliamentary committee and we would call on the Kenya Police to issue an international arrest warrant for him to come and face justice in a Kenyan Court. We should not be lectured on corruption by British citizens like Bob Collymore representing Vodafone, yet the same bastards happen to be more corrupt than our Government officials.

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