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The Most Dangerous Monkey in the World: Learn About The Mandrill Monkey

The Mandrill is recognized as the most dangerous monkey in the world due to its imposing size and formidable bite.

But this is not the only dangerous monkey in the world.

The Mandrill shares its status with other hazardous primate counterparts.

This article talks about why these monkeys can be dangerous and what we can do to stay safe.

An image of The mandrill Monkey
The Mandrill Monkey (PHOTO: Shutterstock)

The Mandrill Size and physical characteristics

The mandrill is the largest monkey species, with males weighing up to 77 pounds and females weighing around 33 pounds.

They measure between 24 and 30 inches in length and have distinct physical features that capture attention.

Below are a few characteristics of the Mandril monkey.

1. Large Body Size

Mandrill monkeys are big, with males weighing 77 pounds and females weighing 33 pounds.

They can reach lengths of up to 30 inches.

2. Distinctive Appearance

Mandrill monkeys have bright colors on their face and rump.

It also has intricate facial markings, such as bony ridges and a prominent muzzle above its eyes.

An image of two Mandril monkeys
Mandril Monkeys

3. Canine Teeth and Jawline

The mandrill monkey has powerful jaws and large, sharp canine teeth that allow for a strong bite.

It can cause harm to both humans and predators due to its strength.

An image of a Mandril monkey with very sharp canines
Some Mandril monkeys are known to have very sharp canines

4. Threat to Humans and Predators

The mandrill monkey has a strong bite for self-defense and dominance, which can also be dangerous to humans and predators.

Encountering a mandrill in the wild can be dangerous if the animal feels threatened or provoked.

It is crucial to show proper respect towards these animals and refrain from any actions that could potentially provoke them into becoming aggressive.

Similarly, predators such as leopards and hyenas are wary of the mandrill’s biting prowess and tend to steer clear of these skilled fighters.

5. Force and Damage Inflicted

Mandrills have an extremely powerful bite.

Their bite force is around 800 psi, which is six times stronger than a human’s.

This makes them one of the most dangerous monkeys in the animal kingdom.

6. Powerful Bite

Mandrills have the strongest bite among primates due to their sharp teeth and powerful jaw muscles, making them formidable in the wild.

Mandril Monkeys Compared to Other Dangerous Monkeys

Some primates, aside from mandrills, can also be dangerous.

Let us study and compare their behavior below.

Macaque Monkeys

Macaque monkeys can transmit diseases like Herpes B to humans through bites or scratches.

They may also become aggressive if they feel threatened.

It is essential to exercise caution when interacting with them to avoid harm.

An image of the Macaque Monkey in Japan
Macaque Monkeys in Japan [Source: Facebook]


Baboons are strong, territorial monkeys with aggressive tendencies.

Stay safe by observing them from a distance and avoiding any actions that could upset them.

An image of a Baboon grooming a little lion cub in South Africa's Kruger park
A Baboon grooms a little lion cub in South Africa’s Kruger park (Source: Facebook)

Capuchin Monkeys

Capuchin monkeys may be cute, but they can be dangerous.

They have a tendency to display aggression when they feel threatened or bored, and if kept in captivity, they may even attack humans.

Remember, they are wild animals and should not be kept as pets.

An image of the Capuchin Monkey in USA
A Capuchin Monkey captured in USA (Source: Facebook}

Spider monkeys

Spider monkeys are known for being territorial and showing aggressive behavior.

They live in complex social groups and are always alert.

Their aggression serves as a warning to other primates not to enter their territory.

An image of a Spider monkey photographed in Mexan
A Spider monkey photographed in Mexan (Source: Facebook)

Although they may not have the same biting strength as mandrills, it’s still wise to approach spider monkeys with caution to avoid any potential conflicts.


The Mandrill stands out as the most dangerous monkey in the world due to its imposing size and formidable bite.

However, it shares this status with other hazardous primate counterparts, each possessing unique threats.

If you enjoyed reading this article, we urge you to explore more of our captivating content on some of the world’s most interesting facts.

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