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Most Expensive Hotel In The World: 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

Have you ever wondered about the world’s most expensive hotel? From luxurious penthouse suites with stunning city views to extravagant underwater hotels, these costly accommodations offer it all.

If you’re seeking a premium getaway without budget constraints, here’s a list of the top 10 most expensive hotels globally.

The 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World

10. The Royal Suite – Burj Al-Arab – $28,000

Situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the Burj was promoted as the world’s first-ever seven-star hotel. It certainly lives up to expectations.

Notably, the Burj Al-Arab boasts its private helipad, positioned about 210 meters above sea level on the rooftop. The royal suite commands a minimum rate of $28,000 per night.

9. The Royal Suite – The Plaza –  $40,000

Another “Royal Suite” can be found at The Plaza in New York, and it comes with a hefty price tag of $40,000 per night!

This suite boasts three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a lounge, a separate dining room that accommodates up to 12 people, and even a fitness room.

8. The Hilltop Villa – $45,000

The Hilltop Villa is a hidden gem in paradise, reserved exclusively for the super-rich. Situated on Laucala Island in Fiji, it comes with a remarkable price tag of $45,000 per night.

In return, you’ll enjoy a four-acre villa divided into three separate villas, each offering breathtaking views of the island.

7. The Muraka Suite – The Conrad is the 7th most expensive hotel in the world– $50,000

The suite is situated at The Conrad in the Maldives, promoted as the world’s first underwater hotel suite.

Known as The Muraka, it spans two stories, with the lower level positioned approximately 16 feet beneath the Indian Ocean.

For a nightly rate of $50,000, guests receive automatic upgrades to Hilton Diamond Status upon arrival.

There are also privileges of a private chef, bar, gym, butler, and an infinity pool. Please note that there is a minimum stay requirement of four nights.

6. The Penthouse Suite – Hôtel Martinez – $53,000

Hôtel Martinez, situated in Cannes, France, is one of the most renowned resorts on the Côte D’Azur.

For $53,000, you’ll luxuriate in a 1000 square foot suite located on the hotel’s top floor. It also features a private wood-panelled panorama terrace with breathtaking panoramic ocean views.

5. Ty Warner Penthouse – Four Seasons – $60,000

An image of the most expensive hotel in the world
Photo| Four Seasons Hotel New York

The opulent hotel suite is named after the building’s owner, Ty Warner, and commands a nightly rate of approximately $60,000.

Situated on the 52nd floor, this 400-square-meter suite, which cost around $50 million to construct, offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the city.

It boasts four glass balconies, each providing views of uptown, midtown, and downtown New York.

4. The Mark Penthouse –Is the 4th most expensive hotel– $75,000

The Mark Hotel’s Grand Penthouse reigns as the largest hotel suite penthouse in the United States, spanning a generous 10,000 square feet.

At a rate of $75,000 per night, you’ll indulge in a sprawling penthouse occupying the hotel’s top two floors.

This lavish space features five bedrooms, six bathrooms, four fireplaces, two wet bars, two powder rooms, and a spacious open-plan living room.

3. The Royal Penthouse – Hotel President Wilson – $80,000

If you’re willing to spend $80,000 for a single night in Geneva, Switzerland, the Hotel President Wilson is the place for you.

The Royal Penthouse, located on the entire 8th floor of the hotel, provides a sweeping panoramic view of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc.

This opulent suite boasts 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and a jacuzzi bath with a scenic lake view.

In addition to its luxurious furnishings and stunning vistas, guests are pampered with the services of a 24/7 personal assistant, a private chef, and a dedicated butler.

2. Empathy Suite – The Palms – $100,000

The Empathy Suite emerged from a comprehensive redesign led by Damian Hurst, completely transforming the former Sky Villa suite.

Priced at $100,000, this extravagant offering includes two master bedrooms, massage tables, a cantilevered jacuzzi with stunning Las Vegas Strip views.

It also boasts a salt relaxation room, and an exclusive tour of the property’s art collection and amenities.

1. Lover’s Deep – Luxury Submarine is the most expensive hotel in the world – $150,000

The Lover’s Deep Luxury Submarine Hotel holds the title of the world’s most expensive hotel, costing a whooping $150,000 per night.

This hotel is located in St. Lucia and offers a unique experience compared to traditional hotels. It involves going underwater in a submarine.

If you’re seeking a life long memories with a night away, this hotel, located in St. Lucia, can navigate around the Caribbean to meet your preferences.

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